Of course these things are safe … notes from the front line

While we were filming in Cape Bridgewater recently, one of the residents told us an extraordinary story.

One morning he and his wife woke to find a fine and greasy film on the tin roof of their house.

Unsure what it was, they approached the local wind farm operator who denied any involvement.

Determined to find an answer, they had the substance analyzed and discovered it was a kind of mechanical or engine lubricant.

The only possible way it could have got on their roof was spray from a turbine, about 600 metres away, on adjoining land.

But that’s not the worst of it.

The property is on tank water so their sole water supply has now been contaminated.

Wind farm operator Pacific Hydro continues to deny liability.

Poke around any wind farm in Australia, talk to the locals and such stories are common place.

Dodgy noise monitoring, no responsibility by operators and outright lying by staff.

That is why pro-wind lobbyists and politicians and academics who refuse to engage with residents on the ground appear increasingly isolated and foolish.

The truth in this issue lies not in the city offices and ivory towers of wind companies and their supporters, but out in the communities where wind farms are impacting on people’s lives.

And that’s also why those of us at STT, with no axe to grind and no immediate turbine threat to our homes, see this issue as so important.

It’s the injustice of it, and the appalling treatment of our fellow Australians by big business, both local and overseas, under a false guise of saving the planet.


A fire at Dereel, outside of Ballarat, this week destroyed homes and almost cost of lives.

Fire fighters utilised three aircraft over a wide tract of land adjoining a proposed wind farm site at Mt Mercer.

Aircraft could not have been used if the wind farm had been operational. The toll, undoubtedly, would have been much higher.


Photo by Adam Trafford, The Ballarat Courier


Meanwhile, another resident of Cape Bridgewater, Crispin Trist, took this photo (below). Note the blade on the left.

The unit was hit by lightning this week. Residents heard a loud bang when it happened.

Cape Bridgewater Wind turbine lightning strike (approx 9am 28th mar 2013)_copyright_Crispin Trist 2013 (2)


The term wind farm is a misnomer. These things are massive industrial installations in rural and regional areas requiring massive concrete and steel infrastructure.

And like in any industrial complex, it can be catastrophic when things go wrong, as the following pictures show.

Have a look at these photos and ask yourself a single question. Is it appropriate to place these across Australian rural and regional land, near where people are living?

ATT0000116 ATT0000213 ATT000037 ATT0000411 TURBINE FIRE ATT0000610 ATT000075 ATT000082 Feuer in Windkraftanlage ATT000116 ATT0001012 ATT000129 ATT000133 3MegaCam ATT000151 ATT0001614 ATT0001717 ATT0000116

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. david mortimer says:

    It makes you wonder if “global warming” was a “catastrophy” authored by the wind industry, no more nor less than to fuel the gullibility of governments so that the wind industry could reap unfettered massive financial benefits???

  2. genie81 says:

    These things being called farms are right. They should be called industrial complexes. I believe calling them farmss is insulting gto farmers. These are machines not windmills. They may catch the wind but they rely on machinery to work. They seem to be ignored by Govts. as to both being industrial and inefficient. Denmark as far as I know have not decommissioned coal-powered stations because they need BACKUP 24/7. How ignorant are people who believe they are so-called ‘green’ energy.

  3. With the majority of a population hitting a learning curve thinking “green” is a good thing, the masses are now the target of “greenwashing” where marketers and politicians can sell them any bill of goods by implying it is all “green”. Unfortunately that is the case with the green movement which started with high ideals only to be taken over by ideals of greed. In Great Britain I saw an article recently in the Telegraph calling their Green Energy Act, “the longest suicide letter ever written”. In Ontario, Canada the same is true with zealous Liberals and the feed-in-tariff program heralding a “wind rush” for the gold. Even the word “sustainability” that all the so-called concerned politicians spout these days has no real meaning. Groups on university campuses are recruiting young people under this banner brainwashing them to the cause of wind energy to save the world. I just wonder if windies will ever snap out of their delusion to get on with the harsher reality they have created. There will be plenty of work then!

  4. My first and only recorded power point.Note last slide
    “Hug a turbine Tony.It’s a vote winner” BWEA website.Maybe then but now?

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    These instances are rare – apparently – but what constitutes rare? Will it take a horrible death to wake politicians up to the dangers they are subjecting people to. Death by fire, death by being sliced through from a piece of flying debris, a lifetime of pain from noise – this is what does and what can happen. NO safety conditions for these money making machines, no safety conditions for this type of industrial machinery, NO safety conditions for these machines which have fast moving parts which can and do come adrift, NO safety conditions for those working in a dangerous locality, NO safe distances determined to keep children playing in their gardens safe, NO safety regulations governing dangers associated with these machines being placed next to public roads.
    Does anyone out there within our Governments understand there are NO safety precautions or regulations relating to the locating and safety control of these INDUSTRIAL MACHINES – at all other INDUSTRIAL sites there are safety regulations and precautions – but not where these are concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They can pollute till ‘the cows come home’, they can burn all they want as they apparently pose NO danger if they catch fire, disintegrate and throw debris far and wide, apparently don’t make noises which cause health and annoyance issues, they can be placed alongside neighbours who do not want them to ensure those who do want them are safe, they destroy the ability of farmers to work their properties efficiently, they stand as static manmade steel poles with turning blades attached, they destroy the vistas and land of our wonderful country, they provide shadow flicker to annoy those living, working and driving by them.
    So what USE are they – NONE – energy produced is extremely minor in relation to their quoted CAPACITY, energy produced depends on the wind blowing thus making production as IRREGULAR as the winds strength, the companies survive on the REC payments they received from US, and they charge a PREMIUM price for ‘renewable’ energy, the cost of energy bills are constantly rising – NOT reducing.
    When will our Governments wake up from their stupor and see the error of “SLEEPING ON THE JOB’.

  6. Leaving some links All Truth Books personally written and financed. Obvious the problems have been known for along time but seemingly have gov backing as GW (Now Climate Change and need to reduce co2 takes precedent.) This shows the methods used to promote a then failing industry and the subsidies given to increase investor confidence.>>>http://www.wind-farm.co.uk/SummaryoftheLongFighttosaveBarninghamHighMooramended1200606B.pdf

    Click to access force10.pdf

    Click to access force10comp.pdf

    Click to access wind_energy.pdf

  7. This is why the politicians don`t want them in their neighbourhoods. They send them to the rural areas, where there are not enough voters to care about. They are disgusting hypocrites. It`s all about money. They really don`t give a damn about the environment, and anybody that really does, knows that wind turbines will do nothing to improve CO2 levels, global warming, or any other catastropy the wind industry can use to scare people into going along with their scam. The wind industry also claims that industrial wind turbines turn responsible, honest, sensible, intelligent, people into liars, cheats, anti-environment, hypochondriacs. On the other hand….they claim that these same turbines turn money-grubbing, dishonest, fatcat investors, politicians and foreign companies, into tree-hugging, moral, upstanding, innocent victims, just trying to save the world. Gimme a break. Time for them to receive a REALITY check!

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