Demolition Squad: What Happens to Worn Out Wind Turbines? They Get Blown to Bits

With an economic lifespan of around 15 years, thousands of these things are already on life support and hundreds are already terminal. When their palliative care reaches the end-of-life phase, it’s time to call in the demolition squad to do their darndest.

The video below of 90 Mitsubishi turbines being dropped to earth with tons of explosives sort of clip that’s bound to go viral on YouTube.

No doubt STT followers will take some delight in watching a few of these giant whirling wonders finally hit the deck.

When wind turbines are no longer useful: They get explosive demolition
Watts Up With That?
Anthony Watts
23 May 2021

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland, USA (acting as Explosives Design and Performance Subcontractor to Main Demolition Contractor, Dallas Demolition of Houston, Texas who was working for RiverCap Ventures of Rocky River, Ohio, the General Demolition Contractor) performs the successful explosives felling of 90, Mitsubishi 1000A Wind Turbines in New Mexico.

No effort was made to preserve foundations or other wind farm infrastructure. CDI’s crew felled the 90 Units in two (2) mobilizations to the site, permitting the Wind Farm Owner to complete salvage of blades and drive-train elements from some of the wind turbines to provide replacement parts for similar Units they operate at other wind farm locations. The Units were safely felled, exactly per plan, and ahead of schedule.
Watts Up With That?

3 thoughts on “Demolition Squad: What Happens to Worn Out Wind Turbines? They Get Blown to Bits

  1. If we would simply install set back distancing laws of 33 million miles this would save so much energy. We could even send these there to the Sun for incineration which will help that fuel source that plans to keep life on Earth warm for the next 777 billion years, but of course climate alarmists are now claiming that we have to do something now now now to fix that problem of when it runs out of solar fossils as their egos are so massive at this point there is overwhelming evidence that the wobble of Earth’s axis is being caused by their magnetic pulls on all life energy and that of the very mantle and every particle of matter in the table of elements and that their distortive energies are actually causing the Earth to slow down and take notice.

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