Shootin’ Up: Developers Killing Endangered Red Kites To Make Way For Wind Turbines

Wind power outfits are run by ‘ways and means’ kind of guys, who’ll say anything and do anything it takes to spear these things into your backyard and wallow in the massive subsidies which you’ll be liable to pay, forevermore.

Now, it’s one thing to have millions of birds and bats sliced and diced with impunity by wind turbine blades (with their outer tips travelling at over 350kph). However, it’s quite another to gun down perfectly healthy specimens, simply because their presence threatens your ability to erect these things, in the first place.

But, that’s precisely what’s been happening in Germany, where developers are shooting the endangered Red Kite to make way for industrial wind turbines and clear their path to profiteering from Germany’s RE rort.

Nesting red kite shot dead because of wind energy?
No Tricks Zone
Die kalte Sonne (translated by Pierre Gosselin)
10 May 2020

Red kites and wind power just do not go well together.

Red kites search for their prey in areas where farmers mow meadows or plow fields. However, this can prove to be lethal when green fodder have been planted in the immediate vicinity of a wind park, such as the one in Baden-Württemberg.

When these fields are mowed, the red kites search for food within the hay. It is ideal for them, but also possibly deadly because they cast their view downward when hunting, and not forward. The Hilpensberg wind farm was even approved in a red kite area. Now one of the beautiful animals has fallen victim again, as the Nature Conservation Initiative reports:

According to biologist Immo Vollmer, the conclusion can only be that we should not build any more wind turbines in areas where red kites nest or where buzzards often seek food. Otherwise the red kite, which has its largest distribution center in the world in Germany, will have no future here, because the loss rate is already almost in the same order of magnitude as the rate of offspring.

And another sad case has just been reported in North Rhine-Westphalia. A female, nesting red kite was shot dead near Paderborn.

In an earlier trial, a judge even gave the controversial wind project approval under the condition that no protected species be proven to exist there. Now that the animal has been executed, this condition has been met. Probably just a coincidence, or maybe suicide, to make the wind turbines possible and to get out of the way?
No Tricks Zone

Borchen: Brooding red kites shot dead for wind power?
Radio Hochstift
8 May 2020

In Borchen, the discussion about the topic of wind power takes on a new sharpness: In the Dörenhagen district, a brooding red kite female was shot in the nest (photo). Mayor Reiner Allerdissen and Mayor Heinz Rebbe see this incident in connection with wind power plans.

Allerdissen and Rebbe “have little doubt that this killing is connected with the intention to build more wind turbines in Dörenhagen.” At the last hearing before the Minden administrative court, the judge approved the project – in the event that “no species worthy of protection could be detected. “

Now the perpetrator in Borchen-Dörenhagen has brought about the situation that the court had been thinking aloud about. The region must also ascribe to itself that this harrowing extent has been reached. The district of Paderborn does not appeal against wind power judgments, even though it perceives them as unjust.
Radio Hochstift

A pair of sitting ducks for a wind developer.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. J Smythe says:

    It’s not just in Germany. Plenty of anecdotal evidence here too.

  2. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  3. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist says:

    Approval of controversial wind projects is much easier if studies show that there are no special status species with established territories. In order to make this happen, prior to official studies, nests are torn down, nesting birds are harassed on foot, by helicopter until their eggs die, some are even shot or poisoned. It is amazing how many times, a important species with decades known historical use, disappear when wind projects are proposed.

  4. Reblogged this on uwerolandgross.

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