Australia’s “Greens” unveil their 5 Year Plan for your Country

STT sees Christine Milne as the “Capo dei Capi” of Australian greentards – and she’s at it again.

Chrissy in younger days.


Not content with throwing a mere $10 billion of our hard earned cash at Spanish wind outlaws like Acciona and Union Fenosa, Milne wants to throw another $20 billion at them.  What’s that you say about rampant corporate socialism?

This is not redistribution to send pennies from the rich to the poor – this is just the reverse of Robin Hood’s old wheeze.  Milne and her eco-fascist buddies want to fleece the poor and give it to undeserving thugs and thieves like Pac Hydro and Infigen.  All sound political stuff – if you hate your own people – and want to see them live in poverty.

STT knows why a small percentage of the young and misguided vote Green – but this piece from The Australian ought to set some alarm bells ringing.  These nut-jobs are serious – they are hell bent on taking $30 billion in borrowed money which WE will be liable for – and shovelling it off to Spain, India, China and Denmark.

Greens urge creation of clean energy map for the community
The Australian
Sid Maher
13 July 2013

THE Greens will today propose the creation of new economic zones to speed the development of renewable energy as part of an election campaign roadmap to cut the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Greens leader Christine Milne will unveil a policy allocating $2 billion to a task group within the Department of Energy to map Australia’s clean energy resources, involve local communities in planning energy projects and run a competitive tender to link clean energy hotspots to the national energy grid.

The policy argues “where our world-beating clean energy resources and genuine community support align”, renewable energy development zones should be established with quicker approval processes for clean energy projects.

The plan also calls for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s funding to be boosted to $30bn over 10 years from the current $10bn.

Senator Milne will also call for the lifting of the Renewable Energy Target to 30 per cent by 2030, compared with the current target of 20 per cent by 2020.

Senator Milne will also call for the establishment of an energy savings agency that would ensure that the owners of renewable energy generators receive fair payments for the electricity they produce.

She will argue that there is significant overlap of prime solar and wind areas in southern Western Australia, South Australia and throughout many parts of the Northern Territory.

Regions where prime solar, wind and geothermal resources overlap may have such great promise for large-scale renewable energy development that they would warrant significant public investment in grid infrastructure.

The task group’s job would be to map these areas and collaborate with the Australian Electricity Market Operator in identifying development priorities.

Senator Milne will also call for changes to national electricity market rules to remove barriers to planning for renewable energy projects.

The Greens also argue that a stipulation of reducing greenhouse emissions needs to be included in national electricity objectives.

Senator Milne said the Connecting Clean Energy plan would mean cleaner air, more jobs and investment in regional Australia, and big cuts to the pollution driving global warming.

“Based on extensive consultation, a national $2bn task group would identify and create the new zones to help remove investment and infrastructure barriers,” Senator Milne said.
The Australian

Of course, the Green’s move to back wind weasels has nothing at all to do with Vestas funneling $millions into their campaign war chest.  Always good to know that our political master minds are open to any reasonable offers.

When Milne says she has plans – this is what she is talking about:

What’s not to like? Dopey Dave Clarke & Grover Parnell camp here all the time.


When she talks about a “Map” – she’s talking about forcing giant fans on your community – STT thinks her Map will end up looking a lot like this:


And when she talks about a “Task Group” to put her cunning plan into effect – she’s talking about getting someone like this to head it up:

Josef Stalin
Dear Christine, after I’ve starved & murdered 20 million of my own, I’ll be
only too happy to implement your plans to send Australians to the poor house too.


When the current head of the Australian political muppet show works up the nerve to call the election that will consign him to the political dustbin – make sure your votes don’t help Martians like Milne & Co.

My name's Kevin - my own Party thinks I'm a psychopath. I'm very keen to help Christine ruin Australia's economic future too. Don't forget - I upped the RET from 27,000 GW to 41,000 GW back in 2009.
My name’s Kevin – my own Party thinks I’m a psychopath.
I’m very keen to help Christine ruin Australia’s economic future too.
Don’t forget – I upped the RET from 27,000 GW to 41,000 GW back in 2009.

12 thoughts on “Australia’s “Greens” unveil their 5 Year Plan for your Country

  1. Milne, and the party she represents, are a spent force. Like the Democrats, they made a significant mistake by showing they are/were not independent thinkers. The Greens have now proven that their ‘policies’ are dangerous to Australia’s natural environment, as well as to it’s industrial and employment environment and its citizens ability to work to a budget, because prices are not stable, but just keep going up.

    Fuzzy, feel good so-called policy also has to face realities and the Greens are not able to do that.

    Milne is an unconvincing speaker, the Greens are now trying to distance themselves from Labor because Gillard has gone and Labor do not believe they need the Greens to get them across the electoral line this time round.

    ALL politicians need to ensure they are fully conversant with the whole spectrum of problems around renewable energy schemes, and most importantly the wind industry. Energy is a core requirement for a strong economy. When energy costs are too high, then every aspect of our lives are adversely affected. When sections of the community are faced with the prospect of living within an unhealthy environment or walking away from their lives and livelihoods, then the cost is far too great and does nothing for the comfort, health and welfare of this wonderful country.

  2. The greens are focussing on attracting votes from people living in cities who feel warm and fuzzy about renewables. Too bad about the rural communities shattered by unscrupulous wind turbine companies.

  3. Christine Milne has trashed the rural community for money and ideology in support of the windscam. She is being willingly blind to the fraudulent and criminal actions of this industry.

    She deserves to be politically trashed at the coming election as do Kev and his new mates.

  4. Thanks for the laugh at the end, STT, as for the rest of the article, it would be funny, if it wasn’t so serious.

    Do these people seriously believe that this country can operate on wind and solar power alone, well, Darryl Kerrigan has the answer to that, ‘tell them they’re dreamin!’

    Even if we could, who is going to pay for it, as you have said time and time again, South Australia has the highest percentage of renewable power and the highest power prices in Australia. This mob have stuffed this great country already, there is nothing left, yet they want to give more to the power generators. If it is left up them, Australians had better start stocking up on candles. I think I might go into the retail generator business.

    A comment on the ‘yes2ruining-us’ (lol) site, was complaining about STT’s use of the word ‘greentard’, after reading this, it is nowhere near strong enough, in my opinion.

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