Dangerous Ice Age Looms: Wind Turbines Freeze Up & Fail During Winter Cold Snaps

Not cool: never reliable & hopeless in icy winter weather.


A changing climate’s said to justify massive subsidies to wind turbines and solar panels, but they’re as useless in frigid weather as they are when the mercury soars.

The northern hemisphere turns on bitter winters – getting wind turbines and solar panels to turn on in the midst of one, is another matter.

Last nothern winter, freezing Germans, desperate for coal-fired power, were forced to have a good, hard think about their obsession with ‘green’ energy.

During the first half of 2021, Germany’s wind power output plummeted by more than 20%, whereas its coal-fired power generators pumped up their output by a whopping 38% over the same period. [Note to Ed: you could probably point out that one hinges on the weather, and the other doesn’t].

Freezing Americans have already had a taste of their wind and solar ‘powered’ future, and didn’t take kindly to it. Solar panels carpeted in inches of snow and ice; wind turbines frozen solid; and breathless, frigid weather led to total collapses in wind and solar output across central USA.

On that theme, No Tricks Zone takes a look at what happens to an entirely weather-dependent power source when the weather turns frigid.

Devastating Drone Images Expose The Uselessness Of Wind Energy In Cold Weather
No Tricks Zone
Kenneth Richard
25 March 2021

A new study affirms 0.3 m (12 inches) of ice buildup along the tip of a wind turbine’s 50-meters-long blades during a typical ice storm dramatically reduces the blades’ capacity to rotate – even in very windy conditions. The averaged power production loss induced by this ice accretion reaches up to 80%.

Image Source: TechXplore.com

The evidence that wind energy cannot reliably meet even the most fundamental need to keep us warm during harsh winter weather continues to accumulate. Nearly 4.5 million Texas residents experienced these grid failure consequences last month.

When a wind turbine blade spins in cold, wet weather, the ice buildup can span the length of the 50-meters-long blade, severely disturbing the aerodynamic balance of the entire 150-meters-tall machine.

Drone images from a new study (Gao et al., 2021) reveal the tips of blades can accumulate 300 mm of ice during an ice storm. Consequently, the blades may slow dramatically or even shut down altogether. The averaged power loss in an icing-induced slowing of blade rotation is 80% when compared to non-iced turbine blades.

In other words, when the weather is cold, wind turbines cannot be relied upon to supply us with the energy we need.

Image Source: Gao et al., 2021

No Tricks Zone

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. ronaldsteinptsadvancecom says:

    Also, depending on the sun shining on solar panels covered with snow is an unrealistic hope for electricity when its needed most..

  2. This article along with the many others found here and everywhere seem to keep inferring that wind turbines waste energy, that these wind “mills” placed on plantations make us slaves to ever increasing higher energy rates, and that they never mill grain as efficient as those seen on old Dutch countrysides where the energy goes DIRECT to the appliance with absolutely no loss.

    • Peter Pronczak says:

      They are a waste of energy. They make us slaves to ever increasing higher costs. Already in AU there is talk of charging residents with solar panels feeding into the grid because of more disruptions from having to dump the excess. These roof panels started with residents being paid for what they fed in. Now the uptake is beyond what can be used; on those sunny days. The recent new big battery fire at Geelong, Victoria is causing concerns, STT 2021/08/09. Not least of which is the scarcity of what’s needed to build them. There is also competition for those resources from electric cars and aircraft along with whatever else is thought of.
      Come to think of it, the British crown hanging onto horse and carts is a bit of an each way bet.

  3. In BC a water power province spring runoff has filled all our lakes and reservoirs to overflowing. We can’t begin to use all the water. Millions of public dollars have been spent on solar systems for public buildings. Finally BC Hydro, owned by the residents of the province decided not to buy anymore solar power for full retail premium. Now they only pay wholesale, no more subsidizing by the rest of us for this misinformed misguided solar fantasy.

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