Wind Turbine Infrasound: German Doctors Demand Shutdown of Turbines Within 3KM of Homes

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One of the myths pedalled by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers is that Germans – who live cheek-by-jowl with thousands of these things – are not troubled in the slightest by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Yet again, as with wind industry propaganda in the main, the truth is a whole lot different.

Germans neighbouring wind farms (‘parks’ as they call them) suffer precisely the same range of illnesses, sensations and symptoms as people do all over the world.

Now, their Medicos – clearly conscious of their Hippocratic Oath – are demanding that turbines be shut down to prevent anymore wholly unnecessary harm.

German Wind Turbines “In Conflict With Health”  Physicians Recommend 3-Kilometer Minimum Distance!
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Pierre Gosselin
26 March 2016

NDR German public television recently broadcast a critical report on the health effects of wind turbines  [for a rough translation, click on the ‘CC’ tab at the bottom of the Youtube player to get closed captions, then click on ‘settings’ to select ‘German auto generated’ then ‘Auto-translate’ and select English].



According to state physician Thomas Carl Stiller, infrasound from wind turbines causes an array of ailments among a segment of the population, such as dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness and difficulty concentrating.

Nationally, protest groups are banding together in numbers never seen before to fight off wind projects, demanding that issues surrounding infrasound and environmental impact be addressed and clarified more thoroughly before wind parks are permitted.

According to the video report, German Constitutional lawyer Rudolf Wendt says the norms for permitting wind parks need to be updated as “they originate from the 1990s, the last century!”

As wind turbines have grown to huge dimensions, wind park protest group spokeswoman Jutta Reinhardt says that human health “is now in conflict with Germany’s Energiewende” and so there should be nothing to negotiate.

German doctors like Stiller say turbines less than 3 kilometers away from occupied buildings should be turned off.

German neighbours suffer precisely the same way everyone else does.


Wind parks destroying biodiversity

Meanwhile the German Wildlife Foundation issued a press release earlier this month warning that wind turbines have killed and currently endanger cranes in the German state of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. According to Foundation sole chairman Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt:

The rapid species die-off and disappearance of biodiversity is being played down, ignored due to a questionable climate policy, and against the will of the citizens.”

Vahrenholt also blasts the plans for further wind parks in the region, claiming that the power grid infrastructure to transport the power to markets on windy days does not even exist, and so the parks are routinely idled. Yet, the wind park operators are still paid (by the power consumer) for the power that would have otherwise been produced.

Vahrenholt adds that it’s only the wind park project developers and the wind park operators who benefit. “The bill gets picked up by the private household consumers while nature gets thrown overboard.”
No Tricks Zone

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8 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Infrasound: German Doctors Demand Shutdown of Turbines Within 3KM of Homes

  1. I had a freund in Germany provide an overview;

    “they are talking about wind energy and if this could make people sick (infrasound). A wind energy asscociation is now preparing material to allow a case for our surpeme court.
    All the previous permissions are from the 199x and for lower volumes to run this wind energy parks and maybe are not valid anymore in Germany. This is their starting point.
    So they propose that the systems are off during night time and more then 3000 meters away from houses as minimum.

    Date’s or possibilities if this will be a case for the court or will be denied are not mentioned.”

    My family have suffered issues we know are incited by the Industrial Wind facility nearly 5km from our home. The issues are not being studied earnestly and they certainly should be.

  2. Where are the Doctors of Australia, surely there are far more out there who are willing to speak out against this plague that’s politically sanctioned, surely the majority are not supportive of the AMA’s gullibility and naivety, surely they have a voice of their own and don’t rely on the AMA to speak for them.
    Lets hear what you have to say about the damage these turbines are doing to the health of your patients surely you can open your practice door to those damaged by this destructive noise and offer them support in their fight to be heard and believed.
    Surely you are capable of seeing beyond Industry and non medical pronouncements and put into practice your Medical training.
    Those who do speak out are a class above those who sit on their hands and allow Government policy to continue to cause harm.
    In Germany they are saying a 3km setback is suitable, but it is known that is not enough to prevent harm – yes research needs to be undertaken but also yes people are suffering AROUND THE WORLD, even though some say its not true and everyone elsewhere is just ‘hunky dory’ with having turbines as close neighbours.
    The industry thrives on lies and has been shown to lie, as over time they have had to ‘come out’ and agree their monsters emit the sounds people have reported are harming them, but at the moment they are hiding behind the inadequate ‘standards’, and ignore the facts – well this cannot go on for ever and they know it, so lets smoke them out, come on all those Doctors and medical professionals stand up against the machinations of the AMA who appear to have chosen to become a political lobby group pushing the cause of a destructive industry that can only do harm.
    To all those medical and other professionals who are out there doing what they can to awaken the sleeping giant of self delusion in the name of money a false promise of saving the world – THANK YOU

  3. If you’re hypersensitive to infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN/LFN) as my wife is, even 10 miles is far too close.

    If there are wind farms in all directions, there is an incalculable cumulative impact on exposure to ILFN/LFN emissions from wind farms. As has been pointed out by Dr Neil Kelley and others, increased exposure ILFN/LFN leads to increased sensitivity.

    This has happened to my wife already – she now hears ILFN/LFN, at varying intensities, constantly. Our nearest wind farm is approximately 13km/8.5 miles from our home. She is constantly plugged in to her MP3 player to try and drown out the intrusive and extremely annoying ILFN/LFN noise.

    Local authorities are not interested in addressing the problem – they always state that the noise emissions do not exceed the guidelines set out in ETSU-R-97. They don’t care that these guidelines don’t offer protection to people’s health.

    How could the guidelines offer protection? Impossible – the standards, procedures and methodologies were deliberately designed to NOT measure the bulk of the noise emitted by industrial wind turbines – i.e. infrasound and low frequency noises.

    They ETSU guidelines were also deliberately designed to ignore another problem unearthed by Kelley et al in their research through most of the 1980s – that of building resonance which results in amplification of ILFN/LFN in spectrum of the resonating frequencies of the building and/or room.

    If you want to find out what effect resonance can have, try striking a tuning fork – it is barely audible, even at a close distance. However, when you place the vibrating tuning fork on a piano or any box, the vibrating tuning fork induces the whole structure to vibrate at the same frequency. You can clearly hear the resulting noise because the structure amplifies that particular frequency of noise. This is what happens in your home, and why infrasound frequently sounds louder indoors compared with outdoors.

  4. If all of the turbines within 3 km of my home in Huron County, Ontario, Canada were turned off, I would have the sense of safety, security and pleasure of my home back again. This is what we all must demand and we must get our medical people to stand up for us and demand our protection. Turbines too close to homes must be declared a crime.

  5. I am heartened to read that German physicians are demanding that wind turbines be shut down if people live within 3 km of them. It is my unprofessional surmise, after over ten years of study of this issue, that the MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE to reside away from such wind arrays is TEN MILES. At ten miles, far fewer of these useless machines could be erected. Their primary purpose for proliferation is the entitlement that the owners receive in the CARBON CREDIT SALES RACKET. This tends to triple power bills and accounts for the increasing phenomenon of energy poverty, which has accounted for thousands of deaths.

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