Mission Possible: Building New Coal-Fired Power Plants Only Hope for Industry & Decent Jobs

Matt Canavan: a man with a plan for reliable & affordable power.


Power prices have rocketed and businesses and whole industries are under threat, thanks to a political obsession with intermittent wind and solar. And their unreliable and chaotic delivery also threatens to destroy the power grid that connects Australia’s Eastern States.

If Australia was looking to de-industrialise, then squandering $60,000,000,000 in subsidies to wind and large-scale solar under the Federal government’s Large-Scale RET was the perfect policy.

There are, however, a sensible few who understand that if Australia wants to maintain its wealth and prosperity which depend upon retaining robust industries and the well-paid jobs those industries provide, a reliable and affordable power supply is critical.

At the moment it seems that the Nationals are leading the charge on that score. Here’s one of them, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan spelling it out in clear and simple terms.

Coal-fired power stations create jobs and give a free kick to rivals
The Australian
Matt Canavan
18 February 2020

In 1970 Gough Whitlam welcomed the federal government’s announcement that it would finance the building of the Gladstone Power Station.

Whitlam said “power was the determining factor in the development of natural resources in the area and the attraction of greater human resources to the area”.

Since that time the Labor Party has given up trying to attract working-class jobs to develop an area. This week Anthony Albanese has compared new, job-creating, coal-fired power stations to unicorns. Without new coal-fired power stations, thousands of manufacturing jobs across Australia will be lost.

There are 3000 people employed in alumina and aluminium production in central Queensland thanks to that Gladstone Power Station built by the federal government 50 years ago.

That was a time when we developed our resources not just to export overseas but to create jobs here too.

Without further investment, however, we will lose this industry and thousands of jobs. Other countries will instead take these jobs because, in the words of the Opposition Leader, they’re building lots of unicorns.

According to the environmental activists at Global Coal Plant Tracker, China is building 105 more unicorns (coal-fired power plants), India 31 more, Indonesia 24 more and Japan 14 more. Around the world 223 coal-fired power stations are being built, including seven in Europe, and there are 343 coal-fired power plants in the “pre-construction” planning stage. Coal-fired power is imaginary only in Albanese’s mind.

If other countries build coal-fired power stations (often fuelled with our coal), and we do not, they will take our jobs. We will not just be shipping the coal overseas, our jobs will be shipped over there too.

That will also happen if we succumb to the glib talk that we should adopt a target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. How will this work? We are due to receive our last diesel submarine in 35 years, but apparently we can hit net-zero emissions in 30 years.

The net-zero advocates will respond that we can “offset” the diesel-powered subs with investments that help cut emissions in other countries.

But we are being told that we need all countries to hit net zero by 2050 to save the planet. Who are we going to buy carbon emissions from if all other countries have stopped emitting too? We can’t buy carbon credits from Mars.

What the advocates are really suggesting is that we can have our cake and eat it too. That we can still drive our cars, heat our homes and even fly around the world on holidays, providing we tick a box that says “green offset credits” for the low, low, low price of $2 a trip.

If only it were that simple.

The 223 coal-fired power stations that are being built around the world have economic lives that will last until 2070.

Other countries will not handicap their economies by shutting them down early. They will keep producing our wind turbines and solar panels using coal-fired power. And, they will make a lot of money out of this.

But renewable energy will not protect our manufacturing jobs and industries.

Electricity prices are cheaper in other countries that use our coal. The proposed policy of exporting our coal while denying ourselves the use of it hurts our manufacturing industry at both ends. Not only does it make the costs of making things here more expensive, it gives our competitors a leg up.

The proposed Collinsville power station is backed by an indigenous-led company, Shine Energy. This company is run by proud members of the Birri nation. They want to build a coal-fired power station on their land so they can enjoy good-paying jobs on their own country.

The Birri people have experience working on power projects. They worked on the Collinsville solar farm. They managed to get jobs out of that project, but they were temporary.

Once the panels were installed all the jobs disappeared, and that doesn’t help the Birri achieve their long-term economic goals.

Renewable energy investments are often just sugar hits for country towns. In contrast, a coal-fired power station promises to deliver 500 long-term, well-paid jobs for north Queensland. That’s heaps more than the Birri can hope to fill and the project will be a boon for all north Queenslanders, not just indigenous Australians. A new coal-fired power station in north Queensland would return us to Whitlam’s wise words of developing our natural resources to attract human resources to an area.
The Australian

H-E-L-E spells well-paid J-O-B-S.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Build more HELE Coal fired power stations NOW not LATER if you start now it will take 10 years before they come online , so they had better get a move on ?

  2. I am waiting on donations of carbon dioxide AIR blankets in the sky to be sent to me so I can donate them to the homeless. I’ve not received a single one this winter. It’s still cold outside baby and that latest name virus of 2 billion different names for FLU season scam that is shifting billions of our energy dollars around is out there floating around ready to kill us all so we really need to stay warm with carbon dioxide AIR blankets that work so well up there in the sky. The homeless will appreciate this clean efficient carbon dioxide AIR to wrap themselves in to stay warm then as summer comes they can get jobs using their carbon dioxide air blankets to put in the cracks around home windows so this carbon dioxide AIR stops the cold AIR from coming in and doesn’t allow the hot AIR that fills many homes now to escape.

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  4. I’m sorry there is no Co2 “problem”. Where in the last 30 years of this AGW conjecture has any of the predictions come true?

    Okay I will concede that lower Manhattan is under water now! (Al Gore prediction). Polar bear populations have increased to about 30,000 from 6 to 8000 in the 1960s while the prediction was that
    they would become an endangered species.

    Technically the AGW conjecture should produce more humidity (note the main greenhouse on the planet) therefore the main prediction should be flooding but no wildfires however apparently CO2 can cause
    both floods and fire???

    Yeh sure we have a CO2 problem the only problem is where anyone can prove this problem empirically
    Mike Reed

  5. We have to get rid of the AGW hoax.


    The world’s rising and falling temperatures do not correlate with varying atmospheric concentrations. In fact they have followed, – they have not preceded temperature rises.


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  7. This article touting the stable benefits of coal, as is the case with all such articles, makes no mention of the CO2 problem, the root cause of Climate Change. For anyone concerned with the long term future of the planet, generating power by burning coal is just not allowable – thus the scramble to try to use “renewables”, meaning wind and solar. Those irregular sources of power are rightly condemned by STT. They are an expensive absurdity for grid level power.

    Some articles on STT lately have suggested that there is yet another alternative to unreliable renewables AND coal. That would be nuclear. However, the usual objections to nuclear power are then trotted out. They include the “waste” problem, which states that no solution has yet been found.

    Then there are the various fear factors involving some combination of explosion and melt-down resulting in massive releases of radioactive material into the environment.

    There is a new nuclear reactor design that eliminates these fears. That is the Moltex Energy SSR – Stable Salt Reactor.

    Their reactor design is so safe it simply cannot explode or melt down in any way. It thus needs no massive and expensive containment structure. These reactors, using modified proven fuel tube design, require fewer pumps and less plumbing. They eliminate corrosion problems and are much less complex. These reactors also use existing stockpiles of “Nuclear Waste” as fuel, leaving behind only a tiny amount of low-level waste, thus totally solving the storage problem.

    They are so safe they can be built near cities, and once enough of them are on-line, the grid can be greatly reduced, eliminating most of the danger from the inevitable next large solar flare, and also saving a huge additional amount of money.

    These reactors are so economical to build and operate that they can deliver power at half the cost of coal. They are also so safe and efficient that they clearly answer all the objections that have grown about the “dangers” of Nuclear Power.

    Go to Moltex Energy and enjoy the descriptions of this outstanding new design. These reactors are ready to build, and are the immediately available solution to the Global energy crisis. The first commercial SSR is on schedule to be built in Newfoundland.

    The Moltex Energy SSR is the zero carbon 24/7 reliable power source that is ready for global build-out. We need to study the information on the Moltex site, and get the word out. There is a zero carbon reliable and safe energy source that is also economically very advantageous.

    Go see it at Moltex Energy.

    • It is not about CO2, it is about a new world order and redistribution of wealth. This obsession with renewables is killing the planet. Solar panels are manufactured from some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet & cannot be recycled.

      Wind turbine blades also very toxic and now being cut into 3 pieces and buried in land fill. OK until it breaks down and leaches onto the water table.

      Renewables cannot even supply baseload power.
      Summing up, create more pollution, can’t provide power when needed & are making people sick from infrasound.

      What is the point of building these monsters!! More subsidies & higher power prices & more CO2

      IF THAT is what you are worried about.

    • Bill Quinn says:

      Global warming/Climate Warming is a construct of the UN the Largest Travelling Cocktail Party in the World to redistribute wealth from Successful Western Countries to many busted arse tin pot dictatorships in the name of saving the planet from self immolation. None of the doomsday scenarios put forward by the IPCC have come to fruition. A slight rise of 1.5 Degrees C by 2100 is neither your arse or elbow and overall any increase in CO2, which is plant food, would cause better crop yields hence more food for a hungry world. There is a very simple solution: Burn More Coal and produce more Affordable Reliable BaseLoad electricity. From reading Jo Nova’s excellent piece on STT today, it is clear to see what’s a problem and what’s not. More Coal Fired Plant Food emitting Power Stations are what is sorely needed NOW, not in 10 years time.

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