The Danes’ Lament

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions!”


The Dane Laments.

In a decade long fit of “turbine madness” the Danes have thrown more money at wind farms than just about any other place in the world – they share the honour with wind power mad South Australia as having the highest power prices in the world. It helped that Vestas has its home base there and has infiltrated every aspect of economic and political life.

Some might call it “corruption”.  The Clean Energy Council thinks it a dream to aspire to.

Yeh, OK – you got us – STT calls it corruption.

The Danes have just cottoned on to the fact that someone actually has to pay for their recent bout of insanity – and, like Hamlet, seem to have worked out that: “when sorrows come … they come in battalions.”

Danes pay billion a year in taxes for wind turbines, and the charge will explode in the coming years
Ekstra Bladet
23 May 2013

Danes are paying billions each year in excise to wind turbines and the excise is going to explode in coming years.

Wind turbines are very popular among politicians at Christiansborg, Danish citizens are paying and at the same time living with their sleep ruined by the noise from wind turbines.

Over the past six years, the powerful Danish wind industry has reported a turnover of more than 80 billion DKK, and the owners and the cranks have made the profit.

At the same time Danish consumers pay a huge contribution through the so-called PSO excise. Last year, power consumers paid 4.6 billion DKK for wind power energy over their power bills.

This figure has exploded by 270 per cent over the past five years, as the amount paid in subsidies to wind power was only DKK 1.8 billion in 2008. These are figures from under the Ministry for Climate, Energy and Building.

And the bill is going to increase drastically.

Henrik Lando, professor of economy at the Copenhagen Business School, has presented Ekstra Bladet with calculations showing that the more than 600 new wind turbines at land, which are planned up to year 2020, will cost Danish power consumers close to DKK 10 billion in additional power excises over the lifetimes of the turbines.

This is money redistributed from ordinary citizens and paid to rich landowners and cranks behind the wind turbines, and they make a lot of money, whereas the neighbours to wind turbines run the risk of being left with unsaleable properties.

Only in a few cases do you see local citizens receiving any advantage from turbines. 80 per cent of the amount goes to the cranks and landowners and we all pay extra for energy from wind turbines via our power bill, he says.

However, while politicians and the wind industry are cheering, both ordinary Danes and especially those living close to giant wind turbines pay the price – both in money and quality of life.

Experience from the Netherlands shows that in a worst case scenario between 100,000 and 200,000 Danes will be disturbed by noisy turbines within the next few years.

In all parts of the country, the Danes are expressing their dissatisfaction with giant wind turbines because they feel that the companies behind them outsmart municipalities by constructing wind turbines that end up making a lot of noise and looking awful.

Peter Pagh, professor of law at Copenhagen University, among other things an expert in environmental law, finds that the wind turbine companies and the politicians are too busy marketing Denmark as a green country at the expense of wind turbine neighbours.

Flood the country with wind turbines is a matter of ideology which is to the disadvantage of its citizens.

The process of approving the construction plans for wind turbines is going too fast and this results in wrong assessments of where to build them, Pagh states.
Ekstra Bladet

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I hope the Liberal (venstre) Party gets elected!!!

  2. Old Ranga from Victoria says:

    Looks like some Danish politicians are getting the message:

    Date: 12/06/13 Dagbladet Børsen

    Should the Liberal Party (Venstre) form the new government after Denmark’s general election, it will abandon current energy policies. And one of the first to be removed would be the financial support for onshore wind turbines…..(see full report).


  1. […] In the last few weeks we’ve been focusing on how the wind power fraud impacts on South Australian power prices – making them the highest in the world – although SA seems to be fighting for line honours with wind power mad Denmark. […]

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