Knuckle-Heads: Wind Industry Thugs Beat Up Welsh Grannies During Community Protest

There are few universal truths: community hostility to giant wind turbines is one, the thuggery employed by wind power outfits, is another.

Wherever in the world the wind industry plies it subsidy-soaked trade, rural folk are treated as ‘roadkill’: lied to, bullied and beaten. As in the case of Jim Field, a 79-year-old disabled farmer from Rye Park in New South Wales: Wind Industry Belting its ‘Message’ Home: Trustpower’s Thugs Assault 79-Year-Old Pensioner & Disabled Farmer

In the original Wales, a wind power outfit is employing the same tactics against a group of tenacious Taffys, keen to avoid the inevitable community destruction that follows the erection of these things. As push came to shove, one grey-haired defender was lucky to escape alive.

Heart-in-mouth moment woman falls in path of oncoming cement lorry at wind farm protest
Wales Online
Robert Harries
4 January 2019

Protester narrowly escapes developer’s oncoming lorry, in mid Wales.


Footage has emerged of a woman falling before a moving concrete lorry at a wind farm protest in mid Wales.

Protestors had gathered at Llandegley in Powys to make their feelings known about plans to press ahead with the construction of a controversial wind farm.

In the footage, captured on a mobile phone, protestors can be seen standing in the way of a large lorry as it makes its way down a track at the Hendy Wind Farm site.

At one point, a woman appears to fall in the path of the lorry, before rolling out the way as it bears down on her.

Screams can be heard as the lorry stops just before it reaches her, then continues once she is out of the way.

The company behind the wind farm said security personnel on the site were working closely with the police to ensure the safety of everyone there.

This is the moment the woman falls in the path of the lorry:



The seven-turbine scheme at the site, near Llandrindod Wells, put forward by Hendy Wind Farm Ltd, was rejected by Powys Council in 2017 after objections that it would blot what is regarded as a beauty spot.

However, the Welsh Government eventually gave the scheme the go-ahead last year after the cabinet secretary for energy, planning and rural affairs, Lesley Griffiths AM, said the benefits of renewable energy outweighed other potential impacts of the scheme.

Among those in attendance at the protest were UKIP AM Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine Hamilton.

Mrs Hamilton called what happened an “appalling incident”.

She shared the video on social media which triggered a further debate about the protest and the wind farm proposals themselves.

Police have confirmed they are looking into the matter and are monitoring the situation at the site.

A spokeswoman for Dyfed-Powys Police said: “We are aware of a video clip circulating on social media of an incident at Hendy Wind Farm on December 3, 2019.

“Officers are looking into the matter and continue to monitor the situation to facilitate a lawful protest at the site.”

A spokesman for Hendy Wind Farm said: “We are aware of unfounded allegations being made on social media about the conduct of Hendy Wind Farm security personnel on the site of our new wind farm development.

“We categorically refute allegations of improper conduct being made against our contractors. All of the security personnel are SIA accredited and are working closely with the police to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

“It is of course very much the protestors’ stated aim to prevent this wind farm being built, and the characterisation of the site security by them is wrong.

“They are hoping that by falsely portraying the management of the site in this way they can stop progress, with legal action having failed to do so.

“We support the right to demonstrate peacefully and the majority of protestors have conducted themselves in a civilised manner.

“Unfortunately a small number of individuals attempted to obstruct the deliveries at the entrance and along the access track. Police officers were on site to deal with these issues as they were causing a risk to public safety.”
Wales Online

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  2. I feel your pain folks. This is a beautiful part of the country. Keep up your efforts to expose this despicable industry.

    But STAY SAFE!

    Can anyone please tell me if Hay Bluff and the Black Mountains are still safe from wind farm development?

    Has Hay-on-Wye been ruined yet?

  3. I saw “renewables” described as “ruinables” and thought how apt.

  4. Charles Wardrop says:

    There are no benefits other than to those making filthy lucre from these scam products.
    Key question: the one raised above ‘re politicians.

  5. Craig Lucanus says:

    “Lesley Griffiths AM, said the benefits of renewable energy outweighed other potential impacts of the scheme.”

    Just what benefits? While fossil-fueled firming (continued emissions) or high cost storage (reduced international competitivity) is required to produce full dispatchability of electricity supply there are no benefits.

    When will one side of politics bite the nuclear bullet and denounce renewables as cods? High efficiency coal should give way to nuclear but not to renewables.

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