This page will contain a summary of the fight to halt the spread of wind turbines in Europe.

(The pro wind industry says all these groups across the world are just one big astro-turf campaign by the fossil fuel industry. What a bunch of silly old duffers they are if they think anyone believes that.)

European Platform Against Windfarms – was founded in Paris on October 4th 2008 by a small number of federations, associations and other groups from four EU countries. It now has 566 member-organisations, from 24 countries (individuals cannot become members).

The aim of EPAW is to defend the interests of its members which are either:

  • opposing one or more wind farm proposals;
  • or questioning the effectiveness of wind farms as a tool for solving the problems of man and the planet;
  • or defending the flora, fauna and landscapes from damage caused by wind farms, directly or through environmental degradation such as erosion, water contamination and bush fires;
  • or generally fighting against the damaging effects of wind farms on tourism, the economy, people’s quality of life, the value of their properties and, increasingly often, their health;
  • or a combination of the above.

Visit here to see STT’s stories about European Wind Power issues


  1. Please sign this international petition to stop wind industry from destroying Norwegian nature.
    Please share it as many places as possible! Help it go viral!0

    • Hello Ida, URGENTLY needed for contra-expertise acoustic report: detailed specification of Vestas V136-3.45MW windturbine without STE (without serrated trailing edge) for Standard and “reduced noice modes” Mode 0, Mode S01, Mode S02, Mode S03, Mode S04. Height : 166 meter, diameter 136 meter. Is it possible to forward this message to as many as possible people who migth have this information. Thank you very much Wim

  2. Curt Widlund Sweden says:

    Effects of infrasound on people : The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau
    Read more at:
    Der unhörbare Lärm von Windkraftanlagen
    The Misuse of Infrasound: Industry, military, and now the cops
    What if there was a weapon whose effects you couldn’t see or hear, but could kill you from a distance of hundreds of metres?
    Fergus Day assesses the disturbing potential of infrasound.
    Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt Bayerisches Landesamt für
    Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit UmweltWissen – Klima und Energie

    Click to access uw_117_windkraftanlagen_infraschall_gesundheit.pdf

    Mind Control und psychophysische Waffen: Folter in Deutschland!
    Nicht-tödliche Waffen? – Ein Interview mit einem kritischen Experten
    A Short History of Sound Weapons Pt2: Infrasound January 14, 2008
    Sonic weapon images
    Vindkraft infraljud images
    Neue Waffe: Infraschall?
    Organ music ‘instils religious feelings’
    Front Public Health. 2015; 3: 31.
    Deadly Vibrations A Brief History of Sonic Warfare
    Wind Farms, Infrasound And The Brain By Neuroskeptic | July 16, 2015 10:33 am
    Acoustic weapons:
    The Real Science On Wind Farms, Noise, Infrasound And Health
    June 11, 2015 | by Con Doolan:

    Witnesses from Ontario Canada

    Search further and spread information
    Best regards Curt

  3. Dear Members, Readers and operators of STT

    thank you very much for your very nice welcome.

    In Germany it is new, that a mainstream, official Media Institut – Deutsche Welle – is telling the beginning truth of the cost for the German experiment with the Energy transformation.

    DW Deutsche Welle [German Radio] started many years ago to bring information about Germany in short waves world wide.
    It was a good source of information, however, nowadays it is interspersed with green supporters and relies on subsidies
    – Who pays the piper, calls the tune

    Thank you for engagement

  4. Dear Member and operators of STT
    I am a member of the German EIKE (European Institute for Climate and Energy) group and I translate English news and contributions to German.
    We are among the most visited sceptical websites in Germany.
    We would like to get in touch with you to obtain your permission, using / translating your posts and photos for our website, we generally name the source.
    Please contact me at “Andy-Eike (at) t-online (dot) de”
    I will then made contact to our group spokesman for you.
    Certainly some of our elaborations about the Energiewende in Germany are of interest to you?

    • Andreas, you and your group are more than welcome to translate and use our posts. We follow events in Germany on NoTricksZone and other press and sites, but if you have anything topical please add links to our posts. Thanks.

  5. Stop These Things Global would be great..

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