Get Lost: Angry Mob Opposes Community-Wrecking Tasmanian Wind Farm Project

A tiny town in Tasmania, Stanley has just told a bunch of profiteering rent-seekers just what they can do with their giant industrial wind turbines.

The farmers of North-West Tasmania are hardy bunch, not to be trifled with. So when Epuron turned up with plans to carpet their countryside with Chinese-made wind turbines, locals turned out in force to tell them precisely what they could do with them.

Opposition at Stanley’s Town Hall to Western Plains Wind Farm
The Advocate
Molly Appleton
22 June 2021

RESPECT STANLEY: More than 100 people were on the steps of Stanley’s Town Hall to show their opposition to the wind farm proposal.

Tractors and boats on the main street of Stanley drove home a unified message, ‘No Wind Turbines, Respect Stanley Peninsula’.

More than 100 people protested on the steps of Stanley’s Town Hall as Epuron opened the doors to a community information session for its Western Plains Wind Farm project.

RESPECT STANLEY: Tractors rolled into town in opposition

Stanley resident Kristen Smith said the response opposing the wind farm had been resounding, particularly with the Epuron meeting scheduled at 4 o’clock on a Tuesday.

“It’s Stanley very clearly saying they do not want this wind farm, and people are going well outside their comfort zone to show how they feel,” Mrs Smith said.

Circular Head fisherman Mick Murphy said he was concerned about the impact the wind farm would have on tourism.

“Being a fish seller, that’s where my livelihood is. No tourists, no money,” Mr Murphy said.

He said that there were better areas for the wind farms to go.

Stanley farmer Robert Smith said he was protesting because the windfarm would interrupt the view from his property, devaluing his land.

“I can see Three Hammock island and all the island, once a windfarm goes there I won’t see a thing,” Mr Smith said.

Tasmanian Wine and Food owner Michael Pine said as a local business owner there was pluses and minuses for the project.

“Initially with the construction phase there will be pluses as there will be more people in town. But unfortunately they will not stay permanently.

“And then we are left with the scars left in the landscape that they have used to construct this as Stanley is a unique and pristine environment.

“I don’t believe this is the correct place for wind farms.”

The Advocate

4 thoughts on “Get Lost: Angry Mob Opposes Community-Wrecking Tasmanian Wind Farm Project

  1. Wind farms are a blight on the countryside all over the world. Where are the hypocritical
    Greens protecting the thousands of birds being cut to pieces by the blades of these monstrosities .

  2. There need be laws that all broadcasting that is subsidized by they public be forced to run public service messages that show the horrific destruction of the environment around these monstrosity farms. These PSA’s will include all aspects of their destruction like showing eagles soaring into them and being shredded and rats down below laughing. They will be modeled after the packaging of cigarettes that shows the bad side of smoking.

  3. Epuron just doesn’t get it!! WRONG place – beautiful seaside historical town recently awarded Tassie’s Top Tourist Town! Same as their proposed St Patricks Plains Wind Farm in the Central Highlands with 17 wedge tailed eagle nests on or near the site – WRONG place. Tasmanians will strongly oppose these inappropriately located and outdated industrial turbine factories.

    1. Victoria Onslow…There is no “appropriate” location for these bird slicing, environmental monstrosities that line the pockets of the socialist ‘elite’ investors! Follow the money-trail.

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