Fry-day Funnies: Wind Turbines ‘Explode’ onto the World Energy Stage

Texas turbine fire 01

Only the Germans could come up with a single word to capture the churlish sentiment of feeling a sense of malicious glee at another’s downfall.

It’s a sentiment pouring from this recent Tweet from STT Champion, James Delingpole.

Which led us to these glee-giving videos.

While their capacity for self-immolation is well-known; as with their ability to give in to gravity and let their 290 tonne hulks splatter back to earth; likewise their habit of unshackling and throwing their 10 tonne blades a country mile (‘component liberation’ for those in the trade), it’s a rare and wondrous thing to watch these things doing all three: incinerating, hurling blades to the four winds and splattering their burning carcasses all over terra firma.

WARNING: for those with the misfortune of living within a kilometre or so of these things (or living in tinder dry country in summer) you may tend to feel a strong sense of (rather justifiable) anxiety.




About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Hi,

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  2. Crispin Trist says:

    I`m sure that I am not the only one to have spotted the significance of the above footage showing the catastrophic failure of a wind turbine near Palladam. The burning tip of the blade shows the shape of the wake turbulence downwind of the turbine. Steven Cooper touches on this point in his talk given in Feb 2015 to discuss the noise study results taken at the ‘heavy’ industrial wind facility at Cape Bridgewater. The acoustician illustrates and discusses this information at around 1hr 40min 30sec into the video.

    Now if only we could convince AGL at their Macarthur wind facility to attach different coloured smoke canisters to the tips of 140 3MW (Or is that 4.5MW?) turbines, one colour per turbine, and get Steve Cooper, Les Huson and others on site to measure infrasound and audible noise, and cut the power to the entire complex as was the case at Cape Bridgewater, then maybe we might begin to get a clearer picture of what is really going around these massive facilities.

    Perhaps the effect of wake turbulence on aviation could also be considered. In fact why not get CASA and NASA in on the testing too? Sleep/health studies, wildlife, weather, pollution, fire risk assessment, infrared imagery, the whole damn lot in fact!


  3. I fully agree with James Delingpole’s sentiments…however, my entire precious family lives much too close to the turbines that surround our gorgeous river valley neighbourhood in Ontario and to my knowledge our local volunteer fire department would have no way of putting out a fire at that height and we would all be inhaling the horrible noxious fumes, especially if it happened while we’re asleep.
    Surely there’s a safer way to get rid of these things!

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