Dark Ages Transition: Wind & Solar Obsessed Germans Left Freezing In the Dark

The renewable energy cult raves about the ‘inevitable transition’, pointing to Germany as the shining example, which it is, if your point is that heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar will inevitably drive power prices through the roof and leave hopeful power consumers freezing in the dark.

No country went harder and faster than Germany, when it comes to throwing everything at attempting to run on sunshine and breezes. As STT followers well-know, it hasn’t panned out all that well.

Electricity generation and distribution systems were never designed to accommodate the wide and wild fluctuations in voltage and frequency that’s part and parcel of unreliable and intermittent wind and solar. The electricity grid was designed and engineered as a system. But there’s nothing systematic about sudden surges and equally sudden collapses in power output that accompany sunset, storms and calm or cloudy weather.

As Germans are now learning the hard way. And that their renewable energy transition means a return to the very Dark Ages.

Power Grid Vulnerability Exposed: Storm, High Winds Lead To Power Outages Over Large Areas Of Germany
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
28 February 2020

German t-online.de news portal here reports how yesterday large areas of central and southern Germany saw the power fail yesterday due to “snow and storms.”

Power outages, Germany, February 27, 2020. (Source: stromausfall.org)


In some locations, the power was out for hours, t-online.de reports.

Of course, snow itself has little to do with the power going out. Rather the power outages are signs of an increasingly unstable power grid due in large part to the wildly fluctuating feed-in of volatile wind and solar energy.

Yesterday late evening’s storm and its winds led to wild fluctuation in the European power grid at around 8 p.m. The grid frequency critically dropped well below the 50 Hz value, which meant more power was being consumed than generated.

Austrian power grid expert Herbert Saurugg tweeted:

In English: “And again a record low peak frequency at 8 p.m.: 49.856 Hz. That’s two-thirds of the reserve power used. At 49.80 Hz the first load drops occur.”

That means had the frequency dropped just a bit more, possible emergency grid switchoffs would have been needed, and so a widespread blackout was narrowly avoided.

The blackouts that did occur led to “many disruptions” to rail and auto transportation, t-online writes.

As of the time of writing this article 12:55 CET, hours-long power outages continued to hamper much of southern Germany:

Image screenshot: https://stromausfall.org

No Tricks Zone

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  1. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    Nothing to add except to suggest people around the world refer to the South Australian experience in September 2016, then again this year when storms took out power lines in Western Victoria causing the Inter-connector with South Australia to be shut down effectively leaving SA on its own to power its people with Wind, Solar AND gas as well as diesel and what ever other energy sources they have scattered around the State facing a situation where the price of energy has left SA with an increased power bill of around $90+ million to be paid by the people and the States businesses on top of their usual very large power costs.
    In Victoria the Portland Smelter was left hanging relying on its direct connection with SA to keep it operating, as Western Victoria was in a precarious energy position until they fixed the downed power lines and towers, as the States largest Wind Project was shutdown, along with some others. Western Victoria is the where Wind turbines have smothered the land.
    This is going to become the norm across the globe wherever this nightmarish ‘energy’ source has been allowed to grow and pollute like some sort of uncontrollable infection.

  2. Philip Turner says:

    For a supposedly advanced people, the Germans show remarkable stupidity. Firstly, there is NO climate emergency or problem with warming, and the earth is cooling now anyway. Secondly, any idiot will tell you, if they have any practical sense, that wind and solar are bloody useless and too difficult to integrate into a national grid. Wind turbines kill birds and are hideous land wasting eyesores with a next to impossible recycling ability. And..the world needs more carbon dioxide, plant food and the genesis of all life

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