STT’s Smörgåsbord: A Selection from the Archive


STT is the site that the wind industry and its parasites just love to hate. In just over 19 months we’ve clocked over 515,000 views, which means we’ve averaged close to 27,500 hits for every month that we’ve been giving the wind industry and its stooges hell. We’ve given our loyal readers 685 posts which […]

Australia’s Runaway Renewables Policy to Cost $Billions

runaway train lone ranger

Competitive structure best way to rein in costs The Australian Barry FitzGerald 20 August 2014 IT is a touch ironic that it has taken the abolition of the carbon tax to highlight just what a pernicious bit of work it was. More than even Tony Abbott’s labelling of it as a big, bad tax. Take […]

Senator Matt Canavan: mandatory RET is an Enormous Wind Industry Protection Racket

matt canavan

With news that Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann have teamed up to axe the mandatory RET (see our post here), the wind industry and its parasites have been reduced to a pitiful spectacle: drifting between pleading and begging for mercy, on the one hand, and foaming rage, on the other. These desperados are […]

ABC’s Pro-Wind Industry Bias Exposed as a National Scandal


Ever had the feeling that certain quarters of the media give the wind industry an easy run? Australia’s National broad-sheet, The Australian stands as an exception; publishing plenty of pieces that, quite rightly, highlight the obscene cost and spurious “benefits” of the mandatory Renewable Energy Target and its product: the wind industry (for just a […]

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey & Mathias Cormann: Natural Born RET Killers

abbott, hockey, cormann

Tony Abbott has made no secret of his eagerness to do away with the most colossal corporate welfare scheme in the history of the Commonwealth (see our posts here and here and here). And his Treasurer, Joe Hockey has pinned his colours to the mast as someone who can’t stand wind farms – and whose […]

European Governments Rip Up Wind Power Contracts

jerry maguire

In recent weeks there has been a cacophony of wind industry rent-seeker bleating. Turbine makers, like America’s GE have been running hard in the press touting the “merits” of retaining the mandatory Renewable Energy Target – a scheme that will see $50 billion added to Australian power bills and directed to wind power outfits over […]

How Much CO2 Gets Emitted to Build a Wind Turbine?

turbine base

The ONLY justification for wind power – the massive subsidies upon which it entirely depends (see our post here); spiralling power prices (see our post here); and the suffering caused to neighbours by incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound (see our post here) – is the claim that it reduces CO2 emissions in the electricity sector. […]

Scotland’s Toxic Shock: Wind Farms Poisoning Neighbours

Laurence Well

Some time back, in our post “The Breakout” we talked about just how sick and tired we all are of crippling wind power driven electricity prices, how those unfortunates stuck with giant fans are sick and constantly tired as a result of incessant and debilitating low-frequency turbine noise – and how the world is growing […]