Outbreak of Seriously Calm Weather Forces Brits Back to Ever-Reliable Coal-Fired Power

To the horror of the wind cult, Britain has been forced to fire up its coal-fired power plants. As if power consumers should have no power, at all, every time calm weather sets in. How dare householders and businesses demand power when they need it? Shouldn’t it be enough that they can have power whenever mother nature sees fit? The nerve of these people!

Well, if your leaders are still talking about an ‘inevitable transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future, get used to it. The more reliable generation that is removed from the system, the more chaos enters that system. As Cap Allon alludes to, below.

UK Fires Up Coal Power Plant as European Gas Shortage Worsens
Cap Allon
7 September 2021

“England’s green and pleasant Land” has been disturbed by the firing-up of a dirty old coal power plant this week, as failing renewables, poor planning, and drastically reduced gas supplies are crippling the nation’s electricity needs.

As the BBC puts it: “still autumn weather has meant wind farms have not generated as much power as normal, while soaring prices have made it too costly to rely on gas.” And as a result, and denting the government’s commitment to completely phase out coal power by 2024, the UK’s National Grid asked EDF to fire-up the West Burton A power plant to cope with demand.

But what demand…? We’re in early September…? The weather is fine, and temperatures are comfortable — the implications for the upcoming winter, which is predicted to be brutal by the way (more on that below), appear dire.

The BBC lists this article under “climate change”, but the reasons they cite for the gas shortages contradict this: “Across Europe, shortages and increased demand from Asia have seen the cost of gas increase to the highest level on record … A cold start to the year meant countries across the continent dipped into their gas reserves.”

Europe and Asia’s record cold winter AND spring (SW England was suffering sub-freezing lows in May for crying out loud) is behind the recent shortages, and even the BBC in their roundabout, warm-mongering way have admitted as much.

Europe as a whole is in the same boat — the gas supply crunch is now impacting homes and businesses across the continent, with failing renewables boosting the use of fossil fuel-fired generation here, too. This in turn has driven the price of coal up more than 70% this year, and has also sent the cost of polluting in Europe to the highest-ever levels, according to bloomberg.com.

Rising gas prices are also fueling inflation and are threatening to stall economic recoveries as energy-intensive industries from fertilizer to steel may need to curb output. This is a serious concern for the health of the global economy, and it could-well prove the catalyst for the “mother of all crashes” that Michael Burry (of “Big Short” fame) sees coming.

“The problem hasn’t even started yet,” said Julien Hoarau, the head of EnergyScan, the analytics unit of French utility Engie SA.

“Europe will face a very tight winter.”

Russia isn’t exactly helping the situation, limiting flows at a time when Asia (namely China) is scooping up cargoes of liquefied natural gas that would otherwise be headed to Europe. Oh, and speaking of our Communist Party pals: China released COVID. China paid for Biden. China banned the blockchain miners. China is buying up the world’s grain, and now gas. China is owning the politically-correct West, yet our “leaders” are more concerned with pop-topics like vaccine passports, wind farms, and transgenderism than addressing the increasing volume of power flowing to the east (Russia’s gas flowing to China is a good analogy). Depressingly, the West is led by ideologically hamstrung dolts, devoid of backbones — and it will be our downfall…

A Word on Nuclear
The Nuclear Industry Association said the decision to fire up another coal power plant highlighted the urgent need to invest in new nuclear plants. This, I believe to be true. If ‘increasing CO2 emissions = global warming’ is indeed your theory, then why is nuclear being pushed to the sidelines? It’s because nuclear threatens to “fix” the non-problem — i.e., wide-scale nuclear adoption would decrease global CO2 emissions, yet, as we saw during the lockdowns, this would result in zero impact on atmospheric CO2 levels, it would correlate poorly with global temperatures, and, therefore, expose the AGW fraud for what it is: just another control method.

Calm weather forces Brits back to ever-reliable coal-fired power.

7 thoughts on “Outbreak of Seriously Calm Weather Forces Brits Back to Ever-Reliable Coal-Fired Power

  1. I can’t believe what I’m seeing on the news today – China will not finance anymore coal power stations! First they say they are building 100’s of new power stations, then now they say they are not?? Has the UK’s madness crept over to the east?
    Oh well, lights out in the future for them!

    1. They’re still building 100s of new power stations. They just promised they won’t be funding any overseas ones. In other words, the rest of the world can stay poor.

  2. Germany was the first country to go “green”, shuttering most of its natural gas and nuclear power plants that generated continuous uninterruptible electricity, in favor of electricity generation from breezes and sunshine.
    • Germany is now facing an embarrassing reality – that green has not worked.
    • In the first half of 2021 Germany’s coal topped wind as their primary electricity generation source.

  3. I believe that we should stop blaming Russia and China for our situation. Russia and China do what is best for their people, contrary to the morons in US and Europe. The situation we are in is only due to the politicians in EU and US

    1. 100% correct.
      The same here in Australia.
      Reality will hit here at some time and when it does it really needs to hurt. Only then will the politicians/bureaucrats and the sheeple wake up to the fact that ‘unreliables’ are not the way to go.

      1. The situation In Ontario with 20 year contracts means another 15 years of figuring out how to manage subsidizing the largest wind project in a post covid lockdown economy.
        There was no cost/benefit analysis done before this incursion of turbines on rural communities.
        There were no scientific studies done to prove that residents would not be harmed by trespassing noise emissions.
        No one anticipated broad-based lockdowns and the economic impact of this decision when these contracts were signed.
        And as more and more people realize the AGW deception, seeing these turbines running for the duration of long term contracts will be constant reminders of the failure of governments responsible for all of this.

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