Hide & Seek: The Staggering Cost of Offshore Wind Power Revealed

Renewable energy rent seekers and their propagandists are diligent in their efforts to hide the true costs of wind power from the punters. Their smoke and mirrors ‘accounting’ religiously ignores the cost of providing power from a meaningful source, whenever calm weather sets in. And their ‘wind power is cheapest of all’ claims always gloss over the fact that, for every MW of unreliable wind power hooked to the grid, there has to be another MW instantly available from a reliable, dispatchable source somewhere in the system.

Where the true cost of onshore wind power is phenomenal, the cost of the offshore stuff is astronomical. But that’s to compare a pair of energy lemons.

A MW of intermittent offshore wind power capacity costs up to 17 times the cost of a thoroughly reliable MW of gas-fired power generation. And, whereas, the latter is available around-the-clock, the former is available when Mother Nature deems fit. And she tends to be a temperamental, old cow.

Paul Homewood homes in on the numbers below.

What Does Offshore Wind Power Really Cost?
Not a Lot of People Know That
Paul Homewood
7 February  2021
By Paul Homewood

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, we keep being assured that offshore wind costs have tumbled to under £50/MWh.

The US Energy Information Administration however don’t agree. They regularly assess the levelised costs of all power sources, and only a year ago calculated that the cost of offshore wind was $115.04/MWh, roughly £84/MWh, at current prices.

Their figure does include transmission costs of $3.15, so excluding this we are looking at £82/MWh.


You cannot of course simply compare generation costs, which the EIA have done, as there are associated system costs involved, as BEIS explain:


As Table 7.1 shows, these hidden costs could range between £15 and £35/MWh for offshore wind. By contrast, CCGT actually results in lower wider system costs (note the levelised cost of £82/MWh for CCGT includes a fake carbon cost of £32/MWh).

Adding these extra system costs onto the US costings will take the true cost of offshore wind power to £100/MWh or more.
Not a Lot of People Know That

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. This was loovely to read

  2. Peter Pronczak says:

    If the biggest concern over climate change is the often repeated threaten problem of sea-level rise, particularly flooding low lying countries or heavy sinking cities like London, then putting more things in the ocean, beggars belief of science ignoring water displacement.
    And this comes on the recent breaking off of ice from Antarctica the size of New York and 5 kilometres thick.

    Is the logic crazy, the problem attributed to human activity non existent, the figures don’t add up, or the financial intention by the World Bank (USA) and IMF (UK, France and Germany) Malthusian?

    • Alexander Jack says:

      The reality is I cannot think of a single case of sea level rise that can be attributed to global warming as much as the beliers point fingers at it.
      What is happening is the land surface elevation is subsiding or rising due to both natural and man-made forces over which we have no control over.
      For London, and the shores of the southern Baltic along with the Chesapeake in the U.S. the main force is isostatic correction from the removal of the continental Ice sheets from the continent. For the mouth of the Mississippi, Bangladesh and the Sacramento Delta it’s the forces of lenticular faulting, organic oxidation of plant debris and hydro compaction that causes the situation.
      Man-made sources include the removal of fresh water and oil from the formations below. Channelization for navigation causing erosion and more tidal movement as the case of Venice. Miami as another example was built on nothing but uncompacted dredge spoils as part of a real estate scheme in the 1920’s. As the dredge spoils through time de-water the land sinks and Miami find itself being part of the swamp they area once came from. No rising sea level !

      • Peter Pronczak says:

        Many disagree but as long as there is ice on Greenland and Antarctica the last Ice Age isn’t finished. Recently a large tree stump with roots was found on Antarctica and it is claimed that it was once covered in forest.
        What geo-climatologists don’t much mention is that once the weight of ice is removed from tectonic plates the land rises, how high Antarctic would rise is unknown. Like much to do with climate and planetary physics knowledge gaps allow spurious claims to be made such as solar and wind can save everything from extinction until about 5 billion years time.
        It’s much like believing that somewhere time has stood still and a prehistory ‘natural environment’ has continued to exist. Most creatures can’t tell a natural from a constructed environment and care little other than to have sufficient food.
        What we can do is green deserts and plant water absorbing trees on a planetary scale.

        What is known is that RE is the biggest con job of transferring public funds into few private pockets and that nuclear energy is the safest most reliable form of producing electricity. As Michael Shellenberger says it was a fear campaign based on lies and deceit that manipulated the public mind; this has allowed the financial rip-off to grow. The common western two party political party system is the private usury system’s handmaiden. With the definition now limited to an exorbitant or unlawful rate of interest, rather than the basis of the Roman Empire system being protected by NATO, and the UN powerless to do anything as its rules have not changed to reflect its membership base.

        Ask a voter or politician how the role of the Remembrancer fits in with the UK’s parliamentary democracy and a blank stare is the usual response.

        An aspect of compulsory education is to provide a workforce to businesses that increasingly reduce their taxation as they grow. Nobody gets rich without bludging on the increasingly shrinking slave-wage taxbase. What is needed is people havens not tax ones.

        According to Bruce Douglas, “Global Sea Level Rise: A redetermination,” Surveys in Geophysics, 18:279-272, 1997. With an updated graph courtesy of GlobalWarmingArt.com, as cited by Robert Zubrin in Merchants of Despair, sea leavel has been rising at 3mm/yr since 1880.

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