Cheap Energy Deficit: Climate Industrial Complex Conspires to Impoverish World’s Poorest

Western Nations are determined to prevent the World’s poorest from having cheap and reliable energy, a fact laid plain at the Glasgow gabfest, where the Climate Industrial Complex did its best to ensure that the likes of India will never have any hope of dragging themselves out of agrarian misery and grinding poverty.

The wind and solar obsessed in the first world are quite prepared to ensure that it stays that way. With economic development agencies peddling ridiculously expensive solar panels – seen as ‘fake electricity’ by those lumbered with it – and forcing tinpot governments to sign up to costly and pointless wind and/or solar power schemes, the ratio of haves to have-nots is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

More than a billion humans struggle through daily life without access to power at all, and two billion more are limited to a meagre trickle, because in developing countries it’s both unreliable and too expensive for all but the wealthy elites.

These are countries targeted by global elites, which are struggling to lift large proportions of their populations from what is quite literally a 21st-century dark age. As the smug and self-righteous would have it, the poor would remain so, deprived of the energy sources that made these characters wealthy beyond an impoverished Indian’s wildest imaginings.

It’s a standpoint that’s as cruel as it is hypocritical, as Vijay Jayaraj details below.

The East Slams the West’s Climate ‘Colonialism’
AM Greatness
Vijay Jayaraj
16 December 2021

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent explosive comments about Western elites and their notions about climate policy are not surprising to anyone who has been closely observing the opposition of India and China to western pressure for policies contrary to the two countries’ economic objectives.

“The colonial mindset hasn’t gone,” Modi said at a Constitution Day event. “We are seeing from developed nations that the path that made them developed is being closed for developing nations . . . If we talk about absolute cumulative [carbon] emissions, rich nations have emitted 15 times more from 1850 till now . . . The per capita emission is also 11 times more in the U.S. and the EU.”

Senior ministers in the past have called out the colonial nature of climate politics. This is the first time, however, that Modi has publicly recalled in this context the colonialism of the 18th and 19th centuries, when Western countries denied basic rights and autonomy to India and other colonies.

Carbon imperialism is no myth. The economic success of modern Western society is a fruit of the Industrial Revolution-driven by fossil fuels. Even in the 21st century, all the major developed economies rely on these fuels for primary energy needs. To deny the same growth for developing countries is hypocrisy tinged with the colonialism under which fates of billions were decided by leaders of the industrialized West.

“Attempts are made to shut the path and resources for developing nations through which developed nations reached where they are today,” said Modi. “In past decades, a web of different terminologies was spun for this. But the aim has always been one to stop the progress of developing nations. The issue of environment is also being attempted to be hijacked for this purpose. We saw an example of this in the recent COP26 Summit. . . . Today no nation exists as a colony to any other nation. [That] doesn’t mean that [the] colonial mindset ended . . . Still, India is lectured on environmental conservation.”

Modi also called out Indian activists, policy makers, and organizations espousing an anti-fossil fuel stance. Blaming them for hindering progress, he said, “Sadly, we also have such people in our country who stall the development of the nation in the name of freedom of expression without understanding the aspirations of the nation. Such people don’t bear the brunt, but those mothers who get no electricity for their children bear it.”

Modi is right. Hundreds of millions in India have no access to uninterrupted electricity. What people in the developed nations take for granted is still a luxury for millions in India. Mothers do manual work for hours, children lack electricity to study for their exams, and industries lose millions of dollars in damaged equipment from unreliable power. Electricity disruption even impedes medical procedures in rural hospitals. Without reliable electricity, India cannot achieve the fast-paced economic growth necessary for raising 300 million people out of poverty.

Meanwhile, Indians have some of the lowest levels of per capita carbon emissions. India’s per capita emission was measured at just 1.91 tons a year in 2016, compared with 15.52 tons in the United States and 18.58 tons in Canada.

Besides, there is no evidence that global CO2 emissions can cause catastrophic warming. Apocalyptic predictions are projections from computer models that have proven to be faulty. These models (used by U.N. climate alarmists and others) exaggerate warming by many times as they are designed to be ultrasensitive to human CO2 emissions. So, there is no good reason for India to give in to climate pressure from the West.

It took a long time for the leader of 1.3 billion people to call out the reeking hypocrisy of Western elites and their never-ending attempts to dictate energy policy to countries in which they are not elected. Nevertheless, Modi’s bold step to tag Western leaders with a “colonialist mindset” marks an important turn in global climate politics.
AM Greatness

Precisely as the Climate Industrial Complex wants it.

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  1. Michael Shellenberger wrote about this in “Apocalypse Never.” Women in poor countries in Africa and Asia spend half their waking hours finding, cutting, and carrying wood just to cook the family meals. They have no time to assist in their children’s education. It’s no surprise these countries are mired in backward poverty. And it’s smug greenies who are responsible.

  2. What else is predicted with computer models? Viruses. their very existence is pinned on computer simulation, they too have not been proven to cause catastrophic climates of change in body functions or breakdown (disease) nor have they been proven to exist in real life, much like the illusion of unicorns and carbon clouds that are presented to the mind as if they are insulating blankets made of a solid material that they claim trap heat which is so ridiculously ROFL absurd. Have that climate con or delusionist exhale on an open window in winter see how horribly that instant carbon blanket insulates for quick proof. Carbon dioxide at least is not a computer simulation, it is real, it can be tested for in the air unlike any computer simulation that other cons shut the world down over, but CO2 is always kept in check by, wait for it, climate! The illusion persists that it just keep accumulating when it’s climate that brings it back to Earth with rain, wind, snow, sometimes fortunately knocking some of those politicians and energy hustlers riding high on their unicorns out of the clouds. Another factor never mentioned is how the air breaks down carbon dioxide into, guess what, carbon and oxygen and when it does this with hydrogen combining and cold frigid air from the upper atmospheres and space that is endless beyond anyone’s imagination, it falls due to gravity like a meteor hitting Earth as it forms golf ball size hail.

  3. Terry Conn says:

    I agree with the sentiments expressed in this article.At the same time we also witness the muscle flexing by international elites with huge amounts of money deciding they will target the policies for development of natural resources and manufacturing in countries like Australia by demanding the boards and CEO’s of companies heed their bullying or else be strangled from lack of finance. The most appalling aspect being that these financial conglomerates are just plain wrong in respect to their goals – forcing the planet to run on wind turbines and solar panels is environmental vandalism as well as just plain idiotic. In this respect I totally support the Indian Prime Minister and he needs to understand a great many western democracy voters around the globe support him as well – it is high time our leaders woke up.

  4. shudong zhou says:


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