Pommy pushback against wind power price punishment: Part 1

Well down the path to wind power price penury, the Brits are shouting “enough”!!

In this post we cover what London’s, The Telegraph had to say about the road to renewable energy serfdom being paved by the wind industry and its parasites in Ol’ Blighty. In the next post we turn to a report by The Mail on what the “brains” are saying about the futile costs of wind power.


This is all about the people of Britain.

STT’s British counterparts tell us this power punter fight-back is all about the “People of Britain”

Families to pay £600 a year towards green energy by 2020, says think-tank study
The Telegraph
Rowena Mason
17 May 2013

Families will be paying £600 a year towards green energy projects within the next seven years, a study for the Civitas think-tank has found.

The report said the cost of hitting European Union targets on green energy is likely to be more than £16 billion by 2020.

This includes the cost of subsidies for wind farms and nuclear power, improvements to the national grid and VAT on green costs.

Its figures were calculated by the Renewable Energy Foundation, a charity that has campaigned against onshore wind farms.

John Constable, director of the foundation, said the subsidies are likely to cause a decline in living standards.

“One third of this cost would hit households directly through their electricity bills, regardless of income, making it an intensely regressive measure,” he said.

“The remainder of the cost would be passed through from industrial and commercial customers and eventually be met by households from increases in the cost of living.

“The total impact would be in the order of £600 per household per year, assuming 26 million households.”

The study was rejected by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, which argues bills will be brought down as a result of its green policies.

According to its estimates, household energy bills will be around £76 higher by 2020, driven up by green subsidies and rising gas prices.

However, the Department said bills will be around £166 lower than they would otherwise be, partly because of more green appliances and lower energy usage.

Asked about the report, a DECC spokesman said: “We don’t recognise these numbers. The report is a manifesto for locking the British economy into excessive reliance on imported gas from far-flung, unstable parts of the world. It ignores four things.

“First, it’s the global gas price, not green subsidies, that has primarily been pushing up energy bills.

“Second, the costs of renewables are coming down, we’ve already cut the subsidies for onshore wind and solar and in future all green technologies will have to compete to deliver the best bang for the buck.

“Third, our household energy efficiency policies are more than offsetting the costs of clean energy investment.”
The Telegraph

STT invites readers to play our little game of “who is lying” in the piece above. Oh, and a little hint, there 3 of them.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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