Political Storm Erupts: Hostile Germans Turn on Ugly, Costly & Ineffective Wind Power

German wind farm

Held up as the wind cult’s poster girl, Germany went hard and fast, spearing tens of thousands of these things all over its, once cherished and pristine, landscape.

The cost of its maniacal rush into massively subsidised wind and solar to German businesses and households has been astronomical and, in the mother of all ironies, CO2 emissions continue to rise.

The German populace has, since 1945, been collectively reticent to cause trouble or resist whatever policy their political masters deem to be in Germany’s best interests. The German form of passive acceptance goes a long way to explain the Energiewende: a trillion euro business, family and environment destroying policy disaster.

However, even German goodwill has its natural limits.

The rural population is furious: howling about the cost of power, the environmental destruction and the incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound that wrecks their ability to sleep, live in and otherwise enjoy their homes.

And signalling just how far reaching the German’s backlash against wind power is, Fritz Vahrenholt, a man instrumental in the creation of the environmental movement in Germany and the Chairman of the German Wildlife Trust has joined his angry compatriots and started railing against the destruction and havoc caused by wind power.

Meanwhile in Switzerland – where policy makers are keen to follow Germany’s ‘green’ energy debacle – major employers such as pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech companies are furious that they are being lined up for the same rocketing power costs and chaotic supply suffered by their German neighbours.

Here’s NoTricksZone with the latest on the German wind power revolt.

Germany: 120 Billion Euros For 5% Electricity Supply! And “Huge New Green Movement” Against Wind Power
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
27 January 2017

The Swiss online Baseler Zeitung here writes how the country’s Association for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotech Companies is coming out against Switzerland’s recently proposed green “energy strategy”, saying that it is “fundamentally going in the wrong direction”.

The association fears it will lead to higher costs.

Energy politician Christian Wasserfallen “is pleased” about the message, the Baseler Zeitung writes.

“The economy is slowly realizing what a threat the energy strategy poses.”

On the problems of supply reliability from sun and wind power, the Baseler Zeitung reports:

“Just how little wind and sun really deliver was actually measured for example by Germany yesterday: The more than 120 billion euros worth of solar panels and wind turbines installed since 2000 delivered 4% and 1% respectively of German power demand.”

Huge Resistance Now Mounting Against German Green Energy

In another story, Benny Peiser of the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation interviewed Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, one of the founders of the environmental movement in Germany and the Chairman of the German Wildlife Trust. See full interview in the following video:


CO2 reductions backfire

On why CO2 is rising despite the 25 billion dollars annually spent on green energies, Vahrenholt says the system is set up in a way that ends up making coal more competitive, and so squeezes out cleaner natural gas as the energy to provide base load. He calls the system “contradictory in itself.”

He adds that the government target of reducing energy consumption by 20% by 2020 “will never be achieved”, let alone reaching the CO2 emissions reductions target.

Host Benny Peiser reminds that the Energiewende costs the average household 300 euros annually, all to “subsidize the wealthy landowners, farmers, and the people with big houses who invest in renewables.” People have accepted the burden because they have been told it is to “save the world” and that government has played on the bad conscience of the collective German population for bad things done in the past, Vahrenholt said. On the issue “there is no political opposition in the Parliament. None.”

“New green movement” posing huge resistance

However Vahrenholt says that people in rural areas are now rising up against the destruction of the landscape and forests by wind energy. “What we see now is that biodiversity is destroyed by the measures against climate change.”

He says here there is huge resistance coming from a new green movement that eventually will make its way into the Parliament. He accuses the German Green Party of having abandoned its original mission of protecting nature and wildlife, and tells viewers that the green movement has begun to bicker and splinter.

Complete transformation of the landscape

Later he says plastering the country with over 50,000 turbines, as planned, would mean a complete and profound transformation of the country’s romantic landscape. Already 240,000 bats per year fall victim to wind turbines each year, he notes.

Vahrenholt, a member of the SPD socialist party, reminds viewers that the green party has never really been green, but are in reality leftists disguised as environmentalists who are pursuing an anti-industry, anti-technology and anti-capitalism agenda in an attempt to fundamentally transform society. He says the energy policy silliness is being driven by an irrational belief in climate catastrophe.

Vahrenholt calls Germany’s exit from nuclear energy misguided and a mistake.

On the prospect of Germany returning to reason, the German professor says that it will depend on three factors: 1) if global temperature fails to rise, 2) on grid stability and 3) the destruction of nature in Germany, which is now “a growing concern”.
No Tricks Zone

Protest poster against the construction of wind turbines in Hamburg, Germany, Europe

Which part of ‘nicht’ is Angela Merkel having trouble with?

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. It’s the biggest scam in history. There is ever increasing evidence that the science attached to Anthropogenic Global Warming is politically influenced and the science is far from being settled on the theory adopted by the U.N.s IPCC: http://business.financialpost.com/fp-comment/lawrence-solomon-finally-its-safe-for-the-whistleblowers-of-corrupted-climate-science-to-speak-out

  2. The COP21 Paris climate change agreement, comprising SDG 13, is just one part of the 2030 Agenda. The UN version of climate change though, is about global power and money. As UNFCCC chief Christiana Figueres pointed out, the aim of the UN is to bring about a “centralized transformation“… “one that is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different.” Figueres continues: “global society, is moving to the point where we are going to need more and more global governance muscle… Climate change is only the first of the major, major planetary challenges that we are being given, almost as a playground… to go into that playground and exercise our global governance capacity”

    Controlling lifestyles, energy use, and consumption by defining which activities are accepted by the UN as being ‘sustainable’. Only the UN can control ‘sustainability’.

    Controlling education around the globe to ensure all children become activists promoting the UN sustainability agenda.

    Moving towards global enforcement by developing global monitoring, accountability mechanisms, and surveillance systems so “no one is left behind”.

    The UN 2030 agenda is completely open ended, stating no total costs, and stating no limits as far as loss of sovereignty and enforcement mechanisms are concerned.

    The people have been betrayed. The 2030 Agenda is all about betrayal, UN control, and global socialism, and expanding global law. The United Nations has “conned governments, citizens and business into adopting the 2030 Agenda“, but “business does not understand” that it will destroy “Capitalism and Free Enterprise.” And all this has been made possible by the Australian government, and governments of other ‘democratic’ countries, who invite the UN to interfere in the domestic affairs of their respective countries WITHOUT the democratic approval of the people.

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