Wind Power Cult Propagandists Continue Preying on School Kids

Infigen windy & gusto

In a recent post – Wind Industry Pummels Pupils with Wind-Cult Propaganda in Schools – we took a look at how the wind cult sets out to indoctrinate young and pliable minds in schools: how, in an organised and orchestrated fashion, the wind industry aims to fill their supple little heads with the fantasy that our daily power needs can be wholly satisfied by the weather.

That post earned high praise in comments appearing on Facebook, Twitter and in the comment section on the post itself.  However, the author apparently responsible for the generation of some of the propaganda we placed in the spotlight – calling herself ‘Aunty’ Emily – dropped in with this comment:

I noticed you linked to my blog and to Timmy the Turbine – I’m the writer who was commissioned to write Timmy’s story into a school workshop. The story was originally written by the CEO of a wind turbine company and I was happy to work on the project because it was unbiased and highlighted problems with turbines and finding a location for them.

In the story Timmy goes to three locations and cannot stay – one is too close to a resident, a barnacle goose won’t let him stay because he’ll be in the migration path of the geese and a red squirrel won’t let him stay because he spoils the view in the national park. His final resting place is by the sea, away from houses and away from migrating geese and the national park. The children have a take home sheet with the four places and they draw Timmy in his home – so the workshop is all about trying to find the right place and raises the issues for locating turbines.

I was part of the nursery pilot and the main feedback we had from teachers (they loved it by the way!) was that we should include more about green energy and the benefits of it because that ties in with eco schools etc. We’d been so careful to be unbiased we’d not shared the benefits of renewable energy!

I’m really surprised by this blog and would appreciate a more accurate representation of the facts if you’re going to link through to my blog and to the Timmy workshop. This post has all the info on the development of the story and includes the pupil take home colouring sheet so you can see the three locations a turbine can’t go and one it can:

The take home sheet insured there’s dialogue when the child gets home “Timmy couldn’t stay here because Honker the goose would bonk his head on the blades” and they also learned about the science of making electricity from wind. Since I started this project the Edinburgh International Science Festival saw workshops at the Royal Highland show and loved it and they now also run it as a workshop. Hope this is useful info.
Thanks, Emily

‘Aunty’ Emily (she is, in fact, no relation) asserts that she “was happy to work on the project because it was unbiased and highlighted problems with turbines and finding a location for them” which, to the trained eye, tends to give Emily’s game away. Emily wants “a more accurate representation of the facts”. Well, at no expense to Emily, here they are.

In 2016, any sentient being still talking about placing wind turbines in the “right location” must have slept through the energy debacles that have unfolded in places like South Australia, the UK, Germany and Spain.

Not that it will save dreamers like Aunty Emily, but for the benefit of others, we will state our case.

As Sister Maria sang: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”.

SA Jul 16

Wind power is not, and will never be, a meaningful power generation source – for all the reasons laid bare on this website, day after day.

Consider a country where its electricity supply was exclusively based on wind power generation; a place where businesses would attempt to run around the vagaries of the wind; where houses would be well-stocked with candles and their occupants left to keep food cold with kero-fridges or iceboxes – and those homes otherwise run on wood, sticks or dung, used for cooking or heating. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

poverty india

What a little meaningful power might do …


As soon as that country had the chance (due to the availability of technology and/or as a process of economic development) it would build a system based on power generation sources available “on-demand” (ie coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, geo-thermal).

Its people would then be able to enjoy around the clock illumination; factories could run to the clock, and not the weather; homes would be heated and cooled according their occupants’ needs, making life safer and more comfortable (no-one need be frozen to death or expire from the heat because the wind stopped blowing); economic development and prosperity would follow, as night follows day.

Placed in the practical context of the needs of a functioning society, wind power can be seen as the patent nonsense that it clearly is.  If a country didn’t have a conventional power system (as we have), it would build one, anyway.

Once people grasp that fact, the rest of the wind industry’s ‘case’ falls away.

Talk about “wind farms being in the right place” just sounds silly; ergo, with arguments about distances from homes; separation from bird nesting sites or migration routes etc, etc.


All of these other considerations – while legitimate – simply jump to the periphery and dilute the strength of the key argument.

Once people get a grip on the pointlessness of wind power as a generation source, the rest falls away.

What reasonable decision maker would back policies that favour something that has no economic benefit?

Moreover, as the central claim that wind power reduces CO2 emissions in the electricity sector is a complete falsehood, the justification for the hundreds of $billions in subsidies directed to wind power looks like pure lunacy, at best; or graft and corruption (aka ‘crony’ capitalism), at worst.

What the wind industry hates most are facts.

STT dishes them up on a daily basis.  The facts outlined above – and which we’ve detailed many times before – are unassailable.

Wind power is a fraud, pure and simple.

People like Aunty Emily are part of the problem, not part of the solution.  What Emily and her ilk do is simply brainwash young and gullible people, filling their heads with utter fantasy.


For some strange reason, nowhere in her tale about Timmy the turbine does she tell her young readers about where the power comes from when the wind stops blowing (hint, Emily it will be a coal-fired or gas-fired power station, or, if you’re lucky, a nuclear power station).

china rare earth toxic lake

Nor does her insipid ode to Timmy have anything to say about the mountains of toxic waste created in China, where the rare-earth material used in the magnets for the generators of these things is processed and the magnets manufactured.

fire 6

Aunty Emily rails about getting “a more accurate representation of the facts”, but, funnily enough, there’s nothing at all in her ‘fact-filled’ hand-book for teachers about the hundreds of cases when Timmy’s cousins routinely throw their 10 tonne blades to the four winds or burst into terrifying, toxic fireballs without warning.

eagle 1

And, curiously, there’s absolutely nothing in ‘Aunty’ Emily’s tale of Timmy’s antics about the millions of birds and bats which are sliced, diced and belted to kingdom come, no matter where these things are placed.

Although, in fairness, she does at least note the rare possibility that a wayward goose called ‘Honker’ might get ‘bonked’ on the head (in Emily’s sanitised version of real-world avian slaughter, Honker’s brush with the wind industry is, no doubt, curable with paracetamol).


Propaganda is propaganda no matter who dishes it up: grinning media trained spin doctors or sickly sweet, faux ‘aunties’ writing drivel to bamboozle the young and innocent – it’s all the same and aimed at maintaining political licence for an industry that exists and only exists on the back of massive (and necessarily endless) subsidies filched from tax payers and/or power consumers.

But it’s not Aunty Emily’s fault; she’s just a symptom of an education system that’s become all about how we feel, rather than what we should know about the real world (eg how power is generated and delivered) and about what we should do to ensure a better life for others (making sure it’s delivered reliably and at a price that everyone can afford).

Aunty Emily and her fellow travellers occupy a fact and consequence free zone, blissfully unaware of such matters: and operate without the faintest clue as to how electricity is generated and delivered to their homes, 24 x 365, rain, hail or shine.

Schools in the Western World long ago abandoned the ‘tough stuff’, like physics, mathematics, engineering and economics – making way for touchy-feely nonsense about self-awareness (in Australia, the latest wheeze is having nine-year-old school goers ‘choose’ their favourite gender – there is, apparently, a ‘take your pick’ list that goes well beyond the usual two).

There’s nothing wrong with childish fantasy.  But at some stage all of us have to grow up.

It’s high time that Aunty Emily did too.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Hi,

    I started a petition “SA PREMIER JAY WEATHERILL : Demand the resignation of the Energy Minister for HIGH POWER PRICES CAUSING SA’s JOBS CRISIS and also 15,000 household POWER DISCONNECTIONS, frequent POWER BLACKOUTS and the JULY 2016 POWER CRISIS” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support.

    You can read more and sign the petition here:

    Please share this petition with anyone you think may be interested in signing it.

    Thankyou for your time.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Schools have been a source for indoctrination in one form or another for ever, however the current use of indoctrination of children to push minority or industrial wishes is something that should be stopped. Children should not be subjected to indoctrination in this way they should be allowed to grow gradually and develop their own opinions from a balanced education system.
    We and our children see everyday the results of indoctrination by big money, what is advertising but indoctrination.
    Unfortunately a result of years of indoctrination has brought about a multitude of people who do not know they have been indoctrinated they cannot see beyond what they have been ‘told’ is fact when a little scraping of the surface would show they are wrong.
    Too many of these people are now in positions of power from the misguided Media ‘personalities’, who uses their time on air to push theirs and their demigods wishes, to the politicians desire to become a mover and shaker, to the person in the street who has come to a decision to support something without first looking at it from all sides and making a balanced assessment. Unfortunately there are also far too many within our education systems and especially in positions where they can ‘finish off’ the indoctrination of those who will become leaders in a myriad of areas enabling the indoctrination to continue unabated.
    To agree to write and allow to be published and distributed to vulnerable children a book and most importantly without first fully considering its contents is a sign of indoctrination. To then become upset that it is criticized and challenged by another book telling the story from a different angle is churlish.

  3. We have a 3400 squ ft home and burn 2500 gallons of oil a year. It’s expensive but our only choice. What is my alternative?

  4. “Clean energy” certainly is a dirty business. Brainwashing children? What ever happened to critical thinking?

  5. Reported in ‘The Australian’ newspaper on 24/9/2016 was an interview with Ken Henry, one of Australia’s most experienced ‘public’ economists, where he suggested that the failure of our current politicians to deal with the ‘reality’ of the consequences of massive national debt is because of ‘cognitive dissonance’ on their part. It is a theory widely accepted in psychology.

    A key tenet of cognitive dissonance theory is that those who have heavily invested in a position may, when confronted with disconfirming evidence, go to greater lengths to justify their position (copied from Wikipedia).

    It seems to me to be the reason why, when confronted by overwhelming evidence of the absurdity of ‘wind turbine’ power that the ‘believers’ just keep pushing on and, unfortunately, many of them hold powerful positions in government and approval authorities.

    As Alan Jones has said, it is only ‘people power’ that will stop them. Well done STT.

    • The concept of ‘confirmation bias’ needs to be understood as well.

      Propaganda is a serious form of mind control. Having misinformation from the IPCC repeated by the media and educators, to people who have very little scientific education, sets them up for not only cognitive dissonance when faced with the realities as they unfold, but in their knee jerk reactionary mode they fall back on ‘confirmation bias’ to argue their ill informed opinions.
      We have a real mess to sort out.

  6. This book was created to make wind energy accepted by young children and it was commissioned by a multinational wind developer. There is NO place in our schools for those with a vested interest peddling their wares. The negative impacts gently alluded to bear nothing in relation to what actually happens in wind destruction land. Apart from the missing pollution in China and on the wind farm sites themselves, the water pollution, the catastrophic number of bird and bat deaths and the health impacts so many people suffer, where were the giant pylon lines and substations? All affecting those who live near them and all needed to connect the Timmys, Tommys and Loftys of this world to the grid.

    We have substations so huge in Scotland that you have to go up in the air to view them. Substations built to cope with volatile and erratic wind. One I know of has a noise abatement notice slapped on it because people can’t sleep because of the bloody awful noise. Three years on it is still not resolved.

    The energy companies are connecting more wind farms and more pylon lines into it resulting in more noise. One resident bought a touring caravan so he could drive somewhere quiet to sleep. Glasses of water ripple and vibrate on bedside tables. All because of those lovely fluffy turbines the children are manipulated into liking by the clever and well funded propaganda.

    My opinion, for what it is worth, is that anyone who puts information before children in their place of learning must have researched the facts to the nth degree and not be funded by an industry that stands to gain from manipulating young minds.

    Subsidy Sam was embarked upon with absolutely nothing but the will to get the message out there that industrial subsidised wind is a scam and harmful. Tiny the Turbine was helped along with a few donations from anti wind campaigners.

    People who fight every day to save their homes, their environment and their health and peace of mind against those very multinationals that infiltrate our schools. Not one penny was given (nor would it have been accepted if offered) by any company who stood to gain over what Josh and I did.

    Governments everywhere need to be held to account and this insidious practice of multinationals’ material being allowed into schools stopped and stopped now.

    STT I applaud you for never being afraid to tell the truth and your commitment to ending the big wind fraud. May you continue in your own inimitable style until we are all safe from the threats and the harm that this parasitic industry brings to our lives.

    You have seen Tommy and Timmy.
    Meet Lofty:

    • Lyndsey, as you know STT doesn’t ignore the suffering inflicted on the unfortunates who have these things speared into their backyards and how peaceful and prosperous rural communities are being gutted: unliveable homes, people made refugees without compensation, divided, hate-filled communities are just the most obvious by-products of this wicked rort.

      But, for the purposes of dealing with ‘Aunty’ Emily we assumed (in her favour) that the Timmys and Tommys she fawns over would be placed in the ‘right’ location: ie, that their incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound would not destroy the ability of people to live comfortably in their own homes. Our riposte was launched on the basis that, at least, that aspect of the havoc wreaked would, on her case, be avoided, leaving the matters we covered still in play.

      For wind cult members the most pointed taunt is to hit them over and over again with the same questions; viz, where does the power come from when the wind stops blowing every day and for days on end?; and if wind power is so cheap then the firms you worship don’t need the subsidies that they collect at all, do they?

      The other matters we covered above are great irritants to the cultist as well, such as the millions of bird and bat deaths that are inevitable and unavoidable.

      Keep hammering them. The paucity of their ‘arguments’; their naked hypocrisy; their cynicism; and their abject lack of humanity make them the monstrous black-shirts of the age. We will prevail; human decency always does.

  7. Land of Milk and Subsidies says:

    ‘Aunty’ confesses the following;

    “The story was originally written by the CEO of a wind turbine company and I was happy to work on the project because it was unbiased and highlighted problems with turbines and finding a location for them”

    ‘Aunty’ clearly has a problem identifying conflicts of interest, and should stick to what she knows rather than what she thinks. At best she has simply been co-opted by a wind industry CEO and propaganda machine which continues to ride roughshod over communities around the world.

    She could also read STT, social justice advocate independent of industry, to find the antidote to her ignorance, or else continue to live in Green Fantasy Land. But one suspects, like the wind industry itself, she won’t bite the (faux green subsidised) hand that feeds her.

  8. Reblogged this on Jaffer's blog.


    Who are the blameless faceless ones?
    The ones who produce the seeds?
    The seeds that will feed the whole wide world,
    Yet kill off all the weeds.
    No sign of flight from birds above,
    The silent spring has come,
    No butterflies fluttering in gentle breeze,
    Their day has long since gone.

    The faceless ones who live so grand,
    And work in tall glass tower,
    Control every aspect of our lives,
    These faceless men of power.
    They tell that Pontius Pilate’s dead,
    That his days and ways are gone,
    Yet they too will quickly wash their hands,
    When another wrong is done.

    Such is the way of the faceless ones,
    Who released the winds of change?
    Now blows the gale that strips the earth,
    To vent anger o’er tortuous range.
    Should we too be classed the “faceless ones”?
    Does the truth now seem uncouth?
    Did we grow too fond of the easy life?
    Where there isn’t much need of truth.

    Are we as guilty as those faceless ones?
    Whose interest was strictly wealth?
    Why do we stand by without a fight?
    While they use trickery and stealth.
    It has oft’ been said there’s none so blind,
    As the ones who will not see,
    Yet faint heart, faint voice win no argument
    Accepting brings hunger and misery.

  10. Perfect summary/reality check WEA….thanks!

  11. If UK electricity all ran on wind we would need about 171 GWe of windmills, and 17,464 GWh of energy storage. It must meet maximum electricity demand, falling in the mid-winter (late December to early January). This is about 12 times more wind turbines than we have now. The storage is 654 times more than we have now. We need this storage to cope with long low wind times like the first 3 weeks of September 2014.

    I notice ‘Aunty’ Emily does not write about all the valleys we must drown to build that pumped storage. All those homeless cousins of Nibbles the red squirrel. What will they do?

    Nor does Emily tell us that the worse energy related disaster in history was hydroelectricity. The 1975 Banqiao Dam burst killed 171,000 (up to 230,000) people. Using typical value of life estimates (U.S. FDA or EPA), the cost in human life alone was US $1.4 trillion to $2 trillion. This is between 3 to 4 times the cost of the worst 15 nuclear power disasters all added up.

    Cost of Energy Storage for UK:

  12. Our comment today on WEA’s fb page, STT:

    STT continue to smack the industry, and those who are green enough to work with that industry and who then grizzle that they’ve been misrepresented!

    The developer whose CEO commissioned ‘Aunty Emily’ was Vento Ludens.

    Yes the same Vento Ludens who said that they would take notice of communities and only site wind turbines in appropriate areas.

    And who then went on, for the second time, to ride roughshod over the local community at Rothes in Morayshire.

    This is what we said in May this year ‘High Five to Reporter J Alasdair Edwards for his robust rejection of the Brown Muir wind farm in Moray, on the grounds of significant landscape and visual impact.

    ‘This was an application by Vento Ludens, the German outfit’s second stab at blighting the area – both times there were record numbers of objections. We have had a go at Vento Ludens many times.

    ‘The first time they withdrew; this time they’ve been shot down in flames by a Reporter who ….. certainly did not buy the “greenwash” guff.

    ‘Vento Ludens – this time make it ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ and mean it.’

    2014 when Timmy the Turbine came out was the year that Vento Ludens made their second bid. Coincidence?

    We notice that ‘Aunty’ Emily has another book coming out in May next year entitled ‘From Wind to Warmth’. She announced this in the following tweet, in June:

    ‘Finally allowed to say I’ve written some books! Tsunamis (for 7 year olds) & Wind Power (for 8 year olds) out May 2017 via @CollinsPrimary!’

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