Game Over: German Wind Industry In Freefall: Turbine Makers Sack Thousands in Mass Layoffs

The manufacturers of turbines and solar panels are dropping like flies, as subsidies are rolled back across Europe.

So-called ‘green’ jobs are a case of easy come, easy go. The wind and solar ‘industries’ that gave birth to those jobs simply can’t survive without massive and endless subsidies, which means their days are numbered.

With the axe being taken to subsidies across the globe, their ultimate demise is a matter of when, not if.

The wind back in subsidies across Europe has all but destroyed the wind industry: in Germany this year a trifling 35 onshore wind turbines have been erected, so far.

Twelve countries in the European Union (EU) failed to install “a single wind turbine” last year.

Danish turbine maker, Vestas is on the brink and was recently forced to axe 600 of its groovy ‘green’ jobs. Its rival Siemens Gamesa, has also been forced to wield the axe, sacking 600 workers in its Danish operations.

Spreading like a contagion, the demise of turbine manufacturers across Europe has taken hold in Germany, with Enercon lining up to sack 3,000 of its workers, in a last ditch effort to stay afloat.

Germany Pulls Plug On Wind Energy… Wind Industry In “Severe Crisis”…Wind Giant Enercon To Lay Off 3000
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Pierre Gosselin
10 November 2019

German online weekly FOCUS here reports how cuts by wind energy giant Enercon will lead to 3000 layoffs. According to Enercon chief executive Hans-Dieter Kettwig, “politicians have pulled the plug on wind energy.”

Subsidies cut
Once lavished with huge incentives, the German wind industry is being hit hard after the government recently ended the huge subsidies that were once aimed at expanding the installation of wind energy capacity. Power grid operators had been struggling to keep the grid stable due to erratic feed-in and the subsidized feed-in of wind energy caused German electricity prices to become among the most expensive worldwide.

Fierce opposition from hundreds of protest groups
Moreover, hundreds of citizen protest groups have sprouted and since become a formidable force pushing for the stop of proposed wind projects. Not only have wind parks scarred the German landscape and destroyed biotopes nationwide, they have also been shown to be a real health hazard to humans living in their proximity through the low frequency infrasound they emit. Enough is enough, citizens say.

3000 job cuts in the works
FOCUS reports: “The crisis in the German wind energy industry is worsening. According to the ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’, hard cuts at the largest German manufacturer Enercon will cost 3000 jobs.”

Next year Enercon will also cut contracts with suppliers, sending a wave of job losses across the industry. “If supply contracts are terminated as planned, many of these companies are threatened with extinction,” FOCUS reports.

FOCUS notes that the layoffs will hit regions that are already economically weak. “At the Aurich and Magdeburg locations, 1500 jobs will be cut, according to the company. At the company headquarters in Aurich, 250 to 300 jobs are affected.”

Stricter regulations for wind parks, greater setback distances
Not only have the subsidies for German wind parks been cut back, but also setback rules will become more strict in order to protect homes and residents from landscape blight and infrasound. In the future, wind parks will need to keep a greater distance away from residential areas. The current CDU/CSU/SPD government wants to keep at least one kilometer between wind power installations and residential areas in the future. This will make many proposed projects impossible.

German Greens demand the industrialization of scenic landscape
The stricter setback rules have been sharply criticized by the wind industry, and particularly by German Green party leader, Annalena Baerbock: “The planned distance rules for wind turbines are devastating,” she told network Germany RND.

“Contrary to all public announcements, the federal government is thus making further expansion of wind power impossible. This is tantamount to a boycott of the Paris Climate Treaty and its own climate targets.” Baerbock also told RND: “The federal government claims to want to get out of coal but at the same time is stopping the expansion of wind power.”
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7 thoughts on “Game Over: German Wind Industry In Freefall: Turbine Makers Sack Thousands in Mass Layoffs

  1. Somehow appropriate that “Schadenfreude” is a German word….

    Perhaps petty, but who can’t but help being at least a little satisfied when the smug, self righteous, misguided, and ignorant finally start to get their comeuppance.

    The sad part will be the workers who didn’t care about climate philosophy and just needed a reliable job.

    Baerbock has blinders on: “Contrary to all public announcements, the federal government is thus making further expansion of wind power impossible. This is tantamount to a boycott of the Paris Climate Treaty and its own climate targets.”

    Only if there was no other way to meet Paris goals than wind. And, of course, there is. Germany could restart their nuclear plants and build new ones. Or pay France to build new ones and import clean affordable electricity from their wiser neighbor.

    You know a country is in trouble when France is the wiser of the two…

  2. A million dollars per wind turbine.
    Plus all the law suits.
    Wind turbines did not produce one hertz of usable energy.
    PV solar cannot power the grid.
    The whole renewables thing has been one gigantic scam.
    People should be going to jail.

  3. Stop all wind turbines and solar the sooner the better. But I do not know now you are going to clean up the mess @ around $500,000 plus per turbine. Maybe the people that made them could decommission them, it would give them employment when the turbine factories close down. Question is who is going to pay for all this?

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