Tobacco Industry Propaganda Reprise: Wind Industry Denies Science Behind Adverse Health Effects from Turbine Noise


Helen Schwiesow Parker recently graced our pages in this post: The Hidden Human Tragedy Caused by Incessant Wind Turbine Noise

Here she is again and on the same warpath. The wind industry has spent every day of its subsidy soaked existence telling the world that incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and infra-sound wouldn’t harm a fly.

Thousands of its victims around the world know otherwise and independent scientists are right behind them.

Science deniers in the wind industry
Watts Up With That?
Helen Schwiesow Parker
8 March 2017

Like the tobacco industry before it, the wind industry has spent decades vehemently denying known harmful consequences associated with its product, while promoting its fraudulent feel-good image. Dismissing or denying the serious health impacts of industrial-scale wind turbines is wishful thinking, akin to insisting that tobacco is harmless because we enjoy it.

The problem with wind energy is not just its costly, subsidized, unreliable electricity; the need to back up every megawatt with redundant fossil-fuel power; or its impacts on wildlife and their habitats.

Infrasound (inaudible) and low-frequency (audible) noise (slowly vibrating sound waves collectively referred to as ILFN) produced by Industrial-scale Wind Turbines (IWTs) directly and predictably cause adverse human health effects. The sonic radiation tends to be amplified within structures, and sensitivity to the impact of the resonance increases with continuing exposure.

These facts have been known to the wind industry and the US government since the 1980s when it became a ‘hot topic,’ with numerous studies presented and published by acousticians working under grants from the Departments of Energy, Defense and NASA. The wind industry response?

Deny the science. Insist that “what you can’t hear can’t hurt you.” Claim that “neighbors will get used to it.” Measure only outside dwellings, and allow only noise measurements in the field that reflect the relative loudness perceived by the human ear, while drastically reducing sound-level readings in the lower frequencies that are known to cause problems.

From a distance, many view the massive turbines as majestic – as a clean, seemingly quiet and free source of endless energy. To untold thousands of families clustered within 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) or more of the pulsing machines, however, the IWTs bring strangely debilitating illness – increasingly incapacitating for some, yet scoffed at by wind proponents.

Common sense tells us that fifty-story-tall metal structures with blades as long as football fields moving at 180 mph at their tips would negatively impact quiet neighborhoods. But the extent and severity of the IWT’s effect on body, mind and spirit comes as a surprise to most people.

When I’m at home I’m usually sick with headaches, nausea, vertigo, tinnitus, anxiety, hopelessness, depression. My ears pop a lot and I hardly ever sleep…. Suicide looks to be my only relief. Land of the FREE Home of the BULLSHIT! … Million to one odds anybody contacts me back.”

The primary pathway of turbine assault on human health is no mystery. The Israeli army has used low-frequency sound pulses as high-tech crowd control for years. People are made nauseous and confused, with blurred vision, vertigo, headaches, tachycardia, heightened blood pressure, pain and ringing in the ears, difficulties with memory and concentration, anxiety, depression, irritability, and panic attacks.

This also describes the Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS), a constellation of symptoms first given a name by the brilliant young MD/PhD, Nina Pierpont. She followed her astute and compassionate observations of turbine neighbors around the world with epidemiological research, using a robust case-crossover statistical design: subjects experienced symptoms that varied with proximity to the turbines. When the same subjects were placed at a greater distance from the turbines, their symptoms abated; returning them to the scene brought the symptoms back.

Michigan State University noise engineers explain that “Inaudible components [ILFN] can induce resonant vibration in liquids, gases and solids … bodily tissues and cavities – potentially harmful to humans.” A subject in the groundbreaking Cooper study describes how the resonance shows up in a glass of water on her kitchen table, and in the toilet bowl, and how she feels it in her body.

Pierpont hypothesized that a significant pathway from ILFN to symptoms might include disruption to balance mechanisms located in the inner ear.

Dr. Alec Salt and colleagues, otolaryngologists at Washington University, later found that inaudible ILFN reaches the brain via inner ear Outer Hair Cell (OHC) displacement, leading indeed to unfamiliar and disturbing sensations paralleling WTS.

As turbine size trends upward, the sickening ILFN emissions worsen. There’s a lot of money riding on keeping the science under the radar of public awareness, and regulations to a minimum.

When Denmark’s EPA proposed tightening turbine noise regulations to protect turbine neighbors from increasing ILFN (May 2011), the Vestas CEO wrote the DEPA Minister, asserting: “It simply isn’t technically possible to curtail the ILFN output,” and “Increased distance requirements [setbacks from residences] cannot be met whilst maintaining a satisfactory business outcome for the investor.”’ DEPA folded, turning instead to looser standards that were “likely to be copied by other countries.”

Although alerted to the increased endangerment of turbine neighbors around the world, the press remained silent, and Big Wind’s central players ramped up their game plan undeterred.

In addition to the impact of ILFN radiation, turbine neighbors suffer from Turbine “Flicker” – a strobe-like effect caused by turbine blades alternately blocking and allowing sunlight to skim rhythmically and repeatedly across the land, or ricochet in bursts across interior walls and stairwells.

The direct impact extends to nearly a mile from the turbine – long after sunrise, and again long before sunset. It is mesmerizing, disorienting, and often brings on nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, irritability, even panic, indoors or outside.

Repetitive sleep disturbance and stress-related symptoms are the most common health complaints of IWT neighbors. The audible sound constantly fluctuates, described as akin to low-flying jets or the rumble of helicopters, “freakish, screeching sound sludge.” It is unnatural. People say the noise gets into your head, and you can’t get it out.

Advising the Falmouth, MA Board of Health, Dr. William Hallstein wrote: “All varieties of illnesses are destabilized, secondary to inadequate sleep: diabetic blood sugars, cardiac rhythms, migraines, tissue healing. Psychiatric problems intensify … all in the ‘normal’ brain. Errors in judgment and accident rates increase.”

As with seasickness, not everyone is similarly affected. But for many, the experience becomes literally intolerable. Devastated families and individuals around the world, having lost their health, jobs or farms, return their keys to the bank, sell their homes at fire-sale prices, or simply pack up and flee. Some never recover their health.

The continuing expansion of Big Wind is a tale of money and power shunting aside integrity and compassion, abetted by a disinterested news media, leading to an un-informed public, further betrayed by “human rights advocates” loathe to break ranks from popular positions.

The myth that “saving the world” requires tolerating the costs of Big Wind could not be further from the truth. Responsible stewardship demands critical thinking, common sense and grade school science, not just following Big Wind’s Pied Piper and supposedly good intentions.

In fact, allowing wind into the energy mix squanders our non-renewable environment and taxpayer billions that are greatly needed elsewhere, wasting them on the most idiotic of engineering conceits.

Reliance on wind actually increases emissions and fossil fuel use overall, due to inefficiencies introduced into the system. Big Wind eliminates none of the need for conventional capacity, but rather consumes vast quantities of additional fuel and raw materials, while spewing emissions during the manufacture, transportation, construction and maintenance of the enormous redundant turbines and their uniquely demanding infrastructure.

The Wind Game is nothing but an obscenely costly, mostly useless energy redundancy scheme. It funnels unimaginable profits from our taxpayer and rate-payer pockets to its inner circle, while knowingly ignoring its victims’ desperate pleas for relief – and indeed ridiculing them and trying to bury all the growing evidence of harm to their health and wellbeing.

We’ve witnessed three decades of this callous, mercenary assault, this arrogant denial of what is known to be true, this untold suffering of thousands of innocent victims around the world. It’s time to bring in the human rights and social justice referees – and call “game over.”
Watts Up With That

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Every body thinks I am a Nutter
    I am effected because of Industry and from what I read its the same as wind farm effects.
    So how the Hell do we get help

  2. Chloe Eastough says:

    Hi just wondering if you have a link to the statistic about the “thousands of victims,” I am building a case against someone and I think this statistic would help my case a lot thanks.

  3. I can hear the response now…. “But the NHMRC says”….. I say the NHMRC has the wind industry so close behind if they stopped without notice a proctologist would be required to extricate…..

  4. The AMA, like most of the medical establishment worldwide, ignore most of the evidence about most things. Otherwise, doctors would be taught (real) nutritional medicine and more biochemistry and use pharmaceuticals much less than they do.
    People with unpopular (unprofitable) illnesses have had to go through so much because of willful ignorance from media and doctors.

    • Ontario, Canada has the Health Protection and Promotion Act which requires “Complaint re health hazard related to occupational or environmental health
      11 (1) Where a complaint is made to a board of health or a medical officer of health that a health hazard related to occupational or environmental health exists in the health unit served by the board of health or the medical officer of health, the medical officer of health shall notify the ministry of the Government of Ontario that has primary responsibility in the matter and, in consultation with the ministry, the medical officer of health shall investigate the complaint to determine whether the health hazard exists or does not exist.” This determination had NEVER been made. I wonder why????

      • I don’t have Turbines.
        I have industry
        Pool pumps
        Highway etc the list goes on .
        My GP will have none of noise effecting me.
        If you have something vibrating through your body it is not imagined.

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    People may or may not always consciously ‘hear’ the sound but their bodies certainly react to the impact of the assault the ‘unheard’ sounds have on the human body.
    The AMA is a body which acts as a Union for the Medical profession as well as having the right to Register and regulate Doctors. Its time these things were separated and a new body created for the Registration and Regulation of Doctors – it cannot be left to a Union which bends to the wishes of an industry and politics which are only interested in money making and ideology’s.
    The NHMRC is another body which has lost its way by allowing people with fixed ideological beliefs to take charge. It’s time it reverted back to Medical Research that is conducted in an unbiased manner, on the basis of wanting to know the truth rather than upholding unproven ideology’s and rantings of individuals, many of whom could be compromised for one reason or another.
    As the author of the article writes the truth of this industry’s damaging effects has been known for decades, and it now time it was exposed to the masses and explained to them how this industry and its willfully confused supporters have been lying, with the sole purpose of making money at the expense of peoples health.

    • the health report says:

      Jackie, correction required, the AMA does not register and regulate doctors per se. That role is via Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). The relationship between AMA AHPRA and NHMRC could possibly colloquially be described as one where they “piss in each others pockets”.

      • Pamela May Maddock says:

        They certainly do.
        They ignore the facts for their own ignorance.
        Facts are facts or we are all insane and have vivid imagination.
        All Doctors do is throw pills at people like us, and its not only wind farms that causes this Hell I live in is caused by something else.
        Hand on my Bible.

      • Jackie Rovensky says:

        Thank you for the clarification.
        Therefore maybe the AHPRA should be asked to investigate Doctors who are promoting and practicing ignoring of patients medical concerns, if they come to them concerned about their deteriorating health after Industrial Turbines began to operating in their district.
        As these doctors have been advised by their ‘Union’ to ignore such patients and rather than conduct an examination or send them to a specialist for diagnosis, they should tell them to contact the Turbine company – obviously not a rational/appropriate or satisfactory medical response to a patients health issues.
        Doctors who follow this directrion should have to explain to AHPRA why they should not have their License to practice cancelled.
        As the AMA is giving instructions to Doctors, Doctors also need to remember their duty of care is to patients not to some industry which has shown disinterest to people who are suffering.
        The AMA should be ‘put in its place’, and be advised not to direct doctors with respect to patient medical issues.

      • I hear you.
        I am not effected by turbines I am effected by a coal mine plus industry.
        All GP’s do is look you in the eye and say I have lived here for years I am not effected.
        Then throw sleeping pills at you.
        Living Hell is what it is.
        So Gutless, they toe the line.

  6. Crispin Trist says:

    On page 35 of the publication Taking Charge of Diabetes, published by the Reader’s Digest, and utilising consultants from both Diabetes Australia and New Zealand, there is a section entitled ‘Insulin opposites’. And I quote.

    “Insulin isn’t the only hormone that can affect blood-glucose levels. A number of others, sometimes called insulin antagonists, or counterregulatory hormones, have the opposite effect of insulin. These include:

    Glucagon, Cortisol, Growth hormone and…

    Adrenaline. This so-called stress hormone is released when the body perceives danger. Adrenaline raises blood glucose in order to make more energy available to muscles.”

    End quote.

    Considering much information has already been revealed regarding a fight or flight response in relation to proximity issues with industrial scale wind turbines, it would seem to me that a precautionary approach should be adopted ‘as soon as possible’ where homes are located so close to industrial scale wind turbines. Diabetes is a serious health concern for the community. Is this really a risk worth taking?

    Instead, people with genuine health concerns are being ridiculed by the AMA and the NHMRC all for the sake of some ideological experiment.

    Shame on you.

    Wind turbine operators elsewhere in the world are already being ordered to take down turbines and to shut down others at night, as was the case in Portugal. There is clearly a health risk with the operation of such large scale machinery so close to homes.

    Wind turbine victims should be treated in the same way as any other individual with health concerns, and with the respect they deserve. These are ‘real’ people with ‘real’ health issues, and it’s happening right here, right now. Not in the future through some computer modelled Climate Change statistic in the year 2100 that may or may not happen. It’s happening now.

    There is a word that is already used in legal cases and is generally accepted in the work place and by health bodies as a genuine cause for concern. When an individual comes forward and states this word, a system that is already in place is geared to assist.

    That word is STRESS!

    Why is this word being ignored by both the AMA and the NHMRC in the case of wind turbine syndrome?

    At the very least, wind turbine victims are displaying the symptoms of stress and should be treated as such, instead of being both ignored and ridiculed by the highest medical authorities in the land.

  7. Doctor Deaf says:

    On cue , the ABC have rehashed a classic piece of wind industry misinformation (, illustrating explicitly the complicity of the AMA with the Big Wind propaganda machine. Such gems from an AMA marionette mouth include “However, infrasound, or the sound that is beyond the detection of the human ear, is not believed to cause harm to humans”. Whilst the AMA might choose to ignore the extensive acoustic literature on this topic, perhaps they could have have a word in the ear of the military who are only too well aware of the impacts of infrasound and low frequency acoustic energy on the health and wellbeing of their troops. Then again, the AMA are more about politics and self-interest, rather than principles of ethics and science they choose not to comprehend.

    • Sadly Doctor Deaf the AMA has degenerated to the point where it has become just another grubby, opportunistic left wing union.

    • Here’s an article on this topic that everyone needs to read:
      In Ontario, medical doctors are still refusing to make the connection between symptoms being reported by people who are living with turbines too close to their homes. They’re refusing to speak out in defence of absolutely innocent people, who did not consent to being forced to live too close to or within an industrial wind power station. We’re seeing all sorts of information coming forth steadily about the deceptive IPCC data that was used to rationalize this incursion!
      Surely this insanity can’t go on much longer.

    • Doctor Deaf says:

      And also demonstrating a breathtaking example of the shallowness and lack of rigour of (most) ABC journalists when they report on their favourite virtue signalling machines.

  8. Reblogged this on Patti Kellar and commented:
    Long past time …..

  9. Turbine blade flicker could trigger seizures in photosensitive people with epilepsy.
    Do wind turbines have transmitters? How is data communicated?

  10. Robert Holmes says:

    A brilliant post that says it all yet the money hungry manufactures refuse to accept the FACTS. Something else that wasnt mentioned except for tobacco products was mobile Telephones another silent killer. The jury is still out there as well. Interesting world we live in when we create machines and drugs that can kill legally.

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