Pac Hydro’s Wind Farm: How the Mandatory RET Destroyed Cape Bridgewater

Sonia Trist

Sonia Trist: victim of the mandatory RET.

As STT followers are well aware, the mandatory Renewable Energy Target and the Renewable Energy Certificates issued to wind power generators under it amount to a Federal Tax on all Australian power consumers. The value of the REC Tax is then transferred to wind power outfits – like Union Super Fund backed, Pacific Hydro – to the tune of $billions each year.

As a direct consequence of the Federal government’s RET policy, Pac Hydro speared 29 giant fans into the heart of the peaceful Victorian coastal community of Cape Bridgewater, Victoria back in 2008: no RET, no RECs, no wind farm – pure and simple.

One of Pac Hydro’s numerous Cape Bridgewater victims, Sonia Trist has finally had enough and recently decided to abandon her beautiful seaside home. Sonia’s decision was made for no other reason than to escape the incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound generated by Pac Hydro’s turbines – and the impact that noise has on her ability to sleep, to use and enjoy her (otherwise) perfectly comfortable home (see our post here).

Here is Sonia talking a while back about the merciless nature of the noise generated by Pac Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater disaster.



Since then, one of Australia’s top acoustic experts, Steve Cooper has gathered a mountain of noise data that entirely vindicates the reports of suffering by people like Sonia, Melissa Ware and others (see our post here).

Not that hundreds of hours of scientifically gathered data is really needed to convey just what misery has been delivered to dozens of unwilling victims by Pac Hydro over the last 6 years. Here’s a video put together by Sonia’s son, Crispin on how Pac Hydro’s wind farm destroyed the once idyllic coastal community of Cape Bridgewater.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. These developers and land owners are parasites feeding on the misery of the innocent.

  2. Fed up does not mean we will give up! It is appalling to think that what was Sonia’s haven from the world has now been invaded and is no longer her sanctuary. And there are so many in the same position. When I discovered the truth about the impact the proposed turbines would have on our property, which we had built up from scratch, I felt like we had been broken into and robbed of something precious. No amount of compensation can change that. It’s time for the windies to face the facts.

  3. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Sonia, I am so sorry you have had to abandon your home. I and others know what you and others are suffering even if we are not ourselves directly affected. There are those of us who will not turn our backs, we will not ignore what is happening and we do not denigrate you and others pain and anguish.

    Unfortunately there are also those who through notoriety or ignorance, just don’t care and cannot. or will not accept what is happening.

    These are people who put their ‘Green’ ideology above safety. People who steadfastly stick to their dream of this form of energy taking over the production of our energy supplies, even though time and time again it’s being proven this can never be achieved.

    These are people who see you and others suffering as ‘collateral damage’, for the success of THEIR unachievable dream.

    They don’t want to accept they are damaging people and environments. They close their minds to anything which could possibly stop the march of this nightmare scenario of theirs.

    Cape Bridgewater is destined to become a ‘backwater’ – a place people avoid, instead of the remaining the place it has been for 100’s of years- a place of natural beauty, peace and restful existence.

    That Pacific Hydro is continuing its destruction of this environment even with the evidence of the pain their shards of steel to the people and environment, they push on installing more.

    This is done with the full support of Governments at all levels. With the support of those who know the truth but are unwilling to stop the push. With the support of land owners who accept payment for the damage to their environment as well as their neighbours’ environments.

    With the knowledge of what is happening, the company continues to march on ignoring all opposition. And what for? The power of the dollar of course.

    Hopefully one day you and the others who have had to leave their homes will be able to return. When these shards have been removed and your homes become once again the place they were and should always have been – a safe haven in a natural environment.

    Until then we’ll still keep fighting to stop this insane march of destruction.

  4. The people that host these pieces of crap should be repeatedly named and shamed until the turbines are stopped.

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