AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm Victims Join the Call for an Immediate Moratorium


In last night’s post, we covered the call by a growing band of Australian Senators for an immediate moratorium on the construction of any more of these things – unless and until they’ve been exonerated, beyond all reasonable doubt, as the cause of a raft of noise related health effects suffered by wind farm neighbours; obvious health effects, such as sleep deprivation.

Now it’s the victims’ turn to be heard.  STT Champions Annie and Gus Gardner – along with the whole Macarthur community – have been belted with incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound from AGL’s 140 Vestas 3MW V112s since December 2012.

In order to well-emphasise her timely point about limiting the scale of what is already a public health disaster, Annie sent our post – German Doctors Spell Out the Serious Harm Caused by Wind Turbine Infrasound – to a list of notables who will never be able to say that they did not know.

Subject: Serious Harm Caused by Wind Turbine Infrasound
Date: March 25, 2016 12:13:04 PM GMT+10:30

To: “a keane” <>, “AMA President” <>, “AMA Vice-President” <>, “andrew bolt” <>, “ANDREW FOWLER” <>, “ANGUS TAYLOR” <>, “ANITE LANGBORNE” <>, “ANN JONES” <>, “ANNABEL CRABB” <>, “ANNE KELSO NHMRC” <>, “ANNE MCKENZIE” <>, “BARNABY JOYCE” <>, “BILL SHORTEN” <>, “BOB KATTER” <>, “BRAD BATTIN” <>, “BRENDAN GULLIFER” <>, “Brendan Ryan” <>, “BRUCE ARMSTRONG;” <>, “CHAIR CLEAN ENERGY BOARD” <>, “CHERYL HALL” <>, “CHRIS BACK;” <>, “CINDI MAIR AGL” <>, “colin ryan” <>, “d madden” <>, “DAN TEHAN;” <>, “DANIEL ANDREWS” <>, “DAVID DAVIS” <>, “DAVID MARK” <>, “DAVID SOUTHWICK” <>, “DEBRA RICKWOOD” <>, “‘denis napthine'” <>, “EPA Chair Victoria” <>, “FIONA RICHARDSON” <>, “FIONA STANLEY” <>, “FRAN KELLY” <>, “GAVIN JENNINGS;” <>, “georgie crozier” <>, “‘GRAEME GILLESPIE Health Dept. ;'” <>, “Graham Lloyd” <>, “‘Guest, Russell'” <>, “gus gardner” <>, “GUY STAYNER” <>, “HEALTH DEPT Head” <>, “Helena Orel” <>, “Hunt, Greg \(MP\)” <>, “IAN MACFARLANE” <>, “JAALA PULFORD;” <>, “JACINTA ALLEN” <>, “JAKE STURMER” <>, “JAMES MERLINO” <>, “JAMES PURCELL” <>, “JANE GARETT” <>, “JENNY MIKAKOS” <>, “JILL HENNESSY” <>, “jill parker” <>, “jim doukas” <>, “JOE HOCKEY;” <>, “JOE SULLIVAN” <>, “JOHN EREN” <>, “JOHN MADIGAN;” <>, “JOHN McCALLUM” <>, “JON FAINE” <>, “JONATHAN GREEN” <>, “JOSEPH DUNSTAN” <>, “JOSH FRYDENBERG;” <>, “‘Kelly, Craig \(MP\)'” <>, “LILY D’AMBROSIO” <lily.d’>, “LISA NEVILLE” <>, “LIZ HANNA” <>, “LUKE DONNELLAN” <>, “m wolfe” <>, “Macarthur Wind farm” <>, “MALCOLM TURNBULL” <>, “MARK COLVIN” <>, “MARTIN FOLEY” <>, “MARTIN PAKULA” <>, “mary wooldridge” <>, “matthew guy” <>, “MICHAEL ABRAMSON” <>, <>, “MIKE WOODS” <>, “NATALIE HUTCHINS” <>, “NATALIE SQUIRE” <>, “NORM BRONER” <>, “NORMAN SWAN” <>, “Ombudsman Victoria” <>, “PETER DUTTON” <>, “PETER GOERS” <>, “PETER MITCHELL;” <>, “Pru Goward” <>, “PRU GOWARD” <>, “r leutton” <>, “RICHARD WYNNE” <>, “ROBIN SCOTT” <>, “ROBYN WILLIAMS” <>, “RON GRUNSTEIN” <>, “SARAH CLARKE” <>, “SARAH DINGLE” <>, “SARAH HENDERSON” <>, “Sarah Laurie” <>, “Scott Thomas” <>, “Simon Ramsay” <>, “STEVE HERBERT” <>, “steve martin ABC” <>, <>, “SUSSAN LEY” <>, “ted baillieu” <>, “TICKY FULLERTON” <>, “TIM PALLAS” <>, “TONY ABBOTT PM” <>, “vicki askew-thornton” <>, “WADE NOONAN” <>, “WARREN TRUSS” <>, “WAYNE SMITH” <>, “Wind Turbines” <>, “‘Xenophon, Nick \(Senator\)'” <>, “SENATOR BULLOCK;” <>, “SENATOR CANAVAN;” <>, “SENATOR DAY;” <>, “SENATOR KETTER;” <>, “SENATOR LAMBIE;” <>, “SENATOR LAZARUS;” <>, “SENATOR LEYONHJELM;” <>, “SENATOR McGRATH;” <>, “SENATOR MUIR;” <>, “SENATOR REYNOLDS;” <>, “SENATOR RICE;” <>, “SENATOR WANG;” <>, “SENATOR ABETZ” <>, “SENATOR BERNARDI;” <>, “SENATOR BILYK;” <>, “SENATOR BIRMINGHAM;” <>, “SENATOR BRANDIS;” <>, “SENATOR BROWN;” <>, “SENATOR BUSHBY;” <>, “SENATOR CAMERON;” <>, “SENATOR CARR;” <>, “SENATOR CASH;” <>, “SENATOR COLBECK;” <>, “SENATOR COLLINS;” <>, “SENATOR CONROY;” <>, “SENATOR CORMANN;” <>, “SENATOR DASTYARI;” <>, “SENATOR DINATALE;” <>, “SENATOR EDWARDS;” <>, “SENATOR FAULKNER;” <>, “SENATOR FAWCETT;” <>, “SENATOR FIERRAVANTI-WELLS;” <>, “SENATOR HANSON-YOUNG;” <>, “SENATOR HEFFERNAN;” <>, “SENATOR JOHNSTON;” <>, “SENATOR LINES;” <>, “SENATOR LUDLUM;” <>, “SENATOR LUDWIG;” <>, “SENATOR LUNDY;” <>, “SENATOR MACDONALD;” <>, “SENATOR MARSHALL;” <>, “SENATOR MASON;” <>, “SENATOR McEWEN;” <>, “SENATOR McKENZIE;” <>, “SENATOR McLUCAS;” <>, “SENATOR MILNE;” <>, “SENATOR MOORE;” <>, “SENATOR NASH;” <>, “SENATOR PARRY;” <>, “SENATOR PAYNE;” <>, “SENATOR PERIS;” <>, “SENATOR POLLEY;” <>, “SENATOR RHIANNON;” <>, “SENATOR RONALDSON;” <>, “SENATOR RUSTON;” <>, “SENATOR RYAN;” <>, “SENATOR SCULLION;” <>, “SENATOR SESELJA;” <>, “SENATOR SIEWERT;” <>, “SENATOR SINGH;” <>, “SENATOR SINODINOS;” <>, “SENATOR SMITH;” <>, “SENATOR STERLE;” <>, “SENATOR URQUHART;” <>, “SENATOR WATERS;” <>, “SENATOR WHISH-WILSON;” <>, “SENATOR WILLIAMS;” <>, “SENATOR WONG;” <>, “SENATOR WRIGHT;” <>, “SENATOR. BISHOP;” <>, <>, <>, “Cathy Armstrong” <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>


Dear All,

Please take the time to read this posting of Stop These Things which spells out very clearly, how serious and how well known world-wide the impact of infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration pulsation really is, but is denied by governments, wind farm developers and the media, particularly here in Australia.

In May, 2015 the German doctors called for a government MORATORIUM on wind farms.

In Australia, Senator John Madigan has called for a MORATORIUM on construction of all wind farms until all the medical research has been completed.

We, the impacted families who have the misfortune to live in the vicinity of AGL’s Macarthur wind farm in south-west Victoria call for a MORATORIUM on any further wind farm developments, particularly in our once magnificent rich agricultural district west of Melbourne which, should the Andrews Labour government succeed, will be literally a pin cushion of thousands of useless, uneconomic turbines, stretching from the S.A. border, to Geelong.

Our homes and farm paddocks are already TOXIC with infrasound/low frequency noise and vibration.  So any more wind farms developed, as proposed within several kilometres of our properties, will literally drive us from our homes.

Why won’t our governments listen to the call for a MORATORIUM instead of knowingly pushing ahead with development of more wind farms, to deliberately destroy the health of thousands more rural Australians?

MONEY and VOTES – billions of taxpayer dollars, with huge financial kick- backs for so many involved, and votes from the millions of ignorant Australians who’ve been sadly indoctrinated with the lies that wind power is clean and green.

What a load of hogwash – but the electorate has been blindly lead to believe the “spin” from developers and governments alike.

Johannes Mayer quotes that “slowly but surely methodical medicos are gathering evidence that proves that constant exposure to low frequency noise, infrasound is a human health hazard”.

Read the list of long term impacts of infrasound.

Would you like your family to be impacted like this, through no fault of your own, day in day out and night in night out, in the manner that our families living near AGL’s Macarthur wind farm are constantly suffering and have been for more than three years now?

Would you like to be forced to leave your homes for several nights every week, to get a good night’s sleep and to remove your bodies from the ongoing pain and suffering which we must endure?

Please read the list of symptoms and add to that list, severe nausea, ear and nose pressure, pressure in the jaw, heart palpitations and burning inside the body, as if your body is cooking in a microwave.

At the time of writing this, I am suffering badly as today is an overcast day, when the impact from infrasound/low frequency noise and vibration pulsating from the 140 monster turbines at AGL’s Macarthur wind farm, right next to our home, is at its most extreme.

The cloud “inversion” traps the noise pollution, hence severe fluctuations in air pressure caused by 140 wind turbines placed far too close together.  I woke up this morning feeling sick, with a headache and the usual pain in the back of my neck, not to mention vibration in the bed in which I’ve slept and suffered all night, and every night we live in our home.

Being Good Friday it would have been nice to rest in a bit, but the longer I stay in bed every morning, the worse my symptoms become, so I have to get up straight away and reach for the Panadol to try and alleviate this sickness, before I start my day.

We’ve just returned from our forced two nights exit from our farm, but on the way down, we both found driving extremely dangerous.  Sleep deprivation and driving is a very dangerous cocktail, as the TAC signs tell us all along the highway when we’re travelling east, to get away from the turbines every week.

In fact, studies in NSW recently found that DRIVER FATIGUE is more DEADLY than drink driving……..  We are forced to drive feeling drowsy ALL THE TIME and it’s not just on long trips – we feel this way travelling to our nearest town and have on occasions fallen asleep at the wheel.

Yet NOTHING is being done about this constant form of sonic “torture”.

To all levels of government in Australia, STOP THIS MADNESS …..

You all know about it, and the facts have been out there since the Kelley research at NASA in the 1980’s.  However it’s just been swept under the carpet for the personal and financial gain of so many with their fingers in the pie!!!

This massive cover up of fraud and corruption just has to stop.

Remember the famous quotation by Emile Zola.

“If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in its way”.

The truth is growing … do something about this AGL.

AGL intends forging ahead with new wind farm developments at Cooper’s Gap in Queensland, and Silverton in NSW, whilst it has done NOTHING to stop the serious harm and public health disasters for which it is responsible here at Macarthur, Oaklands Hill at Glenthompson in Victoria, and Hallett in S.A.

AGL had admitted its projects are causing harm to residents, but unsuccessful attempts to mask the impact, funding double glazing for homes at both Glenthompson and Hallett, but has done NOTHING here at Macarthur, except attempt to influence the district medical clinics with their infamous “letter” to 12 medical clinics informing the turbines do not cause infrasound, resulting in doctors ignoring requests for help by impacted residents.

Ann and Andrew Gardner 

Annie Gardner

I am Annie, hear me roar, I come with numbers too big to ignore.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Annie you and all the others are doing a fantastic job getting the message out.
    What we need is for the media to be completely unbiased and report the facts not their interpretation of them or the word of the industry without questioning it.
    Once they do that this then there will be more from the most populated areas waking up to the truth of what is happening.
    Until then those living in cities and large towns will remain lethargic or continue to suffer from the indoctrination mutterings from the unscientific, unprofessional mutterings of self anointed experts.
    Hopefully a moratorium will be called and a stop to all offending turbines at least at night until the research has concluded.

  2. Crispin Trist says:

    I would like to give Annie a little encouragement regarding the infamous AGL ‘letter’.

    In an appointment with a local Doctor at the time, I brought up the issue regarding the ‘letter’. I’m glad to report that in that instance they stated to me, “Yes, I’ve read it…” They then proceeded to inform me that they’d promptly binned it!

    There is hope:-)

    AGL cannot simply ignore the fact that there are some exceptional medical practitioners out there in the community with years of experience. They know their patients and the community they serve. They also know that there are health issues with wind farms and still possess an inquisitive mind on the issue, unlike the pro wind industry followers and their ‘one way’ Conversation.

  3. Sadly, the doctors have become the gatekeepers for the wind power controllers, just as had conscript soldiers become the concentration camp guards for their Nazi “betters”.

  4. E Griffiths says:

    My wife recently had discussions with her local vet about possible factors which could have recently triggered epilepsy in one of our dogs.

    The vet told her there has been a marked increase in the number of reported cases of epilepsy in dogs in their clinic in the past 5 years.

    This time frame corresponds quite closely with the commissioning of a wind farm about 6.5 years ago at a distance of 18.5 km / 11.5 miles from the vet clinic. The vet clinic serves a large rural area, but I don’t know the distribution of cases of canine epilepsy reported to the vet clinic.

    I know our home is polluted by infrasound (most probably emitted by wind farms) because we’ve taken several noise recordings. My wife can hear it at distances of at leat 40km (25 miles) from the source, and it has adversely affected her health since a wind farm was commissioned 13 km (8.5 miles from our home.)

    My hypothesis is that wind farm infrasound emissions may have been a contributing factor in triggering many of those reported cases of epilepsy reported at the vet clinic.

    Not very scientific, I know. However, I need more data in order to add weight to my hypothesis, even though I accept I’ll never be able to prove my hypothesis scientifically with the resources and equipment available to me – none 😦

    In my bid to determine if I’m on the the right track, could other regular STT readers please answer the following questions:
    1. Has anyone else had their dog or other pets succumb to epilepsy since wind turbines went up in their area?
    2. Have you discussed possible triggers of epilepsy in your pet with your vet?
    3. Did your vet mention that there has been a marked increase in cases of eplipsy reported in pets presented in their clinic?

    If you care to respond to my questions below, just putting the question number with a Y or N response would be sufficient. If you care to expand on your answers, that would be great too! Thanks.

  5. Chris Jelbart says:

    Annie speaks for all of us. I no longer speak to doctors in a local clinic about my symptoms as my concerns are dismissed if I have the temerity to suggest that wind turbines noise may be affecting my sleep or causing my nausea. Sadly these doctors have failed to suggest any other cause.
    Nobody else should have to go through the daily imposition on life, whether it is suffering the effects, or fighting the ignorance.

    • Jackie Rovensky says:

      Your doctors need to be officially reported to the AMA as the rather useless body who is meant to keep them honest. The more such complaints they receive may encourage them to remember their oath and to ensure all doctors treat their patients with courtesy and professionalism – and find out what is causing their symptoms.

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