Hopeless Joke: Australia’s Wind Power Output Just Keeps On Collapsing, Time & Time Again

If you’re looking for a definition of ‘hopeless joke’, look no further than the daily contribution of Australia’s 6,960 MW industrial wind power fleet.

One hackneyed myth relied upon by the wind cult in this country (everywhere, really) is that the “wind is always blowing somewhere”. Which is complete and utter bollocks.

Spread from Far North Queensland, across the ranges of NSW, all over Victoria, Northern Tasmania and across South Australia its entire capacity routinely delivers just a trickle of its combined notional capacity.

Depicted above – courtesy of Aneroid Energy – is the output delivered by Australian wind power outfits to the Eastern Grid on 13 April.

Between Noon and 6pm output ranged between 110 and 170 MW, representing between 1.58% and 2.44% of the fleet’s combined notional capacity. That’s what we mean by “hopeless joke”.

Set out at the end of this post is the output, so far, for the month of April, which repeats the punchline, over and over again.

Collapses of over 3,000 MW or more that occur over the space of a couple of hours are routine, as are rapid surges of equal magnitude, which make the grid manager’s life a living hell, and provide the perfect set up for power market price gouging by the owners of conventional generators, who cash in on the chaos.

Instead of the Windy Hill Wind Farm powering hundreds of thousand homes with ‘free’ energy lovingly caressed from mother nature’s benevolence, the daily reality is that Australia’s electricity is being supplied by coal and gas. As to the latter, Rafe Champion takes a look at its contribution (a real contribution) to Australia’s electricity demand and the only available antidote to the chaos caused by Australia’s wind industry, every single day.

The choke point in pictures. Get ready to cook with gas!
Catallaxy Files
Rafe Champion
17 April 2020

This was the situation just after sunset last Monday 13 April. First SE Australia, with the wind contributing 1% of demand.

And in South Australia, the wind leader of the nation.

The same story with the wind contributing 1% and gas doing the heavy lifting. The chart reports on power generated in the state and so it does not show the coal power that comes from Victoria when there is not enough local power, which is a lot of the time.

At 10 this evening the windmills in SA were only turning at 7% of capacity and delivering 130MW – 9% of the demand in the state. 730MW came from Victoria, 50% of demand at the time.

Across the NEM at 10 the windmills were doing better, 28% of capacity – that is the long-term average, to provide 2GW (also 9% of demand at the time).
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About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. It is just extremely low frequency AC. Isn’t it?
    And the electro-magnetic emissions from it will persuade distant aliens that previous indications of intelligent life in this solar system were unfounded.

  2. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    The nightmare that is SA power supply is going to get even worse. After years of pushing South Australians to look after their own energy supply as much as possible by installing roof top solar and latterly battery storage, (especially after we went Black) either individually or by creating a power-bank with others we are hearing AEMO and no doubt the wind and other ‘renewable’ industry grubs are looking to turn off roof top solar when it is contributing more than the Grid can take, even though many times it is working better than the ‘renewable’ Industrial contributors.
    Households have been able to receive payment from energy retailers they sign up to for any energy left over after they have used what they need – never at the same or near the same price the retailer sells it for – but something for the small persons producers contribution to the Grid – but now it is being suggested they should not receive this payment and instead pay for any energy used when the sun doesn’t shine, with excess energy created during the sunny times go into the mix the industry will claim to produce JUST SO INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL GRUBBY MONEY THIEVES can profit and seek to build more of their useless turbines etc.
    All the work South Australians and others around the Nation have been doing to help reduce their energy reliance on production from others sources and reduce their costs will be going for naught just to keep these industrial thieves happy.
    Not only that but the other day AEMO was saying that in Victoria some of the newest Wind turbines installed and connected to the Victorian section of the Grid are not working at anywhere near their full strength – even if the wind is blowing – why you might ask – well its because the Victorian Grid cannot cope with the irregular/uneven flow from such forms of energy production and the Grid system needs a complete overhaul – even those many turbines in the planning and ones approved but not yet completed will not be able to be fully functional!!!!!
    The Victorian Government is saying the Western section of their Grid has to be rebuilt and they are hoping to connect it to other States – the article I read did not say which other States, but as they are joined by land borders to both SA and NSW maybe they are expecting to connect to the new Grid SA and NSW are building, as a very small section will be passing through Victoria. Will this new Grid be able to sustain the onslaught of more and more unreliable production from these so called ‘renewable’ energy sources – who knows as not even AEMO seems to be able to keep ahead of the game of renewable energy production madness.
    AEMO – string puppets worked by puppeteers who only have their own weighted down pockets in mind, never the good of this country its citizens or even the environment of the world.

  3. Jeff Walther says:

    Faith-based grid: “The wind is always blowing somewhere.”

    Fantasy-based grid: “Magic batteries/micro grids/macro interconnects/”demand management” will fix the shortcomings of wind/solar.”

    Wind can be a way to make 15% of your electricity a little cheaper, while making the other 85% cost three times as much. This is what folks don’t see when they look only at the wind’s market price. The larger grid picture and what having intermittent, “must-take” sources on the grid does to the affordability of reliable sources.

  4. Everyone should read the book “The Real Global Warming Disaster” by Christopher Booker – it is brilliant and so well researched. It tells the whole truth of how this lie originated and was kept going by all the “criminals” and governments around the world. They want to spend OUR money on their little dream.

  5. Here in the UK wind power over the last week has been derisory. Thank god we still had enough nuclear and gas.

    • Robert says:

      But I only read on LinkedIn last week the celebration that renewables contributed 50% of electricity on one day in early April 11 in the UK. This is what the post said – “It’s happening again. #solar and #wind are the top two sources of power on the grid right now. Currently over 45% of the UKs power is from sun and wind. Feels like the new normal!!”

      And the fawning by all the renewable acolytes was sickening, especially the ones pocketing tax payer money on a free ride. I had to ask the question – how long did they sustain that level for and when happens with the sudden spikes in power over a short period and the author didn’t address my question in his response and just replied “ Storage will be key! Over production by renewables, and demand reduction will be the way it’s managed.”

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