STT’s Smörgåsbord: A Selection from the Archive


STT is the site that the wind industry and its parasites just love to hate. In just over 19 months we’ve clocked over 515,000 views, which means we’ve averaged close to 27,500 hits for every month that we’ve been giving the wind industry and its stooges hell. We’ve given our loyal readers 685 posts which […]

Subsidising Wind Power: A Sure-Fire Job Killer

spain unemployment

As the wind industry gravy train shudders to a halt in Australia, the wind industry and its parasites are working overtime to garner support for retention of the completely unsustainable 41,000 GWh mandatory Renewable Energy Target. One of the “pitches” being made is that winding back the RET will costs tens of thousands of jobs. […]

Professor Ross McKitrick: Wind turbines don’t run on wind, they run on subsidies.

Downwind - Ross McKitrick - Uni of Guelph (Time 0_00_28;26)

As STT followers are acutely aware, wind power is an economic and environmental fraud. Because wind power can only ever be delivered at crazy, random intervals – and, therefore, never “on-demand” – it will never be a substitute for those generation sources which are – ie hydro, nuclear, gas and coal (see our posts here […]

Oklahomans Launch Pre-Emptive Legal Action to Prevent Wind Farm Construction


**** For most non-Okies, their appreciation of the glories of life on the great prairies of Oklahoma comes from Gordon Macrae (as Curly) – bathed in “a bright golden haze on the meadow” and crooning from a fine looking mount about what was clearly a very “beautiful morning”. While Curly waxed lyrically about seeing stratospheric […]

Wind Industry’s “Death By A Thousand Cuts”: RET Review Panel – current RET should go


The RET Review Panel has delivered the final blow for the Australian wind industry, with recommendations that include killing the RET rort from here on: the Panel recommending that the current 41,000 GWh target be abolished – and that the door be firmly shut on any new wind farm investments. The Panel’s report is available […]

Senator David Leyonhjelm: “Wake Up Clive!” – It’s Time to Kill the RET & Save the Poor

clive palmer sleeping

STT hears that Tony Abbott is hard at work on his mission to kill off the mandatory RET – with the aim of bringing an end to the most expensive and pointless policy of all time. One of the cross-bench Senators the PM needs to help demolish it during this parliament is David Leyonhjelm – […]

Australian Wind Industry Doomed: Tony Abbott Signals the End of the Mandatory RET


STT followers have been delighted with news that Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann have teamed up to axe the mandatory RET (see our post here). In response to the PM’s mooted plan, the wind industry and its parasites have been reduced to making idle threats of “revenge” and bleating about “sovereign risk”. Despite […]

How the Public Are Deceived About the True Cost of the Mandatory RET


The Australian Financial Review – as one of the lefty Fairfax stable – “drank the Kool Aid” early and happily ran with the wind industry’s narrative that having Australia bristle with giant fans is a sure-fire way of cooling mother Earth; that wind power is free; and that the mandatory RET is public policy at […]