Cut the Subsidies and ‘Green’ Jobs Instantly Vanish: 80,000 German Solar Workers Sacked

‘Green’ job promises nothing more than hot air.


Remember all those stories about the wind & solar industries providing millions of groovy, well-paid ‘green’ jobs – as secure as Fort Knox? No?

Sure, you’ll hear those pitching RE promise loads of ‘sustainable’ jobs, as they wail about dreaded ‘uncertainty’ – causing bankers to baulk and investors to flee; and as they demand (with menaces) that governments maintain essential, massive and endless subsidies until the end of time.

But, this is the same crowd who tell us that the ‘transition’ to nature’s wonder fuels is ‘inevitable’ and that they’re not really getting any subsidies at all.

There are a few inescapable truths: cut subsidies to wind and solar power and the jobs those ‘industries’ have ‘created’ evaporate like snow in Summer. Funny about that!

Bloodbath in the German solar “industry” — without subsidies 80,000 solar jobs are gone
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
29 April 2018

Climate Worriers have the most terrible luck. All the runes were lined up for Solar power — it is nearly free, pours from heaven, and millions of people seem to need energy “pretty often”. Plus universities and governments have gifted twenty years of free advertising about its Glorious Wonderfulness. Solar power is also used by the Celebrity Saints of Gaia thus filling fashionable, spiritual, and tribal needs. On a good day, it fills some megawatt needs too.

Despite all this, without forced payments from unwilling and unwitting non-users of solar power, investors are fleeing and the solar industry in Germany is collapsing. How can that be?!

Lawrence Solomon: Are solar and wind finally cheaper than fossil fuels? Not a chance
Financial Post

After the German government decided to reduce subsidies to the solar industry in 2012, the industry nose-dived. By this year, virtually every major German solar producer had gone under as new capacity declined by 90 per cent and new investment by 92 per cent. Some 80,000 workers — 70 per cent of the solar workforce — lost their jobs. Solar power’s market share is shrinking and solar panels, having outlived their usefulness, are being retired without being replaced.

Wind power faces a similar fate. Germany has some 29,000 wind turbines, almost all of which have been benefitting from a 20-year subsidy program that began in 2000. Starting in 2020, when subsidies run out for some 5,700 wind turbines, thousands of them each year will lose government support, making the continued operation of most of them uneconomic based on current market prices. To make matters worse, with many of the turbines failing and becoming uneconomic to maintain, they represent an environmental liability and pose the possibility of abandonment. No funds have been set aside to dispose of the blades, which are unrecyclable, or to remove the turbines’ 3,000-tonne reinforced concrete bases, which reach depths of 20 metres, making them a hazard to the aquifers they pierce.

On the plus side, 80,000 Germans can now do something productive.

Funny thing, something similar happened in Australia in July 2014:

Suddenly 97 percent of Australian renewables investment dried up without subsidies:

We’re told “clean” energy is a viable and cost effective. But cut the government subsidies, and 97 percent of investors vanish (in Australia it’s collapsed from $2.6b annually to $80m).

In Australia this brief lapse into something resembling a free market was due to policy “uncertainty” at the time. The dead hand of Government Certainty has since returned to pick the loser winners.
Jo Nova Blog

It’s nothing personal, the subsidies just ran out.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “We’re told “clean” energy is a viable and cost effective. But cut the government subsidies, and 97 percent of investors vanish…!”

    UNRELIABLES, the great scam within the scam crumbling under the weight of its own BS.


    (Do feel for the 80,000 now unemployed – sucked in by the lies and blatant falsehoods spread by climate change zealots – politicians, ‘green’ lobby groups and sycophant lamestream, fake news media)

  2. Here in Ontario, a German neighbour, new to Canada, has leased his parcels of land to as many monstrous turbines as he could possibly have, all the while preaching about how Germany was leading the way on renewables…no problems whatsoever!

    His decision has caused great harm to his neighbours, some of whom had been there for decades, had made great investments, were excellent stewards of their land, loved their homes and had no intention of ever leaving.

    This man’s own home became unsafe for his wife and 3 children because of a turbine that towered over it and so many turbines surrounding it, so he moved them out and is trying to rent the house!

  3. swan101 says:

    Reblogged this on UPPER SONACHAN WIND FARM and commented:
    Interesting stats…….

  4. Crispin says:

    I cannot wait for the day we ask ourselves…

    Renewables? What was that all about?

    How did we get here? I was watching Star Trek the other night and could not help feeling bemused. All the talk was of warp drive and travelling at the speed of light. And yet here we are at this point in history talking about wind power.

    Picture the scene. Captain Kirk saying, “Give me everything you’ve got ‘Scotty’. Full speed ahead! Can we hunt down the enemy spaceship ‘Scotty’?”

    “YES Captain. She’s WIND POWERED!”

    • ROFL !!!!!!!!! And there is Don Quixote coming over the hill to deal the final death blow. We all know now that with all the education costing $Billion the human race hasn’t progressed at all, it’s just become more stupid, without any common sense.

      • Crispin says:

        And poor old Julia Zemiro fell victim to this very state of affairs, by declaring in her ABC Home Delivery program with Prof Brian Cox, that anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change is ‘stupid’.

        …Well Julia, sadly that comment reflects more upon you.

        You’re not stupid; investigate, research, DEBATE.

  5. Melissa Ware says:

    ‘Uneconomic to maintain’. Too right!
    An interesting article on ‘Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance’ was published 31.10.17 and found on National Wind Watch, states that a wind farm made up of 105 2MW turbines of 80 metres in height, will cost for the lifetime of the wind farm,
    US $21,420,000 for 2 scheduled maintenances per year.
    The article breaks down the components and the replacement costs. So many additional things to go wrong…. Yaw, turbine transmission, structure and machinery enclosure, external lightning protection, central hydraulics, blade adjustment, generator, rotor, drive train, turbine. Also listed is the failure rate per 100 of parts by year 2020. Gear box 8%, Blades 8%, Generator 10%.
    Pacific Hydro had the gall to deny causing oil splatters over Cape Bridgewater, staining homes, roofs, water tanks, sheds and land and in the air we inhaled and tank and bore water we drank; pathetically claiming ‘it must have come from a passing ship’…. really???…These renewable companies don’t have to publish this equipment breakdown or maintenance information and don’t have to be accountable for the additional costs to electricity consumers. Turbines sit idle…no wonder!
    Seeking social Licence to operate… what a joke.

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