Wind Power Sends German Power Prices Rocketing as CO2 Emissions Continue to Rise

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Germany has long been the poster-child for the wind-cult, the World over. But the way things have panned out, wind worshippers will soon need another pin-up girl.

The cost of its maniacal rush into massively subsidised wind and solar to German businesses and households has been astronomical and, in the mother of all ironies, CO2 emissions continue to rise.

Here’s NoTricksZone on Germany’s fall from wind cult idol, to lamentable green power disaster.

Alarm …  Major German Grid Operator Announces Whopping 80% Higher Grid Fees! “Power To Be More Expensive”
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
23 September 2016

Yesterday the online German news weekly FOCUS here wrote an article that is certainly more bad news for Germany’s electricity consumers, who are already paying among the highest rates in the world.

One of Germany’s major power grid operators, Tennet, announced it is “massively increasing power grid fees” and that “power is going to be more expensive“.

Exploding costs, unstable supply


Average electric power rates for German households in €-cents. The largest cost driver by far is the feed-in tariff for green energies. Source BDEW.


This is another setback for German power consumers, who have seen their power bills explode since Germany enacted the renewable energy feed in tariffs into law as part of the Energiewende (transition to renewable energies).

German power used to be affordable, and highly reliable. But all that has changed since climate hysteria and the green movement took over 15 years ago. Today German power is among the most expensive worldwide.

FOCUS writes:

“Power companies will have to deal with a higher electric bill next year. Power grid operator Tennet is increasing its price massively, and bases this on the resulting costs of the Energiewende.”

FOCUS quotes Tennet Director Urban Keussen:

“Our power grid fees will increase 80 percent on January 1st.”

For a three-person household, this will mean another 30 euros burden annually, says Keussen.

“Grid stabilization emergency measures”

Moreover the highly volatile wind and solar energies have made the German grid highly unstable and have recently seen it on the verge of collapse. The major problem is that the power grid has been far from adequately expanded to accommodate the briskly expanding solar and wind energy capacity, thus leading to gigantic transmission bottlenecks and massive grid instability.

In fact the added costs in grid fees will have very little to do with grid expansion itself. Rather they are mostly due to “grid stabilization emergency measures” to prevent a total collapse. FOCUS writes:

“The lion’s share of the increase in grid fees from Tennet are due to grid stabilization emergency measures,’ said Keussen. ‘Only 5% are because of grid expansion.”

FOCUS adds that in 2015 alone “bottleneck management” led to costs totaling about 1 billion euros.
No Tricks Zone

europe power prices 2

Germany’s Social Violence Against The Citizens …Green Feed-In Tariffs Set To Jump Painful 15%!
Pierre Gosselin
1 October 2016

Michael Krueger at Science Skeptical writes that Germany’s renewable energy feed-in tariffs paid by power consumers are to risen to new record, painful levels.

Germany’s renewable energy feed-in tariff is expected to skyrocket another 0.75 euro cents/kilowatt-hour – to 7.1 euro cents. The following chart shows the annual growth of the feed-in tariff in cents per kilowatt-hour since 2000:


Source: Science Skeptical

After rising sharply since 2009, Germany’s so-called EEG feed-in tariff dropped slightly in 2015. This led to renewable energy proponents proclaiming that the sharp rises were over and that consumers could relax and expect a gradual drop. Of course few believed it.

Today Germany joins Denmark in having the highest electricity rates in the world. The EEG feed-in tariffs, which pay for the energy produced by renewable sources such as wind, solar and biogas, are set to rise in 2017 from 6.35 cents per kilowatt-hour to a staggering 7.10 cents, according to Germany’s number daily “Bild”.

In fact reports even say that the tariff could even jump to 7.3 cents per kilowatt-hour, which would be a whopping 15% jump in a single year. The reason of course is the expansion of the volatile renewable energies, which power companies are forced to buy before purchasing from fossil fuel plants.

For a family of three, the rise will mean an additional expense of 35 euros annually. Currently each citizen pays on average 250 euros annually for the feed-in tariff alone, costing Germans a total of 20 billion annually.

For all the money, Germans are only getting pain for it. Not only are thousands of Germans seeing their power get cut-off because they are no longer able to afford it, the power supply and grid have grown more unstable than ever before. South Australia type blackouts now threaten the country. In short: A junk product for a luxury price.

No CO2 reduction in Germany since 2009!

The reason for the massive investments in “green” renewable energies was of course to reduce CO2 emissions. However Krueger also writes that Germany’s CO2 emissions have not dropped at all since 2009. The following chart shows CO2 emissions in millions of tonnes (note in German 1.400 means 1,400 tonnes in English):


Moreover from 2009 to 2016 2009 und 2016, Germany’s installed capacity of renewable energies grew from 48 GW to 102 GW.


However, there’s been no reduction in CO2 emissions.

In summary, Germany’s Energiewende has failed to reduce CO2, and has only succeeded in driving costs to record highs, costing thousands of jobs, making the power grid more unstable than ever, leaving increasing numbers without power and theoretically lowering the global temperature a couple of a hundredths of a degree.

This is nothing less than social violence against the common citizens.

German wind farm

Costly, pointless and ugly: what’s not to like?

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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    Dr Patrick Moore has said it would be beneficial if CO2 rose from 400ppm to 2000ppm

    I think he is right

    Brian J

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    Meanwhile, ideologically agressive “Green” Gemany is undergoing the biggest coal-fired power expansion in her history.

    Cheap, reliable, efficient, hydrocarbon based energy apparently matters after spending ONE TRILLION EUROS on useless, costly, intermittent “unreliables” – wind and solar power.

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