Second, KEMA ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT, INC provided a report to the Town of Falmouth on page 28 of the April 19, 2005 site review says : 6.2.2 a special permit is needed for the wind turbine.

Third, a Special Permit requires additional noise tests and set back reviews. Its obvious today why the town disregarded its own bylaw. Had the bylaw 240-166 been adhered to the turbines would never have been built. The town has taken the health and property rights of up to 200 residential home owners with no compensation for a revenue stream to benefit the town.

The Town of Falmouth for a decade has been misled by a political agenda that wages war on fossil fuels and climate change. The agenda calls for a minority of residents to lose their health and property rights with no compensation for the good of the majority.

The Falmouth Town Meeting Members talk about the wind turbines as if they are some modern day golden calf idol. The town has become servants of the wind turbines.

Shortly within 30 days or less the town will hear the fate of the wind turbines and the financial future looks dim.

The Town of Falmouth, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Vestas wind company, wind contractors along with local and state officials all share the liability of taking the health and property rights of up to 200 residential homes.

Industrial wind is a bunco scheme of enormous consequence. You the people who value intellectual honesty should not quietly be fleeced by such mendacity, even from our government officials.
Falmouth Patch


Don’t take it so personally. This was only ever about the money.