2014 – the Year STT goes “Viral”


STT is the site that wind scammers and their parasites just love to hate. In recent weeks we’ve been told about reports of STT’s demise being posted daily on greentard blogs – like ruin-economy and yes2ruining-us. Well, reports of STT’s “death” have been greatly exaggerated, to say the least. To the contrary, we’re fast going […]

UK’s Wind Rush Leaves Grid Vulnerable to Collapse & Power Punters Foot the Bill


Like the Germans, the Brits are now reaping the whirlwind of their insane renewable energy policy. Not only have power prices skyrocketed, the perverse economics of that policy has left the UK grid vulnerable to complete collapse. Britain’s energy needs have been so mismanaged – and the incentives filched from taxpayers and power consumers and […]

Want skyrocketing power prices? Just add Wind Power


With the Coalition’s review of the insanely expensive and utterly ineffective Renewable Energy Target (ineffective if the object was meant to be reducing CO2 emissions in the electricity sector) headed up by a team of hard-nosed economic rationalists, ready to take an axe to most ludicrous energy policy ever devised, the wind industry and its […]

Wind Power Costs send Germans back to the Stone Age

stone age cave dweller

If you’re going down to the German woods today, beware of a big surprise. Although it won’t be cuddly Teddys with well-stocked picnic baskets and wonderful games to play – chances are it’ll be a power starved German armed with an axe, looking to filch a pile of timber to cook his bratwurst and warm […]

Wind Power: Germany’s Road to Economic & Social Disaster


In our last post we covered the fact that German economists have (uncharacteristically) united in their opposition to Germany’s renewables policy – referred to as the “Energiewende” – which has seen thousands of giant fans – and millions of solar panels – rolled out across Deutschland: one of their number, Max Planck concluding that the […]

German Wind Power Policy: an Economic Suicide Pact


For anyone looking for a taste of Australia’s economic future, then look no further than Germany. For that reason, over the next few posts, STT is going to have a close look at the debacle that is German wind power policy and its disastrous impacts on German business and households. Germany’s renewable policy – referred […]

Cracking New Website Launched: Wind Aware Ireland

henry fingleton.php

Wind Aware Ireland is the group responsible for the Irish Uprising against the Great Wind Power Fraud – where thousands hit the streets of Dublin to call their government to account (as covered in our last post) – and – in order to educate those who have yet to catch on to depth and seriousness […]

Irish Uprising: Thousands Flood Dublin to Protest Against the Great Wind Power Fraud


As ordinary – usually apolitical – people around the World start to cotton on to the true and hidden costs of wind power they are joining thousands of anti-wind power groups, becoming increasingly vocal and politically active. Canadians staged a huge anti-wind power fraud rally in Ontario, back in October last year (see our post […]