Tim Flannery derides wind farm sickness

The following article appeared in The Australian today. What is not mentioned is that Flannery is on the payroll of at least two major wind organisations. He is on the sustainability board of Siemens, a turbine manufacturer. He also undertakes a similar role for the Indian company, Tata, a major wind farm operator. Additionally he […]

Fighting at the grass roots – check out these two websites

Heartland Farmers is a collective of more than 200 farmers in the Central Yorke Peninsula of South Australia. The proposed Ceres project will cause considerable and permanent disruption to broadacre cropping in the area ear-marked for turbine development.  To the words clean, green and safe – add community. That’s the new spin for the next breed […]

The Three Stooges? Actually, there’s 25

The followers of a fake Twitter account set up in the name “Waubra Sarah” certainly provide interesting reading. Some of the leading lights of the wind industry are there. In contrast to their self-proclaimed professional status of “we’re saving the planet, we care for community, we’re engaged, we’re involved”, we have a group of people […]