Trust & Truth Deficit: BBC Busted Telling Big Fat Lies About Wind Farm Subsidies

Never let the facts get in the way of the ‘green’ cult’s narrative, seems to be the BBC’s new motto. Its official line is that: “trust is the foundation of the BBC. We’re independent, impartial and honest”.

‘Independent’, maybe. But the Beeb is hardly impartial or honest when it comes to reporting on Britain’s wind industry.

One of its number, Justin Rowlatt was recently busted for telling lies about the massive subsidy stream that’s directed to Britain’s offshore wind industry. In another one of his typically ‘puffy’ pieces, Rowlatt made the farcical claim that Britain’s offshore wind farms are “now virtually subsidy-free”.

After Paul Homewood took the BBC to task over Rowlatt’s monstrous howler, BBC’s executive complaints unit gave Rowlatt a wrap on the knuckles – but not without leaving the equally false impression that Britain’s new offshore wind farms are “virtually subsidy-free”. That too is another BBC lie, by omission.

The wind industry is always and everywhere about subsidies, and no wind turbine will ever be erected without a solid subsidy foundation. Remove the subsidies and this so-called ‘industry’ would disappear in a heartbeat. So much for being ‘impartial and honest’!

BBC Uphold My Complaint About Wind Farm Subsidies
Not a Lot of People Know That
Paul Homewood
13 December 2021

The BBC have censured Justin Rowlatt following my complaint:

The BBC‘s climate editor has been censured for giving viewers an ‘inaccurate impression’ of wind farm subsidies.

A viewer complained after Justin Rowlatt reported in June that the offshore wind industry was ‘now virtually subsidy-free’.

Upholding the objection, the BBC’s executive complaints unit said it was not clear that he was only referring to projects which had been recently approved.

A viewer complained after Justin Rowlatt (pictured) reported in June that the offshore wind industry was ‘now virtually subsidy-free’

This meant viewers were ‘likely to form the impression’ that the statement covered the industry as whole. ‘As existing installations are expected to receive significant subsidies over their lifetime, that would have been inaccurate,’ added the unit.

The finding was ‘discussed’ with the Oxford-educated journalist, 55, and an online version of his story was amended.

Mr Rowlatt was made the BBC’s first climate editor in September after being chief environment correspondent, his job at the time of the report. Last night a BBC spokesman said: ‘We note the ECU findings.’
Daily Mail

Just for the record, offshore wind subsidies last year amounted to £3.5bn.
Not a Lot of People Know That

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. This is the reason why a lot of uninformed people believe that sunshine and breezes will produce cheap energy.
    This is a massive con job.
    The meejia has promoted this nonsense from day one. The journos aren’t journalists as I used to know them. They are little more than public relations for whatever cause is currently flavour of the day.

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