German Obsession with Wind & Solar Means Power Prices Set To Keep Skyrocketing

Germany’s renewable energy transition is an unmitigated disaster: 5 million households are struggling to pay their power bills and 340,000 have been cut from the grid, because they can’t.

The push towards a mythical all wind and sun powered future continues apace. Notwithstanding it’s a technical and physical impossibility. Germans happily drain nuclear power generated by their French neighbours and quietly rely upon dozens of their own coal-fired power plants.

The grid and market chaos that comes with the attempt to run on sunshine and breezes has already sent power prices into orbit. And the situation can only get worse.

Here’s Pierre Gosselin with more on Germany’s unfolding energy calamity.

German Power Prices Set To Keep Skyrocketing In 2019 Due To 50 Billion Euros Annually In Grid And Feed-In Levies
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
16 April 2019

According to German online business daily Handelsblatt here, German electricity are set to get significantly more expensive in 2019 due to the power grid becoming 8 percent more expensive to use.  This will make already painfully high electricity prices even more excruciating.

The Handelsblatt cites calculations by German think tank “Agora Energiewende”, which reports that revenues for the network operators total 24 billion euros this year.

According to Agora, “Costs previously referred to as grid costs are expected to rise by a total of six to eight percent.” For household customers the grid already amounted to 7.17 cents per kilowatt hour in 2018, which compared to 6.79 cents per kilowatt hour levied for the renewable energy feed in tariffs. This year it was 6.41 cents.

According to the Handelsblatt, “The EEG levy and grid fees thus add up to amounts of over 50 billion euros” annually. The rising grid fees are due to “massive investment in grid expansion to integrate renewable energies into the grid”. And because Germany’s Energiewende (transition to green energies) still finds itself in the early stages, the costs are projected to keep rising.

In Germany, electricity prices of around 30 cents per kilowatt hour for private consumers are among the most expensive worldwide, and are in fact “the highest in Europe” Handelsblatt reports.

What is especially warped about Germany’s electricity market is that one kilowatt-hour of electricity “is available in wholesale for less than five cents”, reports the Handelsblatt. This shows how grotesquely distorted the price structure has become since renewable energies have been mandated and nuclear power plants taken offline. .

The high end-user prices have become a huge burden on private individuals and energy intensive companies alike. German think tank Agora is demanding reforms and more transparency in the country’s murky electricity pricing structure.
No Tricks Zone

Germans have Mutti Merkel to thank for their energy disaster.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. Jeff Walther says:

    Wind and solar require a time-flexible backup. If you have enough hydro available, it’s great (Germany doesn’t), but generally the backup is natural gas electricity generators.

    Because the gas generator must fluxuate its output to compensate/complement for the intermittent output of wind and solar, the gas generator operates in a far less efficient way than it would have, if all the electricity had just come from the gas generator.

    At the end of the day, wind and solar are just expensive ways to burn more gas, and really, you’d do about as well by just switching to the most efficient gas generators running at a constant rate.

    The corruption comes in with the giant gas pipeline from Russia owned by Gazprom. Gerhard Schroeder (former German Chancellor) set Germany on this path, arranged for the gas pipeline to be built, and then took an extremely high paying job with Gazprom.

    Basically Schroeder sold Germany’s energy security to Russia for a paycheck.

    But Germany wouldn’t need to burn all that gas as long as the nuclear plants were running. Hence the plan to shut down the clean, reliable, affordable nuclear electricity generators, claim to replace them with wind and solar, which doesn’t work, but in fact, replace the energy with Russian gas.

    Gazprom must be laughing all the way to the bank. My goodness the German people are idiots. Unfortunately, too many folks in other countries are willing to believe the same lies when presented by the propaganda arms of gas & oil companies.

    Gas & oil companies found “charitable” foundations. The foundations donate to “environmental” NGOs like Green Peace and Earth First. Then the “environmental” NGOs take their marching orders from the FF (fossil fuel) companies and do everything they can to kill the only energy source that can replace oil and gas in the real world — nuclear.

    This is why anti-nuclear forces are always available, always well funded, always ready to be interviewed by media, always have the time and money to run a demonstration. That’s not happening from $25 a year from hippies. It’s FF money driving the whole movement, but supported by “useful idiots” who are too willfully ignorant to see how they are used.

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  4. charles wardrop says:

    Unanswerable case against windpower for electricity generation, so why don’t those in charge call a halt to subsidies?
    Q:Corruption ? Embarassment ? Ignorance ? Fear ? All of These?
    A: All, in varying combinations.

    • sassycoupleok says:

      You are absolutely correct. Individuals and companies are getting rich off of this scam. Besides wind and solar can never sustain the demand without hage amounts of fossil fuel electric generation.

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