If Wind & Solar Are So Cheap, Why Are Germans Paying World’s Highest Power Prices?

Renewable energy zealots keep telling us that wind and solar are free and getting cheaper all the time. Germany puts paid to that lie: Renewable Energy Transition: Wind & Solar Obsession Leaves Germans Suffering the World’s Highest Power Prices

And, with a looming capacity crunch, Germans will be lucky to have power at all, at any price.

Adding insult to injury, German power prices have surged (again) and, in the midst of another bitter winter, Germans can expect more blackouts and load shedding as their grid groans under the burden of its suicidal attempt to run on chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

More Hardship For German Consumers, Poor…Power Companies Announce More Rate Hikes Averaging 8.1%!
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
2 February 2020

Leading dailies in Germany are reporting today that power companies across the country will be hiking electricity prices once again in the February to April period, affecting millions of households.

This comes at the heels of a January price hike.

“The wave of electricity price increases in Germany is not abating. According to figures from the comparison and brokerage portal Verivox, 86 utilities have announced average price increases of 8.1 percent for the months February to April,” writes Germany’s flagship Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) here. “For a family with an annual consumption of 4000 kilowatt hours, this would mean additional costs of around 100 euros per year.”

Already in January, “543 basic utilities had already increased their electricity prices”, according to the FAZ. “The average increase was 5.4 percent.”

The price hikes come just as Germany’s electricity rates have become among the world’s highest. Annually tens of thousands of German households see their power cut off because they are unable to pay their bills.

A large portion of the rate hike is due to the feed-in tariffs for green energies such as wind and sun.
No Tricks Zone

4 thoughts on “If Wind & Solar Are So Cheap, Why Are Germans Paying World’s Highest Power Prices?

  1. The Germans have decided against nuclear produced energy but they are hypocrites as they buy er… nuclear powered electricity from France. They also have just increased a massive dirty coal open mine to feed heavy industry needs with a promise to give up coal by 2038. No wonder their power in the retail home sector costs so much. This is why the UK must have more nuclear to save buying from another country.

  2. Unfortunately the graph doesn’t have Australia on it, it would be good to see just how Australia and South Australia in particular compares.
    Nothing connected to this industry is cheap or cost efficient everyone involved with the creation of these nightmare causing turbines are out to make a huge profit while they can, they are all culpable at the end users expense, because they know the deception, denial and outright lying will become recognised for what it is and accepted as mass indoctrination of society.
    When it does the money will stop flowing into the pockets of those who propagated the deception and major unemployment will occur, as not only the turbine companies but their suppliers will collapse.
    Sensible investors should be turning their attention to alternative energy production investments before they also free fall at the inevitable collapse of this industry.

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