Same story in Australia, they just go by a different name


Italy makes biggest mafia linked assets haul: $1.7bn 
AFP News

Italian police on Wednesday said they had seized assets worth 1.3 billion euros ($1.7 billion) from a Sicilian renewable energy developer in the biggest ever seizure of mafia-linked assets.

The assets, including 43 wind and solar energy companies, 98 properties and 66 bank accounts, belonged to Vito Nicastri, a 57-year-old businessman dubbed the “Lord of the Wind” for his prominent role in the business.

“This is a sector in which money can easily be laundered,” Arturo de Felice, head of Italy’s anti-mafia agency, told news channel SkyTG24.

“Operating in a grey area helped him build up his business over the years,” De Felice said.

The anti-mafia agency said in a statement that it was the biggest seizure of mafia-linked assets.

The assets had been frozen in 2010 and Nicastri is on probation under orders not to leave his town of Alcamo in western Sicily during the investigation.

Nicastri had “numerous and high-level contacts with mafia figures,” the anti-mafia agency said, adding that this had been confirmed by messages found during the arrest of two local mafia bosses.

The businessman was also linked to Matteo Messina Denaro, a fugitive who is considered the godfather of the Sicilian mafia, the statement said.

The seizure “impacts in a significant way on the economic power of Matteo Messina Denaro, who is considered the lord of that land,” it added.

Italy’s renewable energy sector has been heavily infiltrated by the mafia because of once-generous state subsidies and lax controls, as well as the availability of land in areas of southern Italy with a strong mafia presence.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Same in the UK but its all ‘legit’. Landowners are gorging on taxpayers’ money. Our Conservative ‘Daily Telegraph’ newspaper has pointed out often that Cameron PM’s father in law earns £1,000 per day for allowing wind turbines on his large country estate. Nearly all UK turbine companies are overseas owned so OUR taxes are flowing abroad in a torrent..

    Turbines produce little useful electricity, they blight our landscape and tourism and house prices – and damage the health of those nearby with their noise and flicker.

    But Big Wind denies all this much as Big Tobacco denied the link between smoking and cancer – a fact known and proven since 1950.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    In general there are 3 ways to acquire money: 1. Work for it. 2. Be paid to ‘turn the other way’. 3. Steal it.

    Which ways are being utilised in respect to IWT’s here in Australia?

    It certainly isn’t number one.

    So it must be 2 and 3. The Government turns the other way while handing out OUR money and the industry accepts it without any intention of meeting any obligations to protect human beings, creatures, the environment, make any form of investment into the Australian economy, or actually produce anything like the ‘capacity’ of energy production they state their instruments of torcher are capable off.

    All of this aided and abetted by sham research espoused by people with no direct academic qualifications relating to areas they eulogise over who join with the Government and ‘turn the other way’.

  3. Red Head gives big money to the Windy Mafia thats why they tell us that the noise is not problem to our health. When the noise is proven to affect our health they won’t get their money & they will cry like spoilet kids & carry on an throw tatrums.

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