Power Battle: Common Sense Abandoned With Push For More Intermittent Wind & Solar

Our good friends’ logic and reason were sacrificed long ago by the High Priests of the wind and solar cult.

Attempt to point out the inevitable effect of sunset on solar output and/or calm weather on wind power output and you’ll be branded ‘heretic’, before you know it. You’ll be sent off to an education camp to be indoctrinated with wild tales about mythical mega-batteries, zero-cost pumped hydro, ‘green’ hydrogen and ‘green’ steel.

Most cultish ideas come with a cost; sometimes not so obvious, but others stick out like a dog’s reproductive jewels.

With the over generous Federal funded welfare benefits branded Jobkeeper (paid to people who had a job before the coronavirus lockdowns to sit home, eat pizza and watch Netflix) and Jobseeker (a beefed up dole payment given to people who didn’t have a job to sit home, eat pizza and watch Netflix) to end in March, those who pretend to govern us are now starting to fret about finding jobs for the institutionally jobless.

A few, still equipped with common sense, logic and reason, are eager to point to the elephant in the room: the rocketing power prices consequent upon Australia’s ludicrous obsession with heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar, are killing jobs in manufacturing and mineral processing.

The division between those who get it, and those who don’t, has never been more stark, or more serious. Here’s Alan Moran on the trail, once again.

Attacks on low cost, reliable energy intensify but Jennie George speaks out
Catallaxy Files
Alan Moran
4 February 2021

In the Australian Commentary Section today, I form part of a unity ticket with ex ACTU chieftain and ALP MP Jennie George!

I have a piece that

  • seeks to explain why most of the ALP and the Liberal wets, fronted by Dave Sharma, Tim Wilson and Trent Zimmerman, sing the praises of renewable energy that is not and can never be competitive with coal gas or nuclear.
  • Notes that when Trump arrived the US was steadily losing relative wealth, a process that was accelerated during the Obama presidency when regulatory measures against fossil fuel development and usage were intensified, and heightened support was given to intrinsically high-cost and low-reliability wind and solar. The Trump presidency rolled back many of these distortions.
  • The Biden administration has reverse the Trump policies. It has rejoined the Paris Agreement, set new goals for carbon emissions, banned gas and oil exploration on federal land, and rescinded the permit for a controversial north-south pipeline. The administration also is talking along similar lines as the EU about imposing trade restraints on imports from countries deemed to be insufficiently proactive in reducing their internal emissions.
  • Australia has wasted far more per capita than any other country in funding the replacement of coal with renewables. The tax equivalent, at $7bn a year, far exceeds the Gillard carbon tax. Even so, internal and external voices are pressuring for more to be done and proclaiming the nation to be a climate recalcitrant. Scott Morrison says that if we get technological breakthroughs to produce hydrogen at $2 a kilogram we can get net-zero emissions. That would be a stretch — an impossible one with hydrogen from wind/solar; and even from gas, hydrogen at that cost would be three times the US gas price.
  • The new global coalition against coal will make it even more difficult for Australia to avoid ruinous policies that most of the political elites favour; we are unlikely to get the sort of free pass that other countries will get by simply saying they will decarbonise 30 or so years hence.

The sally into this debate by Jennie George pours cold water on the fashionable notions of green steel and aluminum (while also seeking government support for these industries). She concludes “Labor’s talk of a jobs and emissions compact and the government’s technology roadmap will be critical to the community’s evaluation of future plans. False technology solutions are as inexcusable as the rhetoric of a “just transition”, without the real economic costs and employment impacts of moving to carbon neutrality.”

Apparently, the “Otis Group” of concerned ALP MPs met this week and is growing numerically.
Catallaxy Files 

And then the Federal money ran out …

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    For those uninformed about what is happening here in Australia and especially the area covered by the Eastern Grid and how our wonderful vista’s are being devastated by the push for unrealistic ‘renewable’ energy platforms they should take note of the following as an example which does not include Large Scale Solar projects:
    ecogeneration – the voice for Australia’s clean energy industry – wind map of Australia 2021.

    Click to access WindMap-202102.pdf

    Australia has a large land mass with the majority of people living in the areas where the greatest damage is being done by these so called ‘clean green, renewable’ monstrosities.
    Is Australia not doing enough – well ask those who are suffering from the impost of others demands. Demands made mostly by those who have never ventured beyond the backdoors of city dwellings.
    Or have allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by loud mouthed wannabes who have no other life than one determined by mammoth investment in these so called ‘renewable’ energy industries.
    MONEY MONEY MONEY is the only thing they are interested in they have no intension of helping the environment or saving the world, they just want to ensure the money keeps coming into their bank accounts. Indoctrination has been their vehicle of choice and they are doing very well from it.

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  3. ronaldsteinptsadvancecom says:

    Nor’easters would be disastrous to a Green America. Most of the country cannot survive and flourish with intermittent electricity.
    Published Feb 8, 2021 at CFACT https://www.cfact.org/2021/02/08/noreasters-would-be-disastrous-to-a-green-america/

    Most of the nation needs more than intermittent electricity from wind and solar, they need continuous and uninterruptible electricity from natural gas, nuclear, and coal to support the health and economy in their state to survive extreme weather conditions year-round. California, with its temperate climate conditions year-round, can survive dysfunctional energy policies that have resulted in the least reliable electrical power systems in the nation.

  4. 120 beats per minute! says:

    Australia is a climate recalcitrant?

    I recently took a drive from Geelong to Port Fairy in South West Victoria, along the B140 and B120. It was a clear day. 30 minutes out of Geelong to the north, the Mount Mercer wind farm could be glimpsed on the horizon. Looking to the south, the Birrigurra wind turbines could also be seen. Straight ahead of me stood the looming towers of the Berrybank wind farm. After driving through the wind facility, the Dundonnell wind farm came into view, visible to the north west. Then the Mortlake south wind farm caught my eye to the left. This is currently under construction with several towers already in place, and rising alarmingly close to the Mortlake township! I headed south along the B120 towards Warrnambool. The newly constructed Mortlake wind farm powerlines crossed the highway, standing out like a sore thumb in the landscape. Yet another example of this spider web of entangled electrical cables and power poles that have sprung up to connect this massive decentralised power grid. A power grid that cannot even offer a reliable 24hr source of electrical supply. As I approached Port Fairy, the Yambuk and Codrington wind farms could be seen on the horizon. Between Port Fairy and Yambuk is the site for the Ryan Corner wind farm which is threatening to shoe horn yet more massive turbines into the area. This will potentially put local jobs, health, tourism and property prices at risk. Add Hawkesdale and Woolsthorpe into the equation, not to mention Macarthur which is already up and running and driving people out of their homes, and you have the recipe for the destruction of an entire region! Indeed if you continue the drive further to the west, you will encounter the Portland wind farm and the ‘crowning turd in the water pipe’… Cape Bridgewater!

    Australia isn’t doing enough to tackle climate change? Rural Victoria has been offered up as some sort of sacrificial lamb to satisfy the insatiable appetite of this climate creed. And all for what? The sabotage of the Eastern Grid!

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