Victims: John and Anne Carter

STT would like to introduce John and Anne Carter, who have lived next to the Crookwell wind farm in NSW since it began operation in 1998. Although these cattle farmers are not troubled by audible noise as their other neighbours are, they are impacted by infrasound – Anne in particular as well as their animals. John has a stern message for potential hosts reminding them that if they sign the contracts they will no longer really own their land; their land will be significantly devalued (as it can no longer be subdivided), and it is likely that some of their family and their animals will be negatively impacted by the wind turbines. Share their real life story of living next to a wind farm in this video interview with STT (5.36).

You can hear more wind farm victim impact statements here.

4 thoughts on “Victims: John and Anne Carter

  1. Sounds eerily similar to the poor planning and political perversion in this now un-lucky country, Michael.

    It seems our sunburnt country’s sweeping plains and fair horizons are ‘fair game’ if the government, the UN, World Bank and IMF align with the government to concur that the rural price is right.

    Thanks (not) to ACF and ACTU for buying into the internationally franchised scam of the global ‘Green New Deal’, (AKA, the ‘Green Gold Rush’ AKA wind wank) right here and right before the inevitable Green Bubble will burst to splatter Keynsian egg on your face.

    Surely ours is the economy which will cop the brunt once the emperor is declared to have been naked all along. The offshore siting of wind farms elsewhere is just the start.

    Our socialists and conservatives have both agreed to stitch us up and thrust this misery upon us. That is disturbing.

    Onshore wind farms are the worst rural Australian catastrophe since the mothership settled in Australia and, with self-gratifying flippantry, introduced feel good fodder like foxes, rabbits and blackberries. Justified ignorance, that will be environmentally toxic for generations to come.

    Not sure who we can vote for now, or any time soon. In the blue corner there are certainly some champions amongst the complicit, however, I have to wonder, at which recent time did the international socialist stars align to schmooze the totally modern green idealists and in any way was it in order to ‘stitch up’ and reverse the devastated, rural, traditional conservative vote?

  2. Well John you said it all.

    The hosts, & potential hosts, if only they would listen, they would think differently about the usless wind turbines. They all are starry eyed about the money from the IWT and not what they loose from the rest of their land, in the way of income from crops & livestock, plus real estate value. They loose friendships and cause hardship for people around thè IWT in the way of health problems, which is not of their making.

  3. Here in UK those near turbines know the impact – audibly and visually. But Cameron PM and Co are in the thrall of the industry and stuffing their pockets with billions of £GB of OUR money. Down in SW England in Cornwall we rely on tourism, and retirement money. But our views are being blighted, tourism damaged, health (of those nearby) impacted upon and property prices hit. Who after all would risk buying a house with a nice view in Cornwall – only to have it blighted sometime soon.

    After Blair PM we thought things could not be worse – but Cameron and his Conservatives have proved themseleves to be the enemy of the countryside. Our rural areas all used to vote Conservative but no longer.

  4. Well said John. Reaching out to hosts, and, no less importantly, neighbours, who contracted away their rights to the multinationals after listening to their disingenuous patter. A truly sincere and meaningful interview.

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