Want Blackouts? Take Liberal Helpings of Wind & Solar, Add Subsidies & Stir

There’s nothing innately predictable about the weather, so trying to rely on it for your power needs doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Sure, solar panels might deliver somewhere between 4-6 hours of useful power on a sunny day. But, don’t expect much during periods of heavy rain and overcast conditions. Oh, and desert dust storms have been known to knock out solar supplies, as Californians experienced last summer.

And as any kite flyer or sailor knows too well, breezes have a mind of their own.

As Viv Forbes points out below, it might not be too much of a stretch to think that those peddling chaotically intermittent wind and solar have their very own agenda.

The Blackout Agenda
The Richardson Post
Viv Forbes
16 June 2021

Solar power fails every day from sunset to sunrise as well as during rain, hail, snow or dust storms. No matter how much land we smother in subsidised solar panels, they will still fail.

Wind power fails often and unpredictably, sometimes for days, especially in quiet cold winter weather. It also shuts down during cyclones, heavy winds or icy conditions. No matter how many hills we uglify with their subsidised roads, transmission lines and bird-slicers, they will still fail.

No one notices when green energy fails (as it often does) because coal, gas and hydro keep the lights and heaters on, trains running, petrol pumping, batteries charging and dairies, abattoirs and hospitals operating.

But everyone noticed when hydrogen coolant exploded in one unit of the Callide coal-fired power station in Queensland recently. This caused a major state blackout for 1.5 hours. Power restoration started within 15 minutes mainly from quick-start gas plus a bit of hydro.

Hyped energy “solutions” to intermittent green energy include big batteries, Snowy 2 pumped hydro and hydrogen. These all CONSUME MORE ENERGY than they can produce; and more green fashion accessories like electric cars will quickly suck the whole electricity network dry.

This foolish western fad for green energy is supposed to prevent global warming. There is ZERO threat of global warming – the real threat to life on Earth is the bitter cold of the next ice age (which is due soon).

To cope with that real climate crisis, humanity will need hydrocarbons and nuclear power, as well as real heated greenhouses fertilised with carbon dioxide, and herds of hardy cattle (or reindeer).

All of these essentials are being attacked by foolish green children having climate nightmares because of global warming scare stories spread by power-hungry schemers of yesterday’s generation (who seek to depopulate and rule the world).

In the long history of Earth, there have been dozens of icy extinctions, but no global warming crises. Those preparing for an imaginary global warming emergency are destined to follow the mammoths and the Neanderthals to an icy extinction.
The Richardson Post

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. pjmacha says:
  2. John Shewchuk says:

    Blackouts are part of plan … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpVAHZCNTa8

  3. Our local lighthouse is solar powered. So, during bad weather, it does not get fully charged and the light peters out after only a few hours. And it’s exactly during bad weather that ships need the light most.

    • John Shewchuk says:

      If only the ships would run during the day, then they wouldn’t need to use oil and can use solar cells for power.

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