Virginian Vendetta: Wind & Solar Power Obsessed Government Signs Economic Suicide Pact


No country has powered itself with sunshine and breezes. No country ever will. But that doesn’t stop virtue signalling politicians claiming that they soon will.

The people of Virginia are just the latest victims of the lunacy that’s gripped much of the Western world.Virginia’s Democrats have just signed an economic suicide pact – premised on the myth that plugging windmills and solar panels into giant lithium-ion batteries will allow their State to ditch their coal-and gas-fired power plants, and become the first (and only) place in world to run on wind and solar power.

In his usual capable style, Paul Driessen tips a bucket on the Democrat’s notion of an inevitable transition.

Virginia’s ‘Clean Economy Act’ will have dirty results
Watts Up With That?
Paul Driessen
4 March 2020

Largely with party-line, urban-vs-rural votes, Virginia’s legislature is poised to enact a Clean Economy Act that would eliminate coal-based electricity generation, prevent construction of new gas-fired power plants – and replace reliable, affordable fossil energy with wind, solar and battery-backup power. The bill offers important cautionary lessons for voters, workers and consumers in Virginia and across the United States.

Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw has said Virginia has “a climate problem, and you can’t fix it for free.” However, the climate crisis is mostly exaggerated, imaginary or based on faulty computer models. Worse, the “fix” will be pricey on many levels, but won’t make an iota of difference to the global climate.

The USA has actually had fewer violent (F3-5) tornadoes the past 35 years than during the previous 35, and not one in 2018. Hurricane frequency and intensity has changed little since 1850 – except that the USA enjoyed a record 12-year absence of Category 3-5 hurricanes, 2005-2017. After rising some 400 feet since the last Ice Age, seas have been rising at just 7-12 inches per century for over 150 years, and a lot of apparent sea level rise is actually land subsidence, including around the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area.

Water, ice and water vapor have vastly greater influences on Earth’s temperatures, climate and weather than do carbon dioxide and all the other atmospheric gases combined, Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore notes. The oceans have 1,000 times more heat than the atmosphere. Clouds both trap heat and reflect incoming solar energy. And scientists still cannot separate human from natural factors in all this.

But Virginia Democrats insist there is a climate crisis, and are determined to ban fossil fuels to end it.

Virginia’s “carbon-free” bills would shut down some 6,200 megawatts of coal-based electricity and ban construction of new gas-fired units. Meanwhile, China already has 900,000 MW of coal-fired power plants, has another 200,000 MW under construction, is planning an additional 150,000 MW (all in China), Greenpeace reports, and is building or financing numerous coal and gas power plants in Africa and Asia. India already has hundreds of coal-fired units and is planning nearly 400 more. China and India are building or planning to build hundreds of new airports, and to put millions more cars on their roads.

So even if CO2 does play more than a trivial role in climate change, Virginia’s actions might reduce future warming by an undetectable 0.001 to 0.01 degree. The bill’s details are revealing, and troubling.

The nearly enacted law would close America’s newest and cleanest coal-fired power plant, unless it can slash CO2 emissions 83% by 2030, using still unproven “carbon capture and storage” technology. But even if it worked, that technology would cost millions per year to operate – and require a third of the power plant’s electricity output to operate. Talk about not being free, especially for local residents.

To replace the eradicated electricity, Virginia energy companies would install 5,200 MW of offshore wind turbines – apparently, GE 12 MW Haliade-X turbines manufactured in a new factory in Guangdong Province, due south of Wuhan. That would require 433 of these behemoths, each one rising 850 feet above the waves some 27 miles off the Norfolk-Virginia Beach coastline, in 50-70 feet of water. (For comparison, the Washington Monument is “only” 555 feet tall.)

Constant saltwater and frequent storms will corrode the turbines, causing them to perform worse every year. Actually getting 5,200 MW of electricity would require that the 433 turbines operate at 100% of rated capacity 24/7/365. If they work only half the time, Virginia would need 866 monster turbines.

Climate activists and Big Wind developers expect up to 30,000 MW of offshore wind along the East Coast by 2030. At 100% capacity, that’s 2,500 gargantuan Heliade-X turbines! The impacts on radar, aviation, submarines, surface ships and fishing would be enormous. Turbine blades would kill countless birds. Vibration and infrasound noise would impair whale and dolphin sonar navigation systems for miles.

Since these turbines would be in federal waters, the Interior Department, National Marine Fisheries Service and other federal agencies must fully and carefully evaluate their cumulative impacts on all these human activities and environmental values. They must also address the cumulative impacts of all the global mining, processing, manufacturing and other operations required to build and install the turbines.

These monster windmills will require millions of tons of concrete, steel, copper, rare earth elements, carbon-fiberglass composites and other raw materials. Obtaining them will require removing billions of tons of ore and associated rock, in new or expanded mines all around the world, but probably not in the United States. Wind (and solar) energy would be almost totally dependent on foreign materials, components and finished products – mostly Chinese or Chinese owned. Pollution, workplace conditions, land and habitat destruction, child labor and human rights violations, cancers and other terminal diseases among workers and local communities, would be rampant, and abhorrent to most Americans.

Right now, there are few or no derrick barges capable of installing 12-MW turbines. Imagine how long it will take to install 400 to 2,500 of them along the East Coast – and repair or replace them as they age, or after a huge storm like the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944 wipes out offshore electricity generation.

The Clean Economy Act states that another 16,100 MW of fossil fuel replacement power would come from photovoltaic solar panels. Based on data for a 400 MW Spotsylvania County, Virginia solar operation, those panels would completely blanket a land area up to 3.5 times larger than Washington, DC.

Arizona conditions don’t exist in Virginia. Clouds, nighttime, and sub-optimal sunshine during much of the day and year make it likely that these millions of panels will actually generate little more than 3,200 megawatts – unpredictably and unreliably. To get the full, legislated 16,100 MW of electricity, Virginia would have to cover up to 18 times the land area of Washington, DC with panels. That’s 700,000 acres.

The Virginia legislation (HB1526 has passed both chambers) also requires that utility companies “construct or acquire 3,100 megawatts of energy storage capacity,” presumably batteries. This is confusing, since batteries don’t generate electricity (megawatts); they simply store power generated by coal, gas, nuclear, wind or solar sources (megawatt-hours, MWh). If the legislators mean 3,100 MWh, Virginia would need 36,500 half-ton Tesla 85-kilowatt-hour battery packs, requiring still more lithium and cobalt sourced from places with terrible environmental and human rights records.

Will Virginia require that its wind, solar and battery materials and components be responsibly sourced? Will it require independently verified certifications that none of them involve child labor, and all are produced in compliance with US and Virginia laws, regulations and ethical codes for workplace safety, fair wages, air and water pollution, wildlife preservation and mined lands reclamation? Will it require that any supposed social costs of carbon recognize the social benefits of carbon-based fuels and carbon dioxide?

Getting power from offshore wind and eastern region solar facilities to communities on the western side of the 2,200-mile-long Appalachian Trail will require many new transmission lines across the trail. Environmentalists adamantly oppose gas pipelines that would pass 700 feet beneath the trail. How will they respond to multiple transmission lines and towers crossing the trail and impairing scenic views?

Wind, solar, battery and biofuel alternatives are simply not clean, green, renewable or sustainable. The Clean Economy Act represents greenwashing, virtue-signaling and government control at their worst. It replaces reliable, affordable electricity with expensive, unreliable power. Simply declaring, as this Virginia legislation repeatedly does, that all these actions are “in the public interest” does not make it so.

Eliminating fossil fuel electricity means lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, computing and other costs will soar – for families, hospitals, schools, churches, businesses, factories and government agencies. Local, state, US and global environmental impacts will skyrocket, with no climate benefits.

In Virginia and across America, liberal cities and counties have given “sanctuary” to illegal immigrants, including repeat criminals. Numerous conservative Virginia communities have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. Perhaps it is time for them to resist the onslaught of climate alarmism and pseudo-renewable energy fantasies – by declaring themselves fossil fuel sanctuaries, as well.
Watts Up With That?

All wind & sun powered future: what could possibly go wrong?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. ronaldsteinptsadvancecom says:

    Intermittent electricity from wind and solar cannot replace the fossil fuel derivatives that account for more than 6,000 products in our daily lives.

    Without fossil fuels to drive the economy, we would need to have society accept the social changes to LIVE WITHOUT today’s: medications and medical equipment, tires, airlines, merchant ships, and all the electronics and communications systems that are made with petrochemical derivatives, just like societies lived BEFORE the 1900’s.

    In fact, electricity came AFTER fossil fuels, as ALL the parts of wind turbines and solar panels are made from the derivatives manufactured from petroleum.

    Without fossil fuels there would be NO renewable electricity industry!

    After 1900, the world has been demanding more and more of those thousands of products from petroleum derivatives that account for all medications and medical equipment, electronics and communications, and airline and merchant ship transportation. Moving away from fossil fuels will place us back in the 1800’s with longevity around 40 years of age, and an increase in weather related fatalities. And by the way, electricity came after fossil fuels, as all the parts of wind turbines and solar panels are made from those derivatives from petroleum.

    • Reminds us of how Benjamin Franklin who besides discovering the physics of electricity, which brought it to a new usable level we all cherish today, also published his Gulf Stream chart that helped save time and catastrophe in navigation by avoiding a strong eastbound mid-ocean current. This was 1770 in England, where the document was completely ignored much like how the masses routinely ignore physics of convection and the currently published data showing the impossibility of 1 part of carbon dioxide amongst 2,499 other parts of air to ever get stuck up there as “blankets” and that all foundations of these renewable endeavors are based on this element of climate quicksand.

  2. Son of a goat says:

    The silence is deafening. Crickets everywhere.
    As I self isolate on the John Deere Tractor and peruse the twitter world of the zealots for my amusement, I’m getting nothing, zilch, the coronavirus has seemingly destroyed their rent seeking propaganda campaign, they are all missing in action.

    Piss weak I thought.

    Then I started to reflect on the zealots of the past decade and who I would nominate to be the first inductee into my “Zealots hall of Fame.”
    Nominees in no specific order.

    Tom Koutsantonis: Should have won this award hands down, as previously South Australia’s energy minister he blew up the states last coal fired generator and then presided over high power prices and a statewide blackout.

    Alas, Labor lost the election and he lost his mojo, now limited to tweeting about the Liverpool F.C. and posting photos of his Texas slow cooker.

    Charismatic Kane: As the dancing monkey for the renewables industry rorts peak body, he gives it his best shot and comes across as a half decent sort of guy, but when you have the charisma of a dead fish on the beach it was always going to be an uphill battle.

    Spring Street Kenny: Former Vestas frontman turned into gravy train lobbyist. In Kenny’s world he should have opened the batting for Australia and played centre for the Hawks. I’m unsure of whether Kenny’s abilities ever matched the ego.

    Ketan: Couldn’t possibly give him this award as it gives him something else to whinge about.

    Yoda Yates: Stood for Kooyong in the Federal election and instead should have stood for Alpha Centauri, he may have got more votes. You can’t help a man that can’t reconcile why the public berate him, whilst he demands action on climate change and then posts pictures of himself at Lake Como, followed by a skiing holiday in Aspen.

    Renewable Energy Messiah: The Greg Norman of zealots. Choked at the Federal election. A hero in his small fishpond but despite having the time, money and resources at his call, when exposed to the general public, he knows and we know he turns into a stuttering mess. Sending in the goons to an economist’s house being his defining moment.

    The Lovely Audrey: Once likened in her role running the electricity grid as to what Ivan Milat was to backpacking. From New York we constantly hear she came and hopefully to New York she shall return.

    Wind Farm Noise Guru: the wanna be hipster sought international recognition for his studies, but was last seen smoking a bong at a rifle range, wearing the hide of a freshly skun moggy on his head.

    Gilligan from Ruin the Economy: Publishes the zealots’ daily bible. A must read for the mentally disturbed.

    The Senvion Gang: Pretty Boy and the bumbling buffoons who proposed the Ceres project here on Yorke Peninsula have long since gone. The words of one Mr Hayles come to mind “those boys would struggle to flip burgers at Macca’s.”

    But the winner is:

    Dave Clarke!!!!!!!

    Yes, the man STT famously referred to as the “J. Edgar Hoover of Crystal Brook” will now doubt be a surprise selection to many. However, Dave has been going at it when the others were still on mum’s boobs. His life has been dedicated to his written work “Wind Power in Australia, the Ramblings of a Bush Philosopher”

    His delusional rantings and constant criticism of anyone who doesn’t want an eco crufix in their back yard are legendary.

    It’s obvious from Dave’s lifestyle, unlike others, he obtained no financial benefit from his musings and so when the others were holidaying in Aspen, Dave was sleeping under a wind turbine. It’s beside the point that his missus probably booted him out of the house.

    Congratulations Dave on a life wasted and as the inaugural inductee to the “Zealots hall of Fame.”

  3. John Zimmer says:

    As we all suffer COVID-19 constraints,it is a relief,nevertheless, to live freely now without the debilitating climate change bombardment from the hordes of “activists” with too much time on their hands, predicting the end of civilization unless we stop producing any Co2 by 2050. Now we can again freely exhale Co2. Hopefully this pandemic will serve also to rearrange focus & priorities for these deluded – and a relief for all plant life.

  4. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

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