Ontario’s Water Wars: Wind Turbine Construction Turns Underground Water to Toxic Sludge

Ontario’s farmers keep complaining about the toxic sludge coming out of their wells, while the wind power outfits that have obviously caused the damage, keep lying about it.

Pile-driving and the excavations required for 400m³ of steel reinforced concrete for the hundreds of turbine bases across Chatham-Kent are the only new and intervening factor capable of turning (hitherto potable) underground water a silty black.

Locals know it, and are keen to seek redress from the powers that be:


Chatham-Kent residents take water wells fight to Queen’s Park
CTV Windsor
Michelle Maluske
8 March 2018

A group of Chatham-Kent residents took their fight for better water to Queen’s Park.

Members of the Water Wells First group held a news conference in Toronto on Thursday, hoping to get more attention to an issue that has been discussed locally for more than a year.

The group is upset with the North-Kent wind farm, which they say is harming their water.

The residents were joined by Essex NDP MPP Taras Natyshak, who with the Council of Canadians, called for an immediate Health Hazard Investigation at farms located near Samsung’s wind turbine site.

“I have seen this black water come directly out of a well on one of these farms – there’s just no way it’s safe to drink,” said Natyshak, who recently toured some of the farms affected and saw for himself the poor quality of the water coming out of the wells. “18 families in the area all experienced the change in their water quality around the time that pile driving for Samsung’s site began. It’s not a coincidence.”

Chatham farmer Marc St. Pierre says they only use the well water for bathing and toilets.

“I hate the thought of that because my wife already has indelicate health, so to know that I’m slowly poisoning her with this water is very disheartening,” said St. Pierre.

Water Wells First blames the vibrations caused by wind turbine construction for contaminating their well water.

On the company’s website, officials with North-Kent Wind say they received 16 complaints about water quality last year. They say they gave each complainant fresh water while investigating.

North Kent Wind said it deemed the water quality was not related to their work, rather the concerns appeared related to well construction, the condition of existing well pumping and treatment equipment, on-going maintenance, or lack of maintenance in combination with the natural conditions in the region.

Ontario’s Ministry of Environment agreed with the company’s findings.

The North Kent Wind farm is expected to be complete by September.

Well, what a surprise, Ontario’s Ministry of Environment taking sides with the developer, who would have thought?

Not for the first time, and not for the last time are locals being left for dead by those paid handsomely to protect their interests.

A few posts back, we reported on the findings from an experienced hydrological engineer who had no doubt as to the cause: Water Wars: Wind Turbine Construction Destroying Underground Water Supplies in Ontario

That the wind industry and its pet consultants lie for a living is one thing, but when public officials join the blame-shifting chorus, it’s an outrage.

Now, I wonder what they’re complaining about?…

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. Ontario is in an ethical crisis over the harm being done to rural people because of industrial scale wind turbines.
    Take a look at how this courageous woman made her mark:

  3. Wind turbine developers are consummate liars. They get so much practice, since they do it all the time!

  4. Maurice Strong stuffed up Ontario before he started the global warming scam.

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