Communities Fighting the Great Wind Power Fraud: Defending All They’ve Worked For, With Everything They’ve Got


Stockyard Hill Community Defenders, National Rally June 2013.


What impresses STT most is the tenacity and perseverance of community defenders, all over the Globe.

Pro-farming (REAL farming, that is), pro-community and pro-real power groups are better informed and organised, and more vocal and hostile, than ever before.

Hard-working, decent, rural people throughout the world are fighting back – to obtain sensible energy policies that support growth, development and vibrant, prosperous rural communities.

These are entirely reasonable people who have tumbled to the fact that they have been lined up as “road-kill” by their political betters to suffer the consequences of a policy built around an insanely expensive, utterly unreliable, intermittent power source – that can only survive on a raft of massive subsidies; kills millions of birds and bats; destroys communities; drives people from their homes; and otherwise makes life misery for thousands around the world.

These people are out to smash a “policy” that – in a few years time, when it all inevitably collapses – will be revealed for what it is: an enormous government-backed Ponzi scheme, the foundations for which are greed and stupidity; and the “justification” for which can only be described as a circus of the bizarre.

STT would like to think that we’ve helped these dedicated individuals and groups a little, by providing them with the kind of factual ammunition that cuts directly across the treachery, lies and deceit – which are the tools-in-trade for the wind industry, its goons and parasites.

But, whatever the source of information, pro-community groups are in earnest when it comes to protecting all that they’ve toiled for.

And – as this powerful little video from Stockyard Hill’s defenders shows – these people are not about to let a band of practiced liars, bullies and thugs steal their homes, harm their families and destroy that which makes rural Australia tick: honest, hard-working and thoroughly decent people doing what they do best – producing food and fibre for millions around the World.

STT Champion, Andy Gabb sums it all up in the very last frame when he politely invites the hopeful developer to “PISS OFF YOU BASTARDS!!”. And rightly so.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. E Griffiths says:

    Here is another video which sums up the problems faced in Wales and around the world – courtesy of Mynnydd Llanllwni Choir:

    The lyrics can be found in this accompanying video:

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    This is an amazing video – if only National TV stations would show it? Or someone would come forward and fund it as an advertisement on National TV during peak viewing periods.
    This video speaks for every community destroyed and destined to be destroyed by an invasion supported and funded by people who are meant to be looking after us, NOT an industry which has never proven its safety; its claims of financial security to the nation and local communities; its capacity to provide the energy it claims it can when and where it is needed and has never proven it will ensure the safety of the environment.
    If our leaders are incapable of accepting facts they need to be got rid off no matter their political leanings.

  3. In Huron County, the #1 prime agricultural county of Ontario, in Canada, the wind company has been allowed to surround a farm owned and operated by a farmer who has lived there his whole life, farming it for four decades and intending to pass it on to his sons someday. They now have 75 turbines surrounding their home and are experiencing the adverse impacts of noise and infrasound, such that they are often not able to sleep. The whole while this has been happening, these wonderful people have had to maintain a high functioning, day to day reality. When the Farm Safety Office was asked if they would intercede and get the wind company to turn off turbines, at least during the harvest season last fall, the answer was that the Farm Safety policy makers must abide by the provincial government’s energy mandate.
    There is something seriously wrong here and yet no one will listen to us.
    This is utterly disrespectful to absolutely innocent people!

  4. Reblogged this on Patti Kellar and commented:
    This article holds an excellent short clip, ‘Origin of Evil – A short film about corporate bastardy’. Well worth watching.

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