The “Le Roy Tapes”: Tim Le Roy speaks to STT – Part 1

The first of a 5-part interview with Mr Tim Le Roy, spokesman for the Australian Coastal Guardians, where he describes why he first was driven to battle against industrial wind turbines – the lies and deceit if the wind–millers and their ties to government and the media (2.23).

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I have just listened to the commentary of the budget. IT IS NOT GOOD.

    The wind mob won’t sleep well tonight, or the nights to come before the election. The wind scam must stop and it will stop.
    Tony, as we will show you that we will support you to stop & dismantle the so-called green enegy council & the whole wind industry on June 18.

    If the top turbans won’t except the sack without a big payout, just sit them on an old chair, in an old office room, without a phone or computer until their contracts runs out, they will get sick of it (it is all in the mind, so they tell us) and leave.

    The carbon mob are in this as well, so they should get the same treatment. That alone, with no payouts will save us millions of dollars.
    I can just see all their faces, & just wonder what they will be like after September 19?

  2. I am 64 I live in a Suburb of Maitland, NSW.

    I have been bombarded by LFN since 2008, but I don’t have Wind farms near me, only Railway lines with coal trains going 24/7, a coal mine 10 kilometres away and a mountain of Industry near me.

    When this thing started I thought I had a serious illness, my GP sent me for a load of MRI’s, Lumbar punctures 3 in all, blood tests, Specialists, ENT, Neurologists, Specialist physician – you name it, I have had it. Nothing wrong physically as far as the tests were concerned.

    I have been floating around between Council, Members of Parliament, The Greens Party, Labor Party, Liberal Party, The now Minister for the Enviroment, The Mayor, Town Clark, Councillors.

    This thing is the most hideous thing you could possibly try to discribe, my ears feel like they will burst at times and the Tinnitus is constant and never goes away, gets worse or a little better, never goes away. The pains in my body are sometimes unbearable like tonight, because I worked in my garden last week the muscles are sore so this thing targets those sore spots and it aches.

    The Big Cats at the top of the heap don’t give one hoot in Hell about us. Only the Financial bottom line. Do they not get it – it effects their Children and their Children’s Children.

    Can’t they get off the sofa and see there are so many people suffering – they can’t hide forever. Maybe I will be dead before they do anything, Pray God I can face one of these idiots and tell them to their face how stupid they are.

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