Britain’s Wind Power Debacle: Wind Power Outfits Paid £200 Million a Year for Producing NO Power at All


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Pinning its hopes to a wholly weather dependent power source – that requires 100% of its capacity to be backed up 100% of the time by conventional generation sources – Britain’s energy ‘policy’ was never going to end well.

Already faced with an unstable grid and rocketing power prices thanks to its gamble on wind power, the scale of the folly is only beginning to reveal itself. In order to prevent total grid collapses, wind power outfits are being paid hundreds of £millions to produce nothing at all.

£4m a week not to use windfarms
Daily Express
Matthew Davis
21 February 2016

ENERGY giants have been paid a record £4million a week in subsidy this winter to turn off wind turbines.

While people struggled to pay energy bills compensation was handed to wind farm owners because the power they generate could not be used.

In November, December and January a total of £51.5million was paid to mainly Scottish-based producers.

Under a complex compensation scheme the wind farm owners are given “constraint payments” for electricity they could have generated and sold if there was a demand for it or there had not been a grid blockage.

One of the major problems with the system is that the grid link between England and Scotland has limited capacity and when all the wind turbines north of the border are spinning not all the power generated can be sent south.

This means that gas or coal-fired plants often have to be brought online to fill the gap.

As more wind farms sprout up in Scotland an increasing amount of subsidy is being paid.

The £51.5million subsidy paid to wind farms is more than double the £22.7million paid over the same three months last year and more than five times the £10million they received in the winter of 2013/14.

Green activists say wind farms need subsidies to tempt suppliers to take up the renewable energy technology. Critics say the system just puts consumers’ cash into the pockets of energy giants.

Dr Lee Moroney, of the Renewable Energy Foundation think tank, said: “What is often overlooked is that fossil fuel plants are required to generate the shortfall when wind farms are constrained off.

“This means consumers are paying Scottish wind farms not to generate and English gas plants at the same time to provide the necessary electricity.”

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, said: “We support the practice of constraint payments as a method of maintaining a secure electricity system provided it remains the most cost-efficient option.”
Daily Express

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Britain’s gamblers count their losses.


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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Melissa says:

    ‘Make it fly mummy’ .. sorry darling, kites only fly when there is wind and no amount of trying or running along makes it work, it’s too heavy for huffing and puffing; and bribing and sweet-talking won’t make it work either. Pack it away now, before grandpa gets really, really cross and please, no whining. No. Even with a bigger, better kite it won’t work, there’s no wind…. now enough!

    • E Griffiths says:

      You just have to run faster and constantly to make it work, which has just given me a thought … mount wind turbines on the backs of all trucks and make them drive non stop to produce a steady supply of wind power!

  2. “Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, said: “We support the practice of constraint payments as a method of maintaining a secure electricity system provided it remains the most cost-efficient option.””

    Here’s a more “cost-efficient option”: change the contracts with wind turbine owners & operators so they DON’T get paid “constraint payments.” Simple. This would be in the public interest.

  3. Michael Larkin says:

    If hot air and wind were feasible, Washington D.C. could provide all the power we need!

    • E Griffiths says:

      They do! Sadly, though, it’s the wrong kind of power – just like the wind power they are supporting 😮

  4. I have the solution! More powerful toilets to flush your money away!

  5. E Griffiths says:

    This is a perfect example to illustrate the calibre of the politicians that have facilitated this outcome. Our chickens have more brains and common sense than our “illustrious” politicians :\

  6. Makes No Sense says:

    Another Windy Story – Windy Blows into Town

    Hi, my name is Fossil Fuel and my job is generating electricity and selling it to the grid.
    It is a beautiful day and I am doing my job. It is hard yakka, but a job is a job.
    Then a bloke called Windy Turbine blows in. He’s a tall bloke, clean cut and dressed in green, I think.
    And he says “Let me help you with that” at three times the price.
    I say, “No thanks, I have it under control – anyway I need the money to provide for my family.”
    Windy says “You have to let me help you… it’s the law.”
    But I say “If you help me, what will I do with the energy that you replace?”
    Windy says “You’ll have to waste it”.
    “Waste It? If I waste it I will have to charge more for what I do sell so I can feed my family.”
    Windy laughs and says “It’s the law.”
    It’s the law, so I am wasting it, charging more for what I sell. Consumers are paying more than necessary for their electricity. I am still burning the same amount of coal. Blowed if I know how Windy reckons he is saving greenhouse gases.
    Anyway, everybody has their problems. I heard on the grapevine they might sell me, probably to some foreign company, just like that Windy bloke.
    Hey, the wind has stopped! They need my power again. Nice to be appreciated. Gotta go, Yours Sincerely, Fossil Fuel.

  7. Quentin says:

    This situation is as moronic as it is predictable.

    And to think the turbine blight in Scotland is generated by misguided nationalism…

    We’ll have to redesign the flag of St. Andrew

  8. We think that this analogy, from Lyndsey Ward, describes the ridiculous constraints payments scam perfectly.

    Windy Gamble:

    Imagine the scenario

    A punter walks into the bookies to put £50 on his favourite horse ‘Windy Gamble’ to win in the National Grid Stakes.

    No guarantees he will be lucky but worth a punt he thinks.

    The bookmaker declines his bet. “Sorry mate too many runners in that race. Windy Gamble has been stood down. However, the owner is demanding £60 to keep him in the stable and you have to pay for it.”

    Why would anyone pay anything in that sort of situation? Well we all do. Every time wind is constrained off the wind operators are paid more than if they were generating electricity and we pay for it. We may all just as well throw our money away at the bookies. Wind is erratic and volatile and has to be constrained off to protect the grid from overload and to prevent blackouts.

    Backing wind gives us an energy source that is difficult for the grid to manage, will always need other reliable energy as back up and is only about 25% efficient.

    It’s a bit like a one-legged racehorse. It just doesn’t stand up.

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