RE Reckoning: Germans Suffer Europe’s Highest Power Prices – 300,000 Families Can’t Afford Electricity

Germany: where the people are forced to share their leader’s misery.


If ever there was an example of what follows from an obsession with chaotically intermittent wind and solar, Germany has to be it.

No country went harder or faster than Germany did, when it came to carpeting its landscape with solar panels and wind turbines. The results have been an unmitigated disaster.

In the retail power price stakes, Germany jockeys for position with equally wind power obsessed, Denmark and the UK. At the minute, it’s a nose ahead of Denmark, with the UK bearing down on the leaders as they reach the home straight.

That 300,000 households can no longer afford electricity, comes as no surprise. That hundreds of thousands of people in Europe’s richest economy are forced to heat their homes using timber scavenged from forests is criminal.

But, that’s what the inevitable transition to an all wind and solar powered future looks like, for those forced to suffer it.

No Tricks Zone reports on the results of Germany’s self-inflicted renewable energy disaster below.

Unreliable, Most Expensive: Green Energies Make Germany’s Electricity Prices Highest In Europe!
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
28 November 2020

Why do so few countries in Europe follow Germany in green electricity? The answer could lie in electricity prices:

Eurostat lists these for the first half of 2020. Of all countries, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom are the wind energy countries that are very far ahead in terms of consumer prices.

Wind, sun absent extended periods
Not only has electricity gotten expensive in these countries, but the supply is highly unreliable. Germany’s massive 110 GW of installed sun and wind energy capacity produced next to nothing over a period of five days earlier this month, not even coming close to meeting the country’s demand:

Or during the dead of winter, when power is in big demand, see below for a period two weeks:

Charts: Agora Energiewende

300,000 households lose power
Fortunately there were fossil and nuclear power plants available to keep the power grid from collapsing. But there’s a problem: It’s very uneconomical to operate these conventional plants only part-time. The added costs end up being borne by the consumer.

And due to the high electricity rates, every year tens of thousands of German households see their power cut off due to unpaid electricity bills, read here and here.
No Tricks Zone

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  1. EIKE (European Institute for Climate and Energy) says:

    I translated and uploaded it to
    Wind und Sonne schicken keine Rechnung – Warum können sich dann mehr als 300.000 Haushalte keinen Strom mehr leisten?

    Thank you Andreas Demmig

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