Society Wreckers: Renewable Energy Cult Determined to Destroy Industry Wealth & Jobs

Crawling out of a post Covid economic wasteland, requires getting industry and business back on their feet, which in turn requires reliable and affordable electricity, delivered whatever the weather.

But that approach would require tapping into our good friends, logic and reason.

In the Australian state of New South Wales, logic was tortured to death years ago and reason is held hostage to delusional ideology. No more delusional than its so-called Energy Minister’s plan to follow South Australia down the rabbit hole, with a massive raft of subsidies for intermittent wind and solar and a suicidal attempt to wreck what’s left of its reliable coal-fired power generation fleet.

But not if One Nation’s Mark Latham has anything to do with it, that is.

Here he is being interviewed on SkyNews.

Economics behind New South Wales plan ‘would make Stalin blush’
Sky News
Mark Latham
15 November 2020

New South Wales One Nation leader Mark Latham says there is a “climate change cartel” in state parliament, after the government announced its renewable plan ahead of the budget. This comes as New South Wales Energy Minister Matt Kean launched a plan for the state to become a renewable superpower.

The plan aims to transition the state to renewable energy sources by encouraging private sector investment for infrastructure to the tune of $32 billion. “This bill is the biggest economic reform in New South Wales in half a century, it’s totally transforming the power grid and the energy base,” Mr Latham told Sky News. “You need absolute scrutiny of something that is essentially a command and control Soviet style model to have renewable energy and nothing else. “This would make Joe Stalin blush in terms of its economics. “For a party that once believed in market economics, to adopt a Soviet-five 20 year plan model of energy provision in itself is a disgrace. “I’ll be doing everything I can to stand against this.”


Rowan Dean: Matt Kean, the character I mentioned before, should be called Matt Green, he’s supposedly a Liberal in the Liberal government, but he’s put forward this massive energy programme into the New South Wales government. You’re sitting there, tell us what’s happening.

Mark Latham: Well, there’s a climate change cartel in Macquarie Street, Sydney, where the Liberals combined with the Nationals with Labor across the parliament, the Greens and any other cross-bencher they can find to suppress all the relevant information and inquiry about a bill. This bill is the biggest economic reform in New South Wales in half a century. It’s totally transforming the power grid, the energy base. We have a duty of care to make sure nobody loses their job, we haven’t got blackouts and rising prices. So you need absolute scrutiny of something that is essentially a command and control Soviet style model to have renewable energy in New South Wales and nothing else. This’d make Joe Stalin blush in terms of its economics.

Now, normally in the new South Wales upper house, where I sit, if a tree frog farts we set up a committee inquiry and a call for papers to get all the information. The call for papers that I moved to get all the data and modelling and the economic material about the impact of this piece of junk was knocked back by a coalition of the Liberals, the Nationals and the Greens in the upper house. And next week, when we try and get a committee process up and running, Labor will join that climate change cartel or protection racket against the people of New South Wales in suppressing all the information.

Normally we’d have an 18 month inquiry into a bill this extensive, this important, this detailed, this flawed, but instead they’re going to try and ram it through in 18 hours. And that in itself is a sham. It’s a disgrace to democracy in New South Wales. And anyone, and I want to make this point, anyone out there who regards themselves as a conservative or anyone in the centre of politics, thinking you believe in transparency and attention to the facts and rational decision making, if you are voting Liberal, you are wasting your vote and wasting your time because the conservatives inside the Liberal party, Matt Green is bad enough, but the conservatives don’t fight.

They don’t stand up and call this rubbish for what it is. And for a party that once believed in market economics to adopt a Soviet 5-20 year plan model of energy provision in itself is a disgrace. So I’ll be doing everything I can to stand against this. There’s only a couple of us in the upper house, along with my colleague, Rod Roberts, but also the Shooters Party will be supporting transparency and proper governance on this, but otherwise the cartel, the cartel and all its financial interests have the numbers and they’ll be trying to exercise them this week.

Rowan Dean: So what’s the heart of this so-called plan of Matt Kean’s? Is it basically to transition entirely out of coal, fossil fuels?

Mark Latham: Yeah, absolutely. And it’s flawed because the modelling has very optimistic assumptions about how much renewable investment you would get in what he calls renewable energy zones. three of them being set up in New South Wales. And of course, because it’s intermittent energy supply, you need not only the investment in wind and solar power, you need the storage, the backup capacity, hydro in use, pumped hydro and batteries, all of which is untested, unproven, and you haven’t got any modelling satisfaction that it would work in New South Wales. So this is asking every single worker and business and household in New South Wales to fly blind on the renewables religion without the valid assumptions to get it right.

And at the same time, because you’re pumping out renewables on these false assumptions, there are projections that the existing coal-fired power stations will close early. So New South Wales will be squeezed by the worst of both worlds, that we won’t get the renewables investment because it’s not economic under this model, but it will frighten the existing power supply into closing earlier so you get a supply shortage, blackouts, and rising prices for consumers.

And the thing about this model is that people might remember five years ago, this is the same government that privatised the old electricity assets saying government shouldn’t be involved. Now they’re financially underwriting the new renewable system and getting back in with a Joe Stalin type command and control economic model.

So one minute you’ve got to privatise because government gets out of the space, but for the sake of renewables, they come back into the space and renationalise the profitability of the rent-seeking renewable company. This is like job keeper for spivs. Job keeper for spivs is the model and they’re going to wave it through, try to wave it through in 18 hours and it’s only One Nation and the Shooters that stands between them and that objective.

Rowan Dean: And the key thing is we think, we’re lead to believe, “Oh, we’ve got a conservative Liberal government who would have of course oppose this sort of-

Mark Latham: You’ve got a Liberal Green government because Gladys Berejiklian and Kean might as well sign up to the Greens, and the greens are part of the protection racket. The number of times I’ve heard that Shoebridge in the upper house say, “Holding the executive to account, holding the executive to account, transparency, let’s get the data out, let’s analyse the facts.”

When it comes to his renewable religion, is there like a traffic cop saying, “Come on through, you’re waved through, you’re through, you’re through.” In a couple of hours of parliamentary debate to allow this transformation of the New South Wales economy to occur, not because there’s any transparency, not because we’re holding anyone to account, but he worships at the altar of renewables and that’s good enough to put the whole New South Wales economy at risk.

Rowan Dean: What a disaster. Well-

Mark Latham: So watch this space and we’ll do our best we can, but anyone out there who thinks they believe in common sense policy, making honest government and transparency, and especially if you think you’re a conservative, well think again, you’re voting for a Green Liberal government in alliance with the actual Green party.
Sky News

Dear Comrade Kean, couldn’t have wrecked it better myself.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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    Sektierer der erneuerbaren Energien sind entschlossen, den Wohlstand und die Arbeitsplätze der Industrie zu zerstören

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  5. ronaldsteinptsadvancecom says:

    Green “electricity” from wind, solar, EV batteries, and battery storage systems for electrical grids uses materials from some of the worst ecological and human rights offenders that exist on earth. Thus, more environmental degradation and humanity atrocities in the foreign countries mining for the exotic minerals and metals to support the green movement.

    The world needs to comprehend that energy is more than intermittent electricity from wind and solar, and battery storage systems for the electrical grid. Ever since the discovery of the versatility of products available from petroleum derivatives, and the beginning of manufacturing and assembly of cars, trucks, airplanes, and military equipment, the world has had almost 200 years to develop clones or generics to replace the crude oil derivatives that are the basis of more than 6,000 products we use, such as: medications, electronics, communications, tires, asphalt, and fertilizers.

    With at least 80 percent of humanity, or almost 6 billion on earth, living on less than $10 a day, the Democratic platform will allow the continuation of 11 million children in the world dying every year from preventable causes of diarrhea, malaria, neonatal infection, pneumonia, preterm delivery, or lack of oxygen at birth as many developing countries have no or minimal access to the thousands of products from oil derivatives enjoyed by the wealthy and healthy countries. Basically, almost 6 billion in the world are already living without fossil fuels, just like Americans did just a few short centuries ago.

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